Nicaragua Trip of July, 2011
First Week:
Tuesday, July 19:  This was only my 2nd trip to Nicaragua, and the doors were swinging wide open.  I was met at the airport by my interpreter Donald Molina and his sister Angela, as well as my friend pastor Guillermo, as well as Pastor Domingo who I met for the first time, and a young man name Christian who drove the pickup truck.  A did a few tricks at the airport, preaching the gospel, and then prayed for a few people to get healed.  We went out and ate and I got a motel.
Wednesday, July 20:  My interpreter was late coming to the motel.  The afternoon meeting was cancelled for some reason, and things were starting out very slow.  Finally, Donald came and we made it to Radio Bautista just in time for our scheduled preaching over the radio.  Then we went to Christian's house.  Christian's mother was healed in her ears.  She had been very hard of hearing.  Christian's sister was also healed of stomach problems, and also of allergies at a later date.  Christian works at the national assembly, where I will be speaking in October, Lord willing, if He opens this door.  I was the first Evangelical Christian that these devout Catholics had let into their house, and they treated me like royalty and fed me.
Thursday, July 21: Got up early and went on a long bus ride with Donald and Pastor Guillermo to Ginotega.  We had an afternoon service at a church full of female widows under Pastor Antonio, who Pastor Guillermo was also affiliated with.  There was a fairly big crowd of widowed women packed into a medium size church.  About three-fourths of the woman needed healing in some part of their body, and God healed almost all immediately.   Many good testimonies were recorded on video.  One woman with an eye pointing to the side was healed in that the pain was gone, but the eye had not yet moved to center.  (However, on a different trip, I heard the report that her eye was completely healed).  Other than her, everybody seemed to have a full manifestation, all glory to God.  We spent some time with a family that was friends of Guillermo, and then we went to the Assembleas de Dios, which was Guillermo's home church for many years.   On the way to the church, I felt like I was supposed to pray for Pastor Guillermo to receive an impartation and turn him loose praying for the sick and hurting that night.  Everybody in the service was healed, including the Pastora, who had been suffering from severe upper back/neck pains for about 12 years.  Pastor Guillermo said that he felt as if he had received a double portion.  I also felt the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit in a strong way that night and into the next day.  It made me very happy to see a pastor receive an impartation, in that that does not happen very often.  Many ask me to pray for them for that, but when the Holy Spirit leads you to do it is when it for sure happens.  
Friday, July 22:  We had an 11 am service at Radio Bethel in Masaya.  It was a fairly large church service which was broadcast over the radio at the same time, which was a little weird for me, in that sometimes I'm a little more concerned about praying for the sick than preaching, and I'm a little new to the radio stuff, especially when praying for a congregation at the same time.  When it came time to pray for the sick, I was wanting to make sure everybody received their healing, and sort of abandoned Donald with the microphone while I was doing that, but Donald did a fine job.  As far as I know, all got healed.  We spent the rest of the day with Pastor Domingo at his house and preached a small service at his house that night, where a couple of young ladies were healed.  We stayed at Hotel Rosalyn that night.  People got healed wherever we went, including Rosalyn, who owned the motel.  Her video testimony is found below under Sunday, July 24. 
Saturday, July 23:  We went around the neighborhood at Pastor Domingo's and prayed for people to get saved and healed.  It was a fruitful time with some neat miracles and some salvations.  It was a beautiful area in the country.  We went back to Radio Bethel to preach again and pray for healing.  At 4 pm was the pastor's meeting in the Hotel Rosalyn.  I preached a very long time, & the anointing was strong, and all got healed, including a dental miracle. ( I posted the healing part of the service on YouTube.)   I received some kind of an International Conference Speaker Minister of the Word Award.  
Sunday, July 24:  We had a morning service at the Roca De Salvacion under Pastor Eduardo Javier Cuarezma.  It was a huge service, and almost all were healed.  Two or three severe cases had partial manifestations, including another lazy eye.  Most people were healed with the initial group prayer.  Then, as I normally do, I continued to pray one at a time till all were healed (with exception of two or three partial manifestations).  After leaving the church, a lady was healed at the nearby pulperia.  She was buying a soda so she had something to wash down her pain medication.  She had a severe foot pain from an old injury, but she quickly received her miracle, & all her pain was gone.  We recorded her testimony, (together with Rosylyn's and a gall bladder testimony).  Her husband came by about 10 minutes later and got healed of stomach pains.  The kingdom of God was with us, and people got healed wherever we went, all glory to God.  Two woman were healed near the Iglesia De Dios (pastor Thomas) near the Tica Bus, as we stopped to preach with the magic tricks that were just tricks, not magic, but the miracles were real.  Thomas' unsaved neighbor got healed, and a man's arm was healed at the bus stop.  That night we preached at a church were we had been on my first trip, the Church of God under Pastor Francisco Dinoco.  All were healed including a dental miracle.    

2nd Week:
Monday, July 25:  It was another great day.  Pastor Jose Ubeda met us at the Hotel that morning, and I felt that he was an evangelist with a good heart.  I also felt that I wanted to work with him, and that the Holy Spirit wanted to anoint him for healing.  I did not realize how rapidly this all came to pass, in that this pastor accompanied us all day wherever we went.  We preached at the Radio Caliente, which was a secular station.  There was a misunderstanding, and I thought I was going to preach for an hour, but I was cut off after a half hour, and did not have time to pray for the sick.  After that we went to the jail to see if we could minister there, and on the way we stopped in the park of Masaya to get some sodas.  I saw a lady there that looked like she was old enough to have some pains, and asked her, and she did have some arthritic pains and she received her healing.  Then she led me to her daughter who had a baby in her arms.  She asked me to pray for the baby.  They immediately pulled the diaper down, and I thought the baby was a male, but it was actually a female with a couple of hernias and they wanted me to pray for that.  I felt the release of the anointing, but I did not see any visible change in the baby.  (When we returned on Wednesday, we heard that the baby was completely healed.)  We then went to the police station/jailhouse, but they did not let us minister, but told us to come back Wednesday  (in two days).  From there we went to the primary school in Masaya and got permission to pray for the children to be healed and preach the Word of God.  After praying for one classroom where only 2 children & the teacher received prayer,  I then prayed for Pastor Jose Ubeda to receive a healing impartation and then I turned him loose praying for the children in other classrooms to be healed, and they were all healed, every one, in three classrooms.  There were a couple of children that he had to pray for twice, and one of these, we found out when we returned two days later on Wednesday, was also healed of a hernia, although I did not know the cause of his pain while Marvin was praying for him.  Also, all the children had confessed Jesus Christ as their Lord after seeing the miracles.  YouTube videos of these classroom services can be seen here:  Two Kids & Teacher Healed.   Classroom 1     Classroom 2     Classroom 3   
Tuesday, July 26:  We had a wonderful service in the morning, at the auditorium for Radio Ondas De Luz, which was the first Christian station in Nicaragua, 50 years ago, and also the 10th most listened to of all the stations, both Christian and secular.  We were late getting there and the service had started.  Neither was it cleared that I was going to be the speaker.  However, Donald and Angela spoke to the scheduled speaker, Damas Sabesiana, and told him about me, and he turned the service over to me.  The service was a huge auditorium filled with people, and the service was broadcast over national radio on Radio Ondas De Luz.  We arrived shortly before the worship part was over.  The anointing was strong and the people were hungry for the Word.  God healed almost everybody with a single, corporate prayer, and I know that because I asked for a show of hands.  What few people that did not get healed I then prayed for a second time at the close of the service.  People in the other part of the building and in other areas that were hearing the radio broadcast also got healed.  My interpreter did a wonderful job of sharing the Word also, and took over as I left the stage temporarily to pray for a couple of people.  After the service there was only 2 or 3 more people to pray for, in that everybody was healed.  I made it obvious that I was there to pray for anybody that still had pain, but they were all healed, with the exception of one man that had a withered arm and leg, and I did not see any manifestation of healing on him.  In the evening we went to the worst section of the city, Dimitro, and did a small service there where everybody was healed, including a couple of dental miracles, and I have that service on video/youtube, or at least the healing part of the service.  On the way home from the service, the cab driver got healed of a headache that he had for 8 years from an old injury.  
