Welcome to the Home Page of "The TRUTH".  

The page "Healing" will take you to some inspiring, faith-building teachings concerning healing for today. Jesus healed all and never turned anybody down that asked if faith.  Scriptures that the devil has twisted are straightened back out through this teaching.

The page "Pastors" is for pastors. I hope to inspire pastors to let the Holy Spirit move in their churches. Another link that pastors should read is on the "Missions" page, under the link: "Why There Are Less Miracles in the USA". The "Healing" page is also recommended reading.

The page "The Economy" has prophecy from John Paul Jackson, info on heavenly signs, Biblical scripture showing what is coming for America and where America is in scripture.  I called the page "Economy" because many of these things will affect the economy, and some of my Goldbug and trading friends may visit this site.

The page "Missions" gives brief diaries of some of my past missions trips to Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Mexico, where almost all were healed of whatever physical problems they had, with video links to verify this. All the glory and honor goes to the Lord, Jesus, in that I very seldom touch anybody when I pray.  There's also a link on this page: "Why There Are Less Miracles in the USA".  

The page "More Missions" has more diaries of mission trips, with youtube video links to some of the services mentioned.  In many of the videos you can witness whole churches getting healed and/or testifying.

The Page "MyBio" is an autobiography of the major events in my life pertaining to salvation and how I grew in the healing anointing.

"The Earth's Age" is a short teaching on the 'Gap Theory' for those that believe the Bible is wrong about the age of the earth.

"Financial Collapse" is about the economy, written for my goldbug friends.

"Habla Espanol?" is for my Spanish speaking brothers & sisters.
"The Harbinger" is an interesting review on Jonathan Cahn's book called "The Harbinger", showing God's control over the nation's, and His warning to America.  

Videos of miracles and testimonies:
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Below is an article about a church service, with miracles as I believe they should normally happen.
You can see whole churches (or individuals) being healed here, as well as see testimonies, some of which are considered unusual:
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