The 2008 Honduras trip:

The Lord brought me & Marty Rogers together. The Lord confirmed to Marty with visions and prophetic words that he was supposed to watch over me, and later to go with me to Honduras. I was glad to finally find somebody with a prophetic anointing to go to Honduras with me. We left for Honduras on March 22, 2008, and returned April 5, 2008. We were in about 13 services, 11 of which we preached. To make a long story short, every person that needed healing where we preached received their healing, with an exception of less than about 4 or 5 people that I know of out of a total of about a dozen services, all praise to Jesus. Blinded eyes and deaf ears were opened fairly consistently, and much of the time instantly. For example, on Tuesday, March 25 we were at the Honduras national prison in San Pedro Sula. There was a large area that was sectioned off for the church service. Another praise band had been playing, and they sounded good. We only had one hour to minister. I preached on the love and the power for about 15 minutes, and then Marty preached a little as I started to pray for the ones that needed healing, in that there were many to pray for with so little time. I went to them in their seats when they raised their hand. After a few more minutes, Marty called all of them forward that had physical problems, and they formed lines 3 deep with about 30 per line, so we prayed fast, not using interpretors. They were all healed with about 20 minutes to spare, all praise to Jesus. The only person that might not have received a complete manifestation was a crippled man, that could barely walk with a walker. After prayer, he said he felt the heat in his body, and the pain was gone, and he said he could walk better, but we did not see the complete manifestation, at least not while we were there, in that he was still using his walker. However, everybody else had their healing completed within about a half hour or less, all glory to Jesus, including two blind men. One blind man had messed-up-looking eyes, and a cane. He looked like he had been blind for a long time, but he could see light immediately after prayer, and was seeing later on. The other blind man had huge white cataracts covering his eyes. I watched as the cataract on his left eye (nearest my right hand) disappeared in about 3 seconds. The one on his right eye was smaller, but was still there. Later, Marty found him in the back, praising God that he could see out of the one eye. Marty prayed for him a second time and the other cataract then just slid off of his eye. Deaf ears were also opened, and tooth pain was gone, as well as all the normal everyday stuff, most of these miracles happening instantly. All of us then praised God with great joy and exuberance for the last 15 minutes of the service.

The other services were church services, with an average of only about 25 to 35 people that came up for a healing. Every person in every service was healed that I know of, with very few exceptions and/or partial manifestations. About 90% were instant manifestations, and most others took about 3 minutes usually.  

For two nights we were at a huge outdoor event where 10 different churches were involved. I was only helping out with the praise and worship. They had an excellent preacher there who knew the scriptures. He preached on salvation, and led the people through the sinner's prayer. When the people came forward, Marty and I went out to look for people that needed healing. There was one little girl whose legs were twisted and pigeon-toed real bad, sitting in her mother's arms. About an hour later she was on the platform, running back and forth, the crowd cheering, although her healing was not completely manifested at that time. There was also a deaf & dumb girl who heard and spoke for the first time, all praise to Jesus and for the stripes He took on His back. I very seldom laid hands on anyone, but merely spoke the Word in a short prayer, giving all the praise to Jesus.

In the first part of the trip I stayed at the Hotel Sula where 5 or 6 workers (maids, secretaries, guards, etc) got healed.  After the first two or three, they would ask me, and I would not have to ask them.  Such it is with this waitress, that witnessed as a hotel guard got healed, and then she requested healing.  Her testimony is entitled,"Waitress Testifies of Stomach Miracle". (She was healed on this trip, but I did not video it until the next trip.)

There was a group of kids outside my door at the Maya Copan Hotel when we stayed there. I did a few little magic tricks for them (although it was not magic, just tricks) and shared the gospel through the tricks that I did. Then I asked if they wanted to see a real miracle. I prayed for their pains. They were all healed, including one young man that could see good up close but not far. They all got saved and filled with the Holy Ghost as well. There are many stories of things that happened on the streets as well. The miracles listed on this page is in no way complete. The bottom line: Jesus healed all, and He is still the same. In the Bible, the only ones that did not get healed were the ones that did not believe that Jesus was the Christ, AND, more importantly, they were offended at Jesus. In the church, we all know that Jesus is the Christ, and we are not offended at Him, so everyone should, and does, get healed.  