Wednesday, July 27:  We preached and prayed at Radio Bautista at 8:30 am.  I payed $20 American for this airtime.  This was one of two times I payed for the time, and the other nine times were paid for or free.  Then we went to Masaya and preached/prayed again on Radio Caliente (secular station).  Pastor Bismark Antonio met us in Masaya and told us that God had completely healed the two children that we had prayed for Monday that had hernias.  We then went to the police station again but got turned down again, but some people outside the station got healed/ministered to.  We then went to another school and prayed for the children to be healed, but not very many of them needed healing, but they all got healed, and confessed Jesus Christ as their Lord.  In Neuva Ocotopeque, Honduras there were many children that needed healing from stomach pains from bad water, but here in Nicaragua, people drank the water with no problems.  We then went back to Managua to do a radio interview on Radio Restauracion.  At the end of the interview, they asked me to pray for people to be healed over the radio, which I normally do anyway when I'm on the radio.  I was concerned that they did not have the phones hooked up for callers to give testimonies, and there was no way to show that people actually got healed, however, the interviewer was healed as I prayed, when he felt the warm healing anointing from God fill his body.  He was healed from pains that were in his whole body, and he had been suffering for 8 years.  He did not know what kind of disease was causing the pain, but from the way he descibed it, it sounded like fibromyalgia.  The interviewer's name is Carlos Miranda, and he is a journalist for the Christian newspaper in Managua.  We then went to a small service in Managua pastored by Domingo.  All got healed, and as I spoke about the love of God, a young lady was filled with the Holy Spirit and restored to God after being backslid for several years, having a baby out of wedlock, and being condemned by a local church where she used to attend.  
Thursday, July 28:  Went to Radio Maranatha and met Samual, son of the manager, and agreed to do an interview on Saturday.  Also, we met a musical group called 'Fundamentos' from San Pedro Sula.  Then we went to Christian's house and they fed us.  They we went to Ministerio MVA where a doctor has turned his house into a church.  The doctor, Dr. Alberto J. Arana Palacios, has natural remedies for things even like cancer.  There was about a 15 or 20 people in this church that needed healing, and they were all healed, with maybe only 2 exceptions.  Angela got some of it on video, & you can see it here/youtube.  After the service a woman who had been in an accident was in the hospital, and her sister at the church called her and I prayed for her over the phone.  She felt the anointing sweep over her body as God healed her.  There was a young girl that could not walk and a man with some weird skin rash, and those were the only two that did not have a manifestation of healing, but that does not mean that they were not healed.  Often times, we get reports later that the healing manifested completely.  
Friday, July 29:  At 11:00 am we went to Radio Ondas De Luz, and Guillermo helped out with the preaching.  I feel that the Lord is promoting Guillermo in that his heart is right.  Then we went to Radio Caliente in Masaya and I preached for 80 minutes.  We preached to kids on the street and I did some tricks for them as I preached.  Some kids were healed, and one gangster was witnessed to. The Nicaraguans had scheduled me to speak at a big crusade, but the Americans that were paying for it decided that they could not squeeze me in.  Go figure.  So we popped in at the Church of God where Guillermo Molina pastors, (different Guillermo) and had a wonderful healing service.  I had been at this church the first time I went to Nicaragua, so there was not a whole lot of people that needed healing, but the church had grown and there were new members.  There was only about fifteen people that needed healing.  One lady that got healed had a husband that was a gangster.  This gangster was watching from outside the front gate.  After the group prayer for healing, I did my normal check to see how many got healed, and how many still had pain.  About 10 were healed, and about 5 still needed prayer, one of which was this gangster who was watching from outside.  I prayed a quick prayer for him and God healed him instantly from a severe headache that he had suffered with for years from an old injury.  He also gave his heart to the Lord, dedicating his life to Jesus.
Saturday, July 30:  At 11:00 am we went to Radio Maranatha for the scheduled interview.  Radio Maranatha is the #1 station in Managua, and is an all Christian, world-wide, international station.  We did an interview with Erasmo Motif and at the end of the interview there were 3 prayer requests:  One was a woman who was unable to get pregnant and I believe she had other symptoms in her head and stomach, as I recall.  Another woman was in a wheelchair and could not walk, but she did not say why.  The third woman had cancer in the ovaries.  As I prayed for the 3, I also prayed for all the listeners that were having physical problems.  God healed the three, who called in later to testify, and also another 10 people called in to say that they were healed.  After the interview we went to Guillermo's house and prayed for his family, two or three of which got healed.  We went home early to rest.  
Sunday, July 31:  We went to Hotel Rosalyn's in Masaya.  Then we rode on a packed minivan to Shell and Pastor Bismark Antonio went with us.  Pastor Bismark was amazed how I did the tricks on the minivan to get people's attention & preach the gospel, and he was even more amazed when we had a healing service right there on the bus.  Unfortunately only two people on the bus had the guts to openly admit that they had pain and that they wanted prayer, and those two were healed quickly and easily by the power of God, without the laying on of hands, as normal, in that it is not me doing the healing, but merely saying a few words as the Lord's anointing works through the authority of  the Christ, Jesus.  We would often have these types of services right on the buses and minivans, although I did not mention them in this diary, because I was not sure which days they happened on.  God also healed people on the street and in the motels, many of which are not recorded herein, and lives were restored to Jesus.  Anyway, we did a fairly large service in the town of Shell where God healed all, except for an elderly lady in a wheelchair that received a partial manifestation, and we just have to believe that the Lord will finish the work as usual.  When we went back to Masaya, we ate lunch at Denis Guadimuz's house, who also agreed to take us wherever we needed to go that day, and when I return to Masaya in the future, Lord willing.  In the afternoon we had a small service at Pastor Domingo's house.  In the evening, Denis took us to the town of Nandusmo to the Bautista Evenezer church with pastor Vicente Cruz, where all got healed, and I had my friend Guillermo pray for the sick once again.  All got healed as far as I know.  
Monday, August 1, 2011:  I merely rested, slept late, and flew back home.  I met Patrick Brown at the airport, from Samaritans International of Waxhaw, and I enjoyed talking with this mighty man of God.  Also, there were other people I knew at the airport, such as pastor Thomas and his son in law Derick, as well as Donald, Angela, and Guillermo.  As normal, I cried when I left.  My life in the United States is very boring in comparison.  My friends who share my compassion to see everybody get healed are very few here in the U.S.

Nicaragua Trip of October of 2011
First Week:
Tuesday, Oct 11, 2011:  I was met at the airport by Pastor Guirrmo, Pastor Domingo, Christian and his father , Dennis & Maria Guadamuz , and Donald & Angela Molina. Christian’s mother was healed of deafness, and this is one of the things that God used to open the door for me at the National Assembly, where Christian works. Dennis & Maria had also seen a major miracle in their granddaughter. We all went to eat at a Chinese restaurant. Later that night we went to the church Iglesia Nueva Generacion, (Bienareuturados los de limpio Corozon, porqueellos veran a Dios. Mateo 5:8) under Pastor Norman.  All got healed with a group prayer, and one lady received her prayer language. Guirermo had spoken to me, feeling as if I would receive an increase, similar to the way brother Miller prophecied over me just a few weeks before.
Wednesday, Oct 12, 2011:  We had a half hour spot in the morning at Radio Bautista. Things went better this time with the telephone. After preaching and praying for healing, there were 6 testimonies that came in, although they came in after the half hour time was finished. Then we took my luggage to Donald’s brother’s house, (Antonio’s) and traveled to Ginotega w/Guirrmo & Donald. We preached at the same church where Guirrmo had received the increase in the healing anointing on the last trip when I was there, which was his home church, Assembleas de Dios. All got healed except for one young man that came in late looking for a handout that pretended to be dumb, but was not, although he had a bad foot. That night we stayed in a new motel for free which was owned by the preacher’s son. The preacher was pastora Juanita Palacios. While we were visiting with the pastora there were three youngsters that came into the house, one of which had a wrap on his arm from and injury. The Lord healed him instantly with a short prayer, and after they left, they came right back again, in that one of the others, a girl, had a sore throat which was likewise immediately healed.  
Thursday, Oct 13, 2011:  Preached and prayed at a small radio station in Ginotega (Radio Dinamica) in the morning, but unfortunately, only one caller called in who was healed, but was healed instantly. Also called the disc jockey’s son on the phone, who was healed instantly and started playing with his toys. Went back to Antonio’s and got my luggage. I was unable to stay at Antonio’s house because his daughter and her son had moved in for a few months. I got checked back in at the motel and then we went to Ministerio MVA, which meets at the Doctor’s house. I was glad to talk to the doctor in that he uses natural remedies for healing, and I had gotten diarrhea the last time I had gone to Nicaragua in July, and had even gone to an American doctor and taken medication, and still was not healed. The doctor prescribed a natural concoction of 3 oz. regular water mixed with 3 oz. of sea water and the juice from 2 lemons and 1 teaspoon of baking soda, to be taken every morning first thing when I get up. ( Also the doctor told me to stay away from pork and beef. He said to eat fiber like cauliflower, greens, broccoli, tomatoes & fruits, & green bananas fried.)  Doing this I was much better in a couple of days and was completely healed when I returned to the states. The service was a good one. I had been here before in July, so Donald asked me to preach on salvation and to preach something different. The first 10 minutes I preached on the love of God, and then preached from my heart for another hour, warning them that things aren’t always rosy for the Christian, and how we don’t always understand his ways. At the close almost everybody was healed with a group prayer, but there were 3 or 4 that I had to pray with individually before they received their healing. 
Friday, Oct 14, 2011:  Angela & Donald were late showing up today because they were robbed last night. They took Angela’s expensive phone and about 400 Cordobas (17 dollars). They had sharp switch blades, and would have killed them except that 10 young men came around the corner and ran to help them, chasing the two robbers. The two robbers seriously wounded another victim later that night. After Angela & Donald came we went to Radio Onzes De Luz (Waves of Light) and booked next Thursday at 10 am. We also went to the store where I got another phone for Angela, but all her contacts were lost w/the phone. We also went to eat at a grocery store, and a few people were healed during the course of the day on the streets and in the stores. Then we went to Guirrermo Molina’s Church of God but there was no service, so we ended up at a small home group meeting where there was only 4 that needed healing, and they were all healed, which includes a young boy with a broken arm, lady with stomach & back pain, a woman with foot problem and blood circulatory problems, and another woman w/ ear problem. After the service they gave me 100 cordobas and walked me out of the bad neighborhood. 100 cordobas was a pretty decent offering for such a small group of people. I never asked or even hinted about receiving an offering at any service that I went to.  
Saturday, Oct 15, 2011:  Angela & Donald were late again, and I was praying that there was no retaliation from the robbers. I actually had time to eat a breakfast AND a lunch for my first time on this trip. Donald showed up at 2 pm, and we waited for Guirrmo & Angela to come also, then we went to a small church that was packed. The church was a good distance out of town, in San Rafael, where Donald had some relatives, including Pastor Einer Molina. It was very foggy and there had been a lot of rain for the last week, and it took 1 ½ hours to get there because of fog and landslides. After the messaged, most were healed with a group prayer, but I prayed for a few individually that did not receive from the corporate prayer, including one young lady that fell out in the Spirit without me touching her, and we caught it on camera & posted it to YouTube. The video should confirm that everyone in the church got healed, which is normal, however there was one elderly lady that took till the end of the service before the swelling started to go down around her eyes.  
Sunday, Oct 16, 2011:  Donald came at about 9:30 and we hurried to his home church, Monte de Hermon, pastored by Pastor Santiago & his wife Yadira. Praise be to the Lord, I believe all were healed with the group prayer, although one more girl came up from the back for healing. After the service we got some good testimonies on video along with other portions of the service, which I put on YouTube. That night we went to Bautista Evenezer church in the village of Nandusmo under Pastor Vicente Cruz, where I had preached the last Sunday of my previous trip. Prayed for the sick before preaching, and many came up to get healed, and again, most were healed with the group prayer except for two which I then prayed for individually. One of those two was a woman that was healed of a broken wrist, and the other person was healed also. I had the people immediately give testimonies, that were very wonderful and moving. The lady testified how her broken wrist was healed and the swelling went down. Unfortunately, Angela did not get it on tape, because she had not pressed the ‘record’ button, however, she did get the very last testimony which I posted.  On the previous night, Angela’s daughter’s boyfriend had worked the camera and did a fine job, but Angela does not know how to get up close and hold the camera steady or really how to work the buttons, and this is why a lot of good services are not videoed, not to mention tape running out or a dead battery or other malfunctions.   Anyway, after the healing service I preached on the prophetic stuff, not wanting to preach the same message in the same church where I had been on the last trip. I preached a short message because Donald and Angela wanted to go home before the robbers come out late at night.
Second Week: 
Monday, Oct 17, 2011:  Donald and I went to Radio Bautista in the morning and preached and prayed for ½ hour, however the testimonies did not come in until after we were done with the ½ hour spot. We were supposed to eat supper at the doctor’s house, but it was cancelled, and we instead went to talk to a Angela’s pastor and then prayed for a woman that lived nearby that was dying of cancer. Her body was very thin and she had tubes running out of her. I could tell that she received the prayer, and she nodded at me and I nodded at her knowing that she would certainly recover. We heard a report the next day that she was doing much better.  Unfortunately, I heard a second report in March 2012 that the woman had died. 
Tuesday, Oct 18, 2011:  We had a great service at the Ondes de Luz big auditorium where the people had been fasting. The service was also transmitted by national radio at the same time. Angela did get a fairly large portion of the healing part of the service videoed, and a portion of it can be seen here. Everybody was healed except for the same person that was in a wheelchair that did not get healed the last time I was there. Pastor Domingo came to the service, and afterwards we went to his mother’s house and prayed for some people there and in his neighborhood. Almost everybody got healed, including a small child next door with a hurting broken arm, but after prayer the pain was gone completely. Also, as we walked, I prayed for a young man that appeared to be some sort of gang member or gangster. He had his arm wrapped from some sort of injury. He was reluctant to let me pray, but I talked him into it, saying that I did not need to touch him and that it would only take 20 seconds. He was immediately healed, and then I led him through prayer as he confessed Jesus Christ as his Lord. Later that evening, we went to meet Derick who was trying to get me hooked up with Global Connection. We met him at a gas station called “On the Run”. At the table next to where Derick was sitting was a man that had a wrap on his wrist, and I sat down right beside him on my left and Derick on my right. The man was healed instantly with a very short prayer, and he was sort of freaked out how he was healed so quickly, and he took his wrap off and kept on moving his wrist all around, in unbelief that he was healed. This was a good testimony for Derick who witnessed this, and this is how the Lord has been opening all the doors for me. After our meeting, we went to a Pentacostal church where God again healed all, according to His nature. They had wanted me to use oil and the laying on of hands when I prayed, but I prayed merely with the spoken word as usual, so that their faith would not be in me or in the oil, but in the Lord only, through the name of the Christ, Jesus. All were healed as normal, and then I preached afterwards, which sometimes I like to do just to break the normal traditions, and also to make sure everybody’s pain is gone by the end of the service, just in case there are some ‘slow receivers’.  