After returning from Honduras, there were a couple of church services where I was allowed to minister where almost everbody received their healing here in the United States. As far as churches go in America, the doors are just barely starting to crack open. However, I noticed some unusual miracles in 2008: For example, I would be praying for one person to get healed, and the person standing next to them would get healed, or at least get partially healed, until I could pray again for completion. A couple of examples include John Yow at the Good News church. Another includes a fellow sitting next to me on the bus coming back from the NGL Indie 500 outreach. This person lived near the Mt. Vernon area, where he got off of the bus. (That's a good clue for the NGL members to find out who it was). Anyway, I was just sitting next to him on his right side, and unbeknownst to me, the whole right side of his body was healed of arthritus. After learning this, I then prayed for the completion, all glory to Jesus & the overshadowing glory presence of God.

In 2008 I've started to learn through experience that healings are hindered when there is a lack of respect for one another. This seems to be a problem in the United States. A lack of respect for the man of God can hinder the manifestations. This can be backed up by scripture. Recognizing one another as part of the Body is important. Also, remember the 2nd commandment: "Love your neighbor as yourself." This is like the first commandment, in that we are created in God' image. 

Spring of 2009 Honduras Trip: More of the same. I did not keep any record or diary on this trip.  There were many miracles in the street, at stores, and in the church. I took two trips to Honduras in this year, but I could not find a partner to go with me, and I wanted somebody that was prophetically anointed to accent the healing gift that I walk in, neither did I want to pay for somebody else's trip, so I just went by myself, teaming up with evangelist Jose Tulio Sanchez, who could speak a little English. In the spring trip I felt led to work the Nueva Ocotepeque area during the first week of this trip, and I recorded one of my first videos getting the testimonies of people healed at this small 'La Cosecha' church.  All were healed.  The people had passionate testimonies, but I recorded the video the following nite after things in the Spirit had cooled off.  It is entitled: "All Healed in Small Church in Neuvo Ocotepeque" and can be viewed here:  I did many house calls, and spoke on radio and TV.  In the latter part of the trip I helped Tom Lingenfelter from Holy, Holy, Holy Ministries with a big crusade in San Pedro Sula. I have some short testimonies from this trip on YouTube.  One is entitled,"Doorman and Hotel Secretary Receive Miracles", (but technically, the secretary was healed on the previous trip, and I did not video it until this trip.):   People got healed everywhere.  I was always looking to exercise my gift.  The videos only give a small fraction of what really happened.  It was a wonderful trip, a lot like the other trips.  However, I missed my original partner Timothy Bertsch who had move to the state of Washington, as well as Marty Rogers, who had gone with me on the previous trip.  You can read about the Dec 09 trip just below:

These are true accounts of recent mission trips. The Lord gave me increase in the healing anointing on the 2006 trip.  On all the subsequent trips, almost all were healed!!!   May your faith be stirred as you read of all the miracles, in the name of our Lord, the Christ, Jesus.          Karl Stein
2006 Honduras Mission Trip
When God Gave Increase to the Healing Anointing in my Life
I want to let you know a few things that transpired when Timothy Bertsch and I went to Honduras. First of all, I want to explain that this was my fifteenth trip outside of the country but it was only my first trip as leader of my own group, which was a group of two, me and my partner Timothy. I had seen others jump into ministry to soon with a slight bit of rebellion or pride or whatever, and I had made up my mind that I did not want to make those mistakes. I did this under the Lord's direction, and in His timing, leaving the group (Common Ground) with their blessing and approval, who had plowed the course for me already. I was leaving Common Ground under the Lord's direction, as prophesied to me by Pastor/Prophet Manuel at San Jorge in 2004, in that the Lord was separating me for the work that He had for me to do.  It was not until 2006 that I was able to find a partner to go with, when Timothy Bertsch accompanied me on this trip.  We left Jan 8 and came back Jan 23, 2006. On the first day there, Carmen Elisa (daughter of one of the former presidents) asked us to come and pray for her son that had injured his knee playing soccer. Timothy by the Spirit sort of 'read his mail' and then we felt led to pray for Carmen. While praying, the Lord revealed to Timothy by word of knowledge that she had back problems and tumors on her back which were healed, as well as stomach problems, and the Lord did some other neat stuff in her.

We had a little time to spend on the street in the afternoons, where Timothy also had words of knowledge for people we prayed for, and we saw some people get saved and receive a touch from the Lord and some miracles right there in the street, such as a young fellow with shoulder problems and another with back problems that were healed. There was also a girl in sin that Timothy had a word for, and we ended up leading her whole family to the the Lord. 