Wednesday, Oct 19, 2011:  We (Donald, Angela and I) went to Dennis & Maria Gaudamuz’s house in the afternoon, who live in Masaya. We ate a good meal and fellowshipped, and that night we went to the church at the radio station, although the service was not on the radio at the same time. I had been raining, and there was not a very big crowd. I figured that the ones that braved the rain must be hungry for some meat, so I preached on the prophetic stuff, and the pastor really liked it, and wanted me to come back for the big service on Sunday, and he also talked of setting me up to preach a conference for 300 pastors when I return again on my next trip to Honduras. 
Thursday, Oct 20, 2011:  Pastor Marvin from Ondes de Luz had us do a ½ hour spot on the radio in the morning.  There was a man waiting to talk to us at the station.  We were late, and Donald did let me talk to him, thinking he was going to ask me for money.  However, he was wanting prayer, and he was still there when we finished the radio program, and the Lord healed his gall bladder.  (His testimony is found with Rosalyn's and the foot testimony.)  Then we went to the National Assembly with our ID’s, etc. After a short wait, we were able to bypass the rest of the people waiting to get in, and we went to the office of Doctor (Attorney) Adolfo Martinez Cole (Diputado) We talked and I prayed for Nicaragua, his wife and two of his secretaries. His wife I prayed for on the phone, but the secretaries were in the office as I was leaving, and Mr. Cole witnessed how easily they got healed, and Mr. Cole then told us that he wanted me to come back to eat dinner with the congressmen and to speak to them and pray for them when I return to the country. Once again, this is how the Lord has been opening the doors for me; through the miracles, all glory to God. (Is the Lord opening doors for me, or am I opening doors for Him to move with miracles and change the heart and direction of this country? I’m sure that if I did not do it, the Lord would find someone else. I’m very thankful to be in this position; however, there is responsibility that comes with the anointing, and I take these things very seriously.) Christian helped get my foot in the door at the National Assembly, in that the Lord had healed his mother of deafness and his sister of stomach problems and allergies on my last visit in July of 2011. Then we went to the Ondes de Luz for a paid spot (25.00) for ½ hour, and made some connections there, as the Lord was continuing to open more doors. Then we went to a small church in the worst section of town. This was a church where I had been before on my last trip in July. I prayed for the people first. There was only about 7 or 8 that came up for prayer, and I  have the healing part of this service on YouTube here. All were healed with the group prayer.  Sometimes it is best not to disturb the people while they are being healed, and 3 or 4 took a while to, sort of, come to.  There was one girl that seemed to have an eye problem that was not healed, but her other problem with pain was healed. The pastor's wife later testified that she had been suffering with an extremely severe, consistent headache for several days. I checked with the congregation, and all that had come up for healing were coming up for different problems than the problems that they had the last time that I had come, in that I believe that when God heals you, it’s done. Also, I learned a long time ago that you tell the spirits of infirmity not to return, and this is what keeps them healed, and also the fact that you are walking in God’s authority. I preached a short sermon after the healing, in that Donald & Angela were in a hurry to get home, in that they live in an area that is dangerous at night.  
Friday, Oct 21, 2011:   Several people came over to the house where I was staying & God healed them.  One such testimony is posted here on youtube.   In the afternoon Donald and I went with Derick to pray over the property where he was building a church/school community. I saw a beautiful butterfly in the field, but did not photograph it. After praying, I saw a couple of other different kinds of butterflies and photographed them, and wished I had photographed the first one also. I did not say any butterflies, but then one like the first one came and landed on my pants and I photographed it. Then it lighted on Donald and remained on him as we went house to house praying for the sick in several houses, and the butterfly remained on him the whole time. As we were walking out, we walked through a swarm of gnats, and Donald beat them away with a branch, and forgetting about the butterfly, he scared it off of him, but it came back right away and lighted on him again. As we got closer to the highway, I was walking next to Donald, observing the butterfly, and I said in a somewhat sarcastic tone, “Are we going to take the butterfly home with us, too?” When I said that, the butterfly immediately left, and flew to rest on a nearby tree. To me it was a lesson, that we need to choose our words carefully, and that we do not offend the Holy Spirit. John 1:32 says that the Spirit descended like a dove upon Jesus and ABODE on Him. We should always treat the Holy Spirit like He is our best friend, and acknowledge Him in all our ways. We were late getting back to a children’s service at 2 pm. Also, the evening service was cancelled due to a death of the Doctor’s wife’s father.  
Saturday, Oct 22, 2011:  We arrived late for the radio interview at the world-wide radio station, Radio Maranatha, however, the interviewer was also late, so it did not matter. A good contact was made while we were waiting, (Alvero Espinoza), who wants to line up meetings for me the next time I come down. Then we did a short interview with Erasmo Motif. Then Donald and I went to the Koinonia Children’s Ministry/Feeding Program with Reverand Marvin Jose Flores Guieirrez. We went, but it started much later than what we realized, and we went to a McDonald’s in the area to wait until Reverand Marvin could come and get us. The children’s area in McDonald’s was totally packed out with young children that were there as some sort of big church group or school group, I don’t know. Donald spoke to the lady that was in charge of the kids, (Maura Sanchez), and she turned the music off and let me come in and do some clown tricks, as I used the tricks to preach the Word of God to the kids, and then I did a little healing service and asked all kids to come up to the front that had any pain. There was only 3 kids that came up that had pain, and they had these symptoms: sore throat, headache, and shoulder pain. They all got healed quickly and easily in the name of Jesus. It was easy to prove that God was real in that I never touched the children. My speech was not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, but with demonstration of the Spirit and of power, so that their faith would not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God. ( 1 Cor 2:4-5) We then gave God praise for the miracles, and then I led them all through prayer to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Then Reverand Marvin came for us and we went to Koinonia Children’s Ministry/Feeding Program where we did a short service and prayed for healing. There were two or three at this service that did not receive a complete manifestation, but 6 or 7 others did get healed. We then went straight to the Church of God (Iglesia de Dios) with Pastor Guirrermo Molina and I preached for a fairly large youth service. I had been there twice (July & December) within a year, so there was only 3 women that came up for healing, one of whcih I had never seen before that had no legs. The two got healed, and the woman got some kind of deliverance, but I never saw her legs grow out, but maybe when I return again I will hear that her legs grew back. Then I preached to the youth, warning them of things to come, the mark of the beast, etc. Pastor Guirrermo gave me 400 cordobas (about 15 dollars American), which nobody knew that I really, really needed, in that, although I had a hundred dollar bill, I had no way to get it changed on a Saturday night, and I needed cab fare, both for that night and to get to the service Sunday morning.  People got healed at houses we went to & wherever we went.  Another 3 short testimonies are on YouTube.  
Sunday, Oct 23, 2011:  Sunday morning we went to a decent sized church called the Tabernacle of Life (Tabernaculo de Vida), with Pastor Andres Sozo. We went right into the healing part of the service first, which I posted on youtube, and all got healed, and then we had them testify. The testimonies were powerful, and the Lord was preaching through the testimonies that gave witness to His power.  There was an elderly lady that was healed of deafness, as well as other stuff.  I then preached a message on the love of God. Then Donald, Angela and I went to Masaya by bus. We had a short healing service on the bus, where I would do a few clown tricks as I preached, and then reveal the tricks but tell them that the miracles were real, asking if any had physical problems, and then prayed for the ones that raised their hands from my seat. There were two that raised their hands and they were both healed, and the whole bus could see it. Then we led them all through prayer to receive the Lord, Jesus. We did these kinds of things often on buses, maybe about 4 times on this particular trip, and as far as I know, all got healed on the buses when we did this. When we arrived in Masaya we met Pastor Vincente and went to the country for a church dedication. A few were gathered at the temporary church shelter, and four got healed, three of which testified. One lady received a spiritual deliverance, and went out in the Spirit with nobody touching her. We got these things on video & youtube.  Then we went to the location of where the church would be built, and there was a bigger crowd there, and 5 ladies got healed quickly & easily with nobody touching them, and then they gave a brief testimonies, which we also posted on YouTube.  Then we went to the evening service back at Radio Bethel. There was a large congregation there, but the service was not broadcast on the radio at the same time. There were a lot of people that came up for healing and they all got healed quickly and easily and gave their testimonies, (but the camera had broken and Angela did not get it on video). I then preached for about 30 minutes only, and Dennis and Maria Guadamuz took us back to Managua, in that it was too late for the buses to run.  
Monday, Oct 24, 2011:  In the morning I walked down the street by myself to get a hundred dollar bill changed, and I walked by a church and stopped to talk to the pastor who was there by himself. I came to find out that they had a radio station in the top of the church. He was interested in having me come there when I return, and he is going to be playing some of my songs, Lord willing. The pastor was Pedro Pablo, and Oscar Flores was one of the disc jockeys that I talked to upstairs at Radio Jerusalem. Donald, Angela, Pastor Domingo and Pastor Guirrermo came to see me off. I also ran into a good man that I had met on the airplane coming in July?, who said that I was welcome at his house. His name was Edgar Cerda Mandez, and he lives near Pastor Einer.  
All praise to the Lord, the Christ, Jesus, who took the stripes for our healing.  He alone is worthy of all the praise and glory for all the miracles, for apart from Him we can do NOTHING.
 Nicaragua November/December 2011 Mission Trip
This is a short diary of this trip. I’m not trying to boast or get your money. I merely post this to encourage you & to briefly state the facts.   Obviously, I know that it is God that works the miracles.  Apart from Him we can do NOTHING!!! Jesus Christ deserves ALL the glory, praise and honor.    I LOVE JESUS like a FAT BABY LOVES MILK!!!
Monday, Nov 28, 2011:  I Arrived & met with members of the Nicaraguan team, and we ate and prayed & I got settled into a motel.  
Tuesday, Nov 29, 2011:  Preached in the morning at the huge fasting service in the auditorium of Ondes de Luz and the service was live on national radio at the same time. As far as I know, everybody that needed healing was healed, all glory to God, with the exception of the one man in the wheelchair who did not come to the healing line, and he was the same one that was not healed the last two times that I ministered there. As normal, the people that came to the front to be healed were in lines about 5 or 6 deep. As normal, most of these were healed with a corporate prayer, as confirmed by video posted on YouTube, where you can see that I asked for those that knew that they had pain when they came forward, to raise their hands if they knew for sure that their pain was gone and that they were healed. Then I announced that as far as I’m concerned, the service is never over, and if you still have a physical problem, then I will pray for you, even if the service is over. There were about another 15 people that came for prayer after the service, which I prayed for one at a time, and God healed everyone, including a bad case of cancer, eyesight and ear problems. The YouTube page is . 
After the service I went with Derrick and my interpreter and four U.S. Americans to a children’s feeding program in San Marcos. Only 5 came up for prayer, and 2 were babies, but God healed all as usual. On the way there and the way back, I preached to the Americans, who were hungry for the true prophetic/apostolic Word.  
In the evening I went with my interpreter, Donald, to his home church, Monte de Hermon, in Managua where all were healed. I cried as I spoke of the things that were coming to the U.S., and how due to God’s intense love, He had no choice but to allow certain things to happen.
Wednesday, Nov 30, 2011:  Preached in Masaya at a secular radio station called Radio Caliente. A couple people got healed on the bus on the way to Masaya, and some received Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. We also went to a late afternoon service at one of Pastor Vincente’s churches in the country where God healed all that came up, with maybe only one exception, and Angela got the healing part of the service on video/youtube.  About 15 or so got healed, although there was a girl who’s son had died who showed no signs of receiving comfort. May the Lord comfort her. We also went to the house of a woman who was healed of a liver problem. The evening meeting with a family of pastors did not happen. We finally ate at a big restaurant, and it cost 40 bucks American. 
Thursday, Dec 1, 2011:  Went to Ondes De Luz for a prayer session over the radio where there was over 150 requests. Then we went to the National Assembly where we had a long talk with Adolfo Cruz Martinez, who is no longer the Deputy/Attorney over the party, but had been promoted in the recent election to the third highest congressman in Nicaragua. Unfortunately, we did not get to meet/preach/pray for all the congressmen, in that many of them were Catholic, and Mr. Martinez is still trying to arrange the details for that meeting in the future. Mr. Martinez also made a call to channel 12 TV station and mentioned to them how God healed his wife of throat cancer when I prayed for her over the phone on my last trip, and an interview was set up for the following morning. Guierrmo and Derrick were with me at the meeting, as well as Donald & Angela.
We ate at “On the Run” and met a good contact who is the director over a newspaper and church pastor, who invited us to preach next time we are there. Then we went to Tabernaculo de Vida to pray for the youth at the youth service. All were healed, (although a skin problem had not manifested right away), and the youth worship group agreed to do the worship for us on Saturday at the Pastor’s Convention.  
Friday, Dec 2, 2011:  We went to be interviewed in the morning at channel 12, which is a secular TV station, and the biggest one in that country as far as I know. They interviewed us on camera. Guierrmo Palacios spoke of some of the miracles that the Lord had done, even over the phone and over radio waves. My interpreter, Donald also answered some questions, and they gave me a short interview and asked a couple questions about the upcoming pastor’s conference on Saturday. They aired the interview several times that day, and it was a very favorable witness to the Lord, Jesus.  A short version of the interview is found here on youtube.  
Then we went to Masaya to preach on Radio Urban, and also on Radio Caliente, which are both located in the same building. Pastor Marvin Antonio Caravaca was there and talked with us, and the Lord gave him a dental miracle. Also, on the way to Masaya, we conducted a short healing service in the minivan while in route. There was only one person that raised his hand needing a healing, and he got healed, and we got his short testimony on video, together with pastor Marvin who received the dental miracle.  (However, I'm not posting all the videos, because I already have over 50 of them on YouTube.)  Often, there can be as many as 35 people crammed onto one of these little minivan buses. Donald and I often conduct a healing service on the minivan buses, and we give everyone a chance to receive Jesus as their Lord, after they see the miracles. We went back to Managua in the late afternoon, and took the rest of the day off to prepare for the pastor’s conference the next day.  