We prayed carefully over the list of churches in order to only go to the ones the Lord was saying to go to. Some of them were a little farther from San Pedro, and were several hours one way into the mountains, but the reward was worth it in that we saw the Lord move in a mighty way. Many of these pastors were praying, 'Lord, please send somebody!' Most of these churches had been overlooked by other missionaries. We saw the Lord move in a mighty way as strongholds of witchcraft were broken in a couple of them and many people got zapped out in the Holy Spirit, such as El Plan, in San Manuel, one of the Jesus Es El Senor churches. There was a couple of churches where almost everybody got zapped and there was hardly anybody left standing, one of these being in Marcala La Paz with pastor Carlos, one of the La Cosecha churches, where there was about 15 youngsters in the front between the ages of 4 and 11, that, after standing back up from getting zapped, were weeping and worshipping with their little hands raised, precious tears running down their little faces. This was one of the most beautiful things I ever saw, which made me cry intensely with the love of God. Often we would not have to even touch them, as the Holy Spirit was doing the work, and would take them out in the Spirit. Some of these people would get up healed. By the time the second week rolled around, the other churches heard that we were preaching on healing, and that God was moving with miracles, and there was no problem filling our already tight schedule. We preached in about 13 churches in 14 days, and Timothy helped me to discern what to preach on. For the most part, it was healing, which is what I know good, with a mixture of faith, word of faith, evangelism and giftings, and the love of God, with center focus on Jesus. About 70% of the time we were exactly where the Lord wanted us to be, and the Lord moved big time.

On the third day of our trip, in San Pedro Sula, Timothy was praying for pastors outside of the Pastor's Association meeting and reading their mail, (prophetically) and there was one man whom Timothy read his mail that invited us to be on channel 51 JBN, (Jesus Broadcast Network). Timothy eventually spoke at the station and preached according to the true biblical definition of the word 'preach', which means 'to ooze forth the word of God'. Timothy had direct revelation from God on what to say, and it was a very powerful time of prophesy, as he spoke what the Lord had given him before he went on the air, as well as new stuff the Lord gave him while he was prophesying. He had words of knowledge and wisdom for the nation as well as individuals. On a return trip to Honduras, I remember that they called Timothy 'the prophet.'  Speaking of prophets, we met with one in Honduras. This next paragraph explains how I got a huge increase in the anointing for healing.
        How I Was Anointed For Healing:
We had gone to Marcala La Paz on Saturday, and then to Nueva Ocotopeque on Sunday, and spent the night there after the service, because we were several hours away from San Pedro Sula.  A prophet called us by telephone, speaking to Edguardo, the pastor whom we had been staying with in San Pedro Sula, who was also providing our transportation to these remote places. This prophet called on Monday, January 16, 2006 and wanted to meet us at the restaurant at the Gran Sula Hotel in San Pedro Sula. He was a very tall man, unusual for a Hondurian. He attended the 'Jesus Es El Senor' church at San Jorge under pastor Manuel. We were able to get back to San Pedro and meet with him Tuesday morning on January 17, 2006.  This prophet took us all to his house. He had a very luxurious house in a very wealthy area of San Pedro Sula. He was a high-ranking person in the Pepsi-Cola industry there in Honduras, however, he was considering going into ministry full-time. He showed us his house and took us to an upper room where he prophesied over all of us. He prophesied over me, and Timothy, and Edguardo, and our female interpretor and her girlfriend, and was right-on with all that he said. The prophesy over me was short, compared to the others, but it was good. His english was not great, but he prophesied to me saying, "The Lord honors that you obey His word automatically without praying about it first. The Lord says that He has heard you say this, 'Go into all the world and preach this gospel to all creation, and those that believe shall be baptized, and those that believe not shall be condemned, and these signs shall follow them that believe.' This ministered to me, in that I quoted this scripture often, and this prophet did not know anything about me. When Timothy used to call me on the phone and say, "Let's pray about going to the street to witness," I would say, "We don't need to pray about that, the Word says . . . . " (and I would quote this very same scripture from Mark 16:15-18, the Great Commission) Also, when Timothy told me, "I need to pray about wether I should go to Honduras, and I need my wife to be in agreement.", I replied, "You don't need to pray about that. The Word of God says 'Go into all the world . . (the Great Commission)'" So this prophet had my interest, and I listened as he continued. "Also," he said, "the Lord says that because you have obeyed His Word and because you have remained in His Word, the Lord says that He has blessed your finances and has kept your family healthy, and that He is now giving you a healing anointing." A quick thought passed thru my mind, "I already have a healing anointing." It was only a quick thought, but the Lord immediately answered my thought thru the prophet and said, '"And I know that you already have a healing anointing, but I'm now giving you an increase," says the Lord.' It was after this encounter with this prophet that I started noticing a huge increase in the anointing.  In 2012, after reading Jeff Jansen's book entitled "Glory Rising", I found out that the date I had received the word from the prophet was significant.  According to Jeff's book on page 87, William Branham had prophesied at the Church of Philadelphia in Chicago on January 16, 1956, saying that "America had turned down her opportunity with the Lord."  As the major prophetic voice of his time, the tent revivals dried up at William Branham's word.  The Lord spoke to Jeff Jansen in 2006 and told him that He was 'offering the church a "Golden Jubilee", as it marked the 50 year anniversary of William Branham's word to the Church'.  If you don't mind me bragging, it seems as if I was sort of a first fruit of this renewed healing anointing to be released on the Church.