Saturday, Dec 3, 2011:  I was anticipating that at least 100 would show up for the pastor’s conference, but there was only about 35, ten of which were with my team or the youth praise group. The Ondes de Luz Radio station had let us use the auditorium, but they did not broadcast or record the message, which was just as well, in that I tried to use too many notes when I preached, which was different for me, and somewhat uncomfortable, which quenched the Holy Spirit. Neither did I have time to cover all the things I wanted to. However, the healing part of the service was fairly decent. About 50% of those present came up for healing. God healed all, as usual, except there was one elderly lady that only received a partial manifestation, and even by the end of the service she was still not completely healed. I just have to believe that it will manifest completely with time. There was also another girl that had a bad zit problem, and she said she felt different after prayer, but the zits had not immediately disappeared from her face, although I’m confident that they will with time. God gave everyone else a complete healing, all glory to the Lord. Although I never ask for an offering, Donald took up an offering for Ondes de Luz for use of the auditorium. Donald is my interpreter and Angela is his sister, who coordinates the meetings.  
That night Donald took me impromptu to an unscheduled meeting at the church, Fuente De Vida, in that I had stated I did not want to visit the same churches every time I came to Nicaragua. It was a Saturday night youth service, and the pastor only gave me 20 minutes to preach and pray. There were only 4 that needed healing, three of which received immediate healing, glory to God. The other lady had a swollen eyebrow after a surgery, and she did not have any pain anyway, but neither did the swelling go immediately down. The other ladies were healed of arthritis and a headache. It was difficult getting the first person to come up for healing, and Donald had to tell some testimonies first, then one got healed, and the other three came up. You can see the video here.  Then I preached a very short message. The pastor gave me a very nice offering of about 400 Cordobas, which is about 20 dollars American. I never ask for an offering, and once in a while they give me one, but it does not happen very often.  
Sunday, Dec 4, 2011:  Went to San Rafael for the morning service with Pastor Einer. I had been here once before, and I made sure that the ones coming up to be healed were not coming up for the same thing as last time.  When God heals them, they stay healed.  (I Tell the spirits of infirmity to not come back, that is important.) We had a good healing service and caught it on video with the testimonies.   I think all got healed, except for maybe one girl that seemed to have a broken heart, but not physical pain.  God healed people in the eyes, ears, backs, kidney, stomach, and other stuff.   I did the preaching second, which is the order I sometimes prefer. I shared on the prophetic stuff, and then we ate a good meal.  
In the afternoon we visited a hospital, and we saw some pretty good results. In the area of the broken bones, people that had pain were at least healed to the extent that their pain was gone. There was a room where all 6 people in there were healed with the same prayer, and all said their pain was gone. Unfortunately, the video did not turn out well in that Angela has not yet learned how to correctly operate the camera. We also visited the maternity section. Unfortunately, these two sections were the only sections we had time to visit. In the maternity section, I saw a girl that I had met on my first trip to Nicaragua a year earlier. She was a waitress in a restaurant. I had prayed for her father last year on the phone, who had a bad head injury, and I learned from her that he had completely recovered, all glory to God.  
In the evening we went to the Church of God over by the basketball court. I had been there twice before, so there was only 3 that needed to be healed, one of which was in a wheelchair. The lady in the wheelchair was a whole lot better by the end of the service, and the feeling was coming back into her legs and she was starting to move a lot better. She had originally suffered from a brain stroke. There was also a woman with a sore throat who immediately was much better. The third lady was immediately completely healed. It has been my experience, that the ones that do not seem to be healed are usually eventually healed within a day or even a few hours. I usually do not get a chance to follow up on many people and ask how their healing progressed, but I follow up when I can. I generally find out that their healing did manifest completely. I also have been finding out that the people that are healed stay healed. When I return to a church the second or third time, I usually ask the ones that came up to the prayer line, “Have I prayed for you before? And if so, are you coming up for the same thing, or are you coming up for a different physical problem?” It has been my experience that I have never seen anybody come up for prayer for the same thing. In other words, once God heals them, they are healed. The thing does not return. Only in very, very rare circumstances is somebody not healed at all, with no or only little improvement, all glory to God. 
Monday, Dec 5, 2011:  I normally stay for 2 weeks, but I only stayed one week this time. My main priority in going on this trip was to meet with the congressmen so that God would turn the course of the nation. My second priority was the pastor’s convention. Neither of these two meetings went as good as planned, although the TV interview was an unexpected plus.  
I took the early plane back to the states, in that the afternoon flight had long unexpected layovers in Miami the last two trips. I discouraged everybody from seeing me off at the airport, because I did not want them to waste their time or energy or financial resources that they did not have. However, I could not discourage Donald & Angela Molina, and Guierrmo Palacios, who saw me off.  
I give thanks to God for another great trip with everybody getting healed with very, very few exceptions, which I mentioned above. I’m believing God to do great things in Nicaragua, and even greater things in and through me.  How about you? 

Nic Nov/Dec, 2011
Guatemala Mission Trip Feb 2012
This trip was more of the same, with God healing all or almost all everywhere we went, all praise be to the Lord, Jesus. I took my 9-year old grandson with me, who has also been known to operate in the gift of healing. Unfortunately, he came down with the flu shortly after arrival. Even though I prayed for him, he was not healed, even though the Lord had healed him of an incurable blood disease at age 4. After two days I took him to the airport to fly him back home. Fortunately, my grandson caught the plane back home right before the rest of us took a long bus ride to an indigenous village called Senahu, and the bus ride was almost 8 hours. It was a miserable bus ride, very bumpy, curvy and nauseating, and the coordinator had lied to me about the distance. We did two services in this village, and one was a funeral/healing service. Although the dead man did not rise, just about everybody else was healed. On the third day we returned to Guatemala City on the  night bus, leaving at 1 am, after missing the afternoon buses. I had wanted to leave on the afternoon bus, but we didn't.  I did not want to leave on the night bus, but we did, in order to make a meeting with Cash Luna in Guatemala City. We arrived just barely in time, but Cash Luna was not at church that day and cancelled the meeting due to a sore throat. Being sleep deprived, I then came down with the flu also. My interpreter informed me that he did not want to work with the coordinator any more, for many reasons not mentioned herein. The coordinator had chosen the interpreter, whom I had met for the first time on this trip. I agreed with the interpreter, who is very humble, gentle, and filled with God’s Word and the fruit of the Holy Spirit. We decided to continue without a coordinator. Normally, I do not work through coordinators in other countries. (Tom Tiernon had prophesied over me a couple months previously, and had warned me by the Spirit to stay clear of those that would try to market me for money, not having my best interests at heart.) After sleeping for about 12 hours, I felt much better, thanks to people that were praying for me like Donnie Colson and intercessors affiliated with Dean Severin, and I was able to remain in Guatemala and finish the trip. I called another contact that was the president over a large pastor’s association, who also had global connections, and we finished out the week with a flurry of good services and a pastor’s meeting, with God healing every manner of sickness and disease among the people. There are three videos that show the healing part of three of these services at these links from youtube:  The Supernatural Power of God Heals All at Small Church in Guatemala City     Many Healed Quickly at Large Church in Guatemala City    All with Pain are Healed and Many Testify at Church Service in Guatemala City    Many other similar videos can be found from other mission trips on youtube here:

Nicaragua Mission Trip, March, 2012
Monday, Feb 27, 2012:  Arrived at airport in Managua, where I was met by Guierrmo, Donald, Angela, and Christian. We went out to eat. I bought some groceries and got a motel room.
Tuesday, Feb 28, 2012:  The large fasting meeting that was also live on the radio was cancelled this morning because the electricity was out in this part of town. We took a bus to San Pablo to a huge meeting with 5 churches gathered in the same building. Angela showed up later with Christian, who gave us a ride back to Managua after the service when the buses did not run. It was a good service, with about 40 or 50 people getting healed, but the camera quit on Guiermo, and we did not get it on camera. The name of the church was Casa De Oracion (House of Prayer). (Pastor Jaime Felix, & Pastor Martin’s church).
Wednesday, Feb 29:  We preached & prayed in the morning on Radio Bautista, courtesy of pastor Jaime, who is president of the pastor’s association in the San Pablo area. We went to the house of Pastor Alexander Morales (Pastor of Rey de Reyos) to pray for his healing. The evening service was a fairly large Pentecostal church “Si Lees Crees” (If You Believe with Pastor Francisco Sesbnoza)  Everybody is getting healed everywhere we go, with very few exceptions, all praise be to the Lord, the Christ, Jesus.  
Thursday, March 1:  Preached & prayed on radio courtesy of Pastor Marvin Ubeda. In the afternoon we went to the hospital, where almost everybody received at least a very noticeable partial manifestation. The initial lady we went to pray for had her right leg amputated from a cancer in her lower abdomen on that side. After prayer, her pain was gone, and the doctor noticed that the cancer was gone the next time he examined her, and she was released within a week. Six or seven others in the same room also received prayer with similar decreases in pain, all glory to God. We also ventured to other areas of the hospital, including broken bone rooms, where almost everybody noticed huge decreases in the amount of pain immediately, if the pain was not gone altogether. There were maybe 2 or 3 out of about 20 that did not receive their healing, in that they did not receive me and the person (Jesus) who I represent, some of whom thought I was a little bit crazy. On the other hand, there were several that weeped and cried and repented, receiving Jesus as their Saviour. We then went to meet Oswald and his family, who had requested to meet me and pray for them. Oswald was affiliated with the Christian businessman’s association. As I remember, we prayed for healing for a couple members of his family, as well as for their finances. The evening meeting was cancelled because the pastor was too busy to remember to line it up. Too bad, it would have been a big meeting.
Friday, March 2:  Nothing during the day. I moved from my motel into a church/home at Monte de Hermon in order to save money, be closer to my interpreter, also saving on cab fare. That night we ministered at Primera Iglesia de Cristo with Pastor Santos Boza. A lady with deafness was healed, & other cool miracles.  We also met Pastor Orlando Rabello of the nearby Pan de Vida church. Everybody is receiving their healing in many of the churches we go to, although there are partial manifestation sometimes on the more difficult cases that take longer to heal. It is rare that someone will not at least receive a partial healing.
Saturday, March 3: Went to the pastor’s meeting in San Pablo, which started at 9 or 9:30, but we did not arrive until 10:00. Preached for 2 hours and then prayed for all with pain after the break. Pastor Jaime Miranda took us to lunch, and we hung out at his house for a while, and then we preached at his church that night, “If You Believe God”. (Si Tus Crees)  My friend, Pastor Guierrmo Paacios had received and impartation for healing on an earlier trip, and he prayed for the people, and all were healed, all glory to God.
Sunday, March 4:  In the morning, we preached at Rey de Reyes (King of Kings) under pastor Alexander Morales, the pastor we prayed for Wednesday morning. There were some awesome testimonies of healings. All got healed, except for a young boy with deformities in a wheelchair, and a leg that needed to grow out, and maybe one other case.  Sunday evening we ministered at Iglesia Roca de Salvation (Church Rock of Salvation). All got healed at this service.
Monday, March 5, 2012:  In the morning we were back in San Rafael (or San Pablo, can’t remember) to minister at the mayor’s devotional meeting that was open to the public. It was a very large meeting. Unfortunately, not very many got healed with the group prayer. I had to pray for them one at a time. A large majority ended up healed, although the percentage was down from normal, maybe only 70 or 80%, which was about 40 people. Pastor Jaime and Pastor Victor  were the pastor’s that scheduled the event. We then met with the mayor in his office and talked for a while. Angela and Guiermo returned to Managua to get Christian to come back by car to take us all home after the evening service. The evening service was a huge outside service with about 6 or 700 people, held outside, with about 6 or 7 churches present, and many had to stand up. It was held in MasaChapa at Ministerio Immanuel with pastor Oscar Mesa.   There was only about 20 people that came up for healing after a short message, and they were all healed, with a couple of partial manifestations. Christian, Angel & Guiermo never returned, and the locol hotel honored us by giving us a free room. The next morning Donals (my interpreter) and I took a bus back to Managua.
Tuesday March 6:  What had a good service at the weekly fasting service in the Ondes De Luz (Waves of Light) Radio auditorium where there was a large crowd present. The service was also live on the radio. All were healed that we know of, except for one person in a wheelchair that has been in all the services that we have been there, and he has never gotten healed. There were fewer people that came up to be healed, in that we have ministered there before in December, November, and July of 2011. We also heard a report later that among those healed in the auditorium were a cancer and a dissolved tumor. We also heard of people that were healed outside of the auditorium over the radio waves; one of these being the mother of my interpreter’s sister’s daughter’s boyfriend, who was unable to walk because of severe pain in the legs and swollen knees due to arthritis. Another huge evening service was cancelled in the San Pablo area, because the pastor’s association felt it necessary to have a special meeting in order to reprimand a pastor. Donald and I held a short healing service at his home church where I was living that evening. There were not many that needed healing, in that we had ministered there at least twice before.  
Wednesday, March 7:  Met with Enoch (Palancho), director of Programes @ Radio Maranatha, & later did a short interview/preaching (about 6 ½ minutes) on the radio. They played the first song about 15 minutes before the interview, and also in the background during the interview. We heard a report the next day that a tumor had disappeared from a listener during a short prayer after the interview/preaching. Wednesday night we ministered at Centro Vida, under pastor Leonel Ubeda, who is also director over a large Christian publication in Nicaragua. All were healed, with one partial healing.
Thursday March 8:  Met with pastor Leonel Ubeda for some kind of interview. We then went with Christian to eat with Pastor Jaun Ramon Rodriguez in Masachapa and then went to preach & minister at his church.  This was a tough service, because I had to pray for the majority of people individually, some several times, but eventually everybody was healed with the exception of two partial manifestations.
Friday, March 9:  Our meeting to get my authorization papers with Christian at the general assembly was cancelled. We went to minister at a prison, but could not get in without authorization papers. The evening service at Dios de Paz was also cancelled, and rebooked for the next night, but I did not feel right about it. It was a slow day.  However, periodically people would get healed on my daily walk, or they would come to the church I was staying at to receive prayer.  Such are these two short testimonies.
Saturday, March 10:  Met with pastor Leonel Ubeda again. (He asked personal questions about how to run his church.) We preached a small afternoon youth service at his church, and all the youngsters were healed, but there was only about 3 or 4 that came up, although the testimonies were good. That night we went to Iglesia Christiana Dios de Paz for a decent service. All were healed except for a man that was missing an eyeball. Whether or not his eyeball grew back in or not, I don’t know. Another man on crutches noticed a huge decrease in the amount of pain. He had been cut very severely across his ankle, and was wearing a cast. Everybody else got healed, as far as I know, and they all gave testimony on camera, which can be viewed when I get all these videos posted on . 
Sunday March 11:  Preached at a small church on the outskirts of town in the morning, named “Jesus es Soberano”. (Pastor Humberto Soto ) All 4 people that came up were healed, although I had to pray for one lady twice. An elderly lady was almost completely deaf, and she was healed. We had some soda and cake after the service, and she was having a normal conversation with her grandchild, even with some music playing. Before prayer, another lady had to shout in her ear very loudly to tell her to receive prayer for healing. In the evening we ministered at a large church called Principe de Paz with pastor Jarkin (Rene Jarkin) Almost all were healed. There was a lady in a wheelchair from a brainstroke, and she said that the pain in her stomach was gone, but she was still in the chair. I hope to hear a good report later about her. Another person with a withered arm was not healed yet, as well as an elderly man with a severely injured leg.  Everybody else seemed to have gotten healed, including one with cancer and a woman with pain in her eyes and vision problems.  A large majority of those needing healing were healed quickly through one little short prayer, thanks to God.   
Monday March 12, 2012:  It was a slow day that I spent packing for my return trip. In the evening we ministered at a church/home group service that had quite a few people. All were healed, but I had to pray for about half of them one at a time. Only about half received when I prayed for the whole group at one time. The only one that did not get healed was a daughter of the pastor who had to wear glasses because of am ordinary near (or far) sightedness. My interpreter, Donald, called me from Managua after I returned to the states to tell me that a lady with cancer was healed, whom I had prayed for over the phone from the meeting. This service was also recorded on camera, but I may or may not post it. .
Tuesday, March 13:  I almost missed my early airplane flight back to the states, in that it was hard to catch a cab at 4:30 in the morning from the dangerous area of the city where I had been staying.  

​     I have been out of the country 7 times now in about 15 months.  Now I should put in a hard summer's work as a paint contractor to make more money.  I thank God that He is supplying for all my needs.  It is much easier to work at the job he has given me, than to depend on the church.  However, I'm hoping that situation will change.
Nicaragua Mission Trip November 2013:  More of the same, with almost all getting healed in every church we went to.  We started to get into some much larger churches, but I did not get any videos, because my camera was broken.
Nicaragua Mission Trip, March 2013:  I was in a lot of smaller churches, in that I did not give my interpreter's sister, Angela, adequate time to line up my schedule before I came down.  However, I can honestly say that everybody got healed in every service, every night, with only a few partial manifestations (partial healings).  There was only a few partial manifestations that I can think of, and two of those were blind people that were at least starting to see light, one of which also had intense pain in his eyes that was gone after prayer.  The other blind woman was a woman that I prayed for in November, in a fairly large church that I revisited on this trip.  In November, all were healed, except this one blind woman that I prayed for several times to no avail.  This time, she started to see light.  Often these miracles will manifest completely in time.  The third case was a man with some sort of withered arm that looked like polio.  He felt better, and had something else wrong with him that was healed, but his arm was still withered.  Oh, and there was also a child that could not speak, who seemed scared of me when I started to pray for him.   There was no manifestation of the child speaking. There were several that were almost completely healed, but still had a slight thing, such as a man whose pain left his hand, and the feeling returned to his fingers, but the swelling in his hand had not completely left. Other than that, all got healed, every night, that I know of.  We did about 17 services in 14 days.
       On Tuesday, March 12, we went to a Pastor's meeting/church service in Ticuantepe.  All with pain got healed, although the young man with polio that I mentioned above still had a withered arm.  I got the testimonies on camera, except a young girl that had a very severe tooth infection with a swelled up jaw.  I prayed for her again after the service, and the Angela and Jackelyn prayed for her also, and after a while she was healed, all pain was gone, but that is the testimony we didn't get on this video:  
       We left with female pastor Doris Moncado, and ate lunch at her house, where her grand daughter was healed of painful flat feet in this video:   This video seems to be popular for some reason, at the very top of my "Popular Uploads" on Youtube.  Also, the girl's mother (the daughter of Pastor Doris) was healed of shoulder pain   and Doris was either filled or re-filled with the Holy Ghost 
       On Wednesday night, March 13, at Pastor Ernesto's, (Vinya Del Reino) we had a really good service with eveybody healed and many falling out in the Spirit, and one girl was healed of cancer, as her pain and tumor was gone.  
       Thursday night I believe all got healed.  We found out after the service that one of the ladies had a cancer tumor was gone.   
        Friday, March 15, 2013, I was the first person from the United States to be able to attend a meeting at the Nicaraguan National Assembly.  Prayed for a secretary there that was healed.  At night we went to a small outdoor crusade, just outside the Arcidenoe church pastored by Walter Orozco.  It looks as if all got healed at this service, or at least received a good start to it.
     One of the highlights was going to the cancer ward at Managua's biggest hospital.  When we first went, the head technician/doctor told us to come back the next morning at 9 am, so that he would have time to tell the patients that we were coming.  Wow!  That would never happen in the United States.  They were primed and ready, and about 3/4 of over 60 patients were healed and released within a few days.  The doctor was amazed and he called us to tell us that the majority of women no longer needed chimotherapy, in that their tumors were gone or at least much smaller, and the associated pain was gone.  He told us to come back and see for ourselves, which we did, and sure enough, the majority, about three-fourths, were gone, and had been replaced by new patients, which we prayed for again.  Everybody was happy about all the miracles. We weren't allowed to film anything at the hospital, but I later filmed this short testimony, but please forgive my attitude in this video, because when I filmed it I was sleep deprived and in severe pain from multiple broken bones.  I eventually healed up good, though.
       Sun morning I preached in San Marcos at the Iglesia De Dios, with Pastor Gilbert.  There were two severe cases that did not get healed, one of them was a blind woman, but everybody else got healed, and one lady had a tumor that disappeared. 
     I got a new camera, (a JVC Everio GZ-E100AU) which took some decent videos, although we did not film very many services.  Also, I can't find my part of my diary, but if you look around, you can find many good vids.  

Nicaragua Mission Trip, August 2013:   Arrived on August 9, 2013.  Angela said she had lined me up for a big television show that night on channel 21, but my ride was late, we were late, and it didn't happen.  Oh well.  On Saturday, Aug 10 I was supposed to preach at a huge, huge church, with thousands of people, but the camera crew man from channel 21 was late, although another man from the station had been waiting with us (Donald, Angela and me).  Finally the camera man came and I went up on the stage and sat with about 20 other pastors.  There was a famous singer singing, and the crowd kept going "one more, one more".  Finally, our friend from the station went up and said something to the main pastor, and then that pastor and another pastor went to the sound man and spoke to him, and then the sound man just faded out the singer in the middle of a song.  They then got me to the pulpit, but told me I only had 30 seconds, and just to pray for the sick only.  Then the buses arrived, and at a huge church like that, everybody has to be bused in from far away, so about 80% of the people just walked out as soon as I started to speak.  I don't think the camera crew got what they were looking for either.  Yes, some people got healed, but it wasn't as quick and easy as if I could have shared the Word first.  I didn't feel like I got a video worth putting up either.  Matter of fact, every service we did, Angela forgot to push the red record button.  So she was watching thru the camera, thinking she was recording, but she was not.  She usually works the camera, but it had been awhile, and apparently she forgot.  We did have some great services though, but they didn't get on camera.  To make a long story short, it was like usual, with everybody, or almost everybody getting healed.  We had some really great services, but they didn't get recorded.  I only have a few videos from that trip. This was a good service, but we only got a few seconds of it: This video, I recorded a little of the praise and worship.  When you turn on the camera, sometimes it records for a second or two only, even tho the red button is not pushed.  So there is a few short one-second clips, and then I filmed the lady with the walker that was healed.  It's not as fun to read this if you don't have the videos to go with them.  The only other video from that trip is this little pastor's meeting where a few people got healed.  Thanks for reading/watching.  

UPDATE 2018:  I have probably been out of the country at least 35 times, and I have not updated this page.  If you visit my youtube page, I have posted most of the mission trip videos thru 2017.  There are also a few good ole English videos from here in the states.