It's too much to tell everything, but there was one church where Timothy told me that I was to preach on the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and I did, fulfilling a literal vision that the pastor had 5 years prior, as the Lord moved and brought gifts to the church. The way this vision was fulfilled is a little hard to believe for some nominal Christians, so I'm not going to tell it. The Lord had ordered our steps from years before. 

On our last night out we went to La Ceiba to a huge church with a Brazilian pastor. This was not our plan or on our schedule, but it happened that the pastor saw the TV program and would not take 'no' for an answer. I told Timothy that the Lord would probably zap us on our last night there and he did. I was trying to get Timothy to preach more, because he had not preached much on the trip except for when we were on the air at the TV station and a couple of times as a tag team, but he was pretty much just unable to minister that night in that he felt the anointing on him too strong to do anything. I preached on the usual stuff and God moved with about 1 out of 6 or 7 people falling out behind me as I layed hands on a lot of people very quickly in order to try to get them all. At the end of the service there was some people that came up for prayer that never went down when I touched them the first time, but as I prayed according to their request, they then went out when I gave them a word, and this was a new thing for me to operate in, the giving of a word, and then having them go out, although Timothy always hears good from the Lord and operates in that gift. Before, I had been pretty much unaware of their individual needs, and my main prayer was, 'Lord, zap 'em'. This church was strong prophetically, and I was flowing in it, at least that night I was. Then when all had left and the anointing was still very strong on me, the pastor's wife gave me some sort of Hondurian cookie, and I said in Spanish by the Spirit under the anointing, "I ask that you would receive the same reward as if you had given this straight to Jesus when he was hungry." I gobbled it down, and got my camera to take a picture of her and the pastor. I was crying with the love of God, just thankful to have a picture of this precious couple, and they got off the couch to hug me, and as soon as she touched me she was healed in her legs. I did not know that she was even in pain, nor did I feel the virtue go out of me when she was healed, being unaware of it til she told me, although thinking back, I remember she moved very slowly while getting off the couch. She later told me that she had wanted to prophesy over us, but that she was in too much pain, and was just going to try to make it to her car and go home. However, she said she was healed when she touched me, and being healed, she then prophesied over us, being very gifted prophetically, and she read all of our mail accurately. She would prophesy in Portuguese, and her husband the pastor would interpret in Spanish, and our interpreter would then translate to English. We never fell out completely, but we got zapped nonetheless, and all we could do was meditate on the Lord and praise him for the next few days, coming home and being unable to work until the third day after our return. After returning home, I realized that we had "cast our net on the other side of the boat", and "there was a great multitude of fish that could not be counted". All glory and praise to God, apart from whom we can do NOTHING. The fact that that lady was healed when she touched me, how I should have discerned she was in pain but didn't, and that I did not feel the virtue go out of me when she touched me and got healed, and neither did I know it till she told me about an hour later, this proves that it had nothing to do with me, but that it is Jesus, apart from whom we can do nothing. Those unbelievers that say 'The mind is a powerful thing,' they are proved wrong in that my mind knew nothing about it either before or after the healing.

Upon returning home from this trip, the compassion of God was so strong in me that I could not do much of anything except cry and tell Jesus how much I love Him. It was 3 days after returning home that I finally felt like I could return to work. I had an increase in the anointing, and a much deeper compassion for Jesus, as well as others, and I try to guard this anointing the best I can, by avoiding anything that is not edifying.  I also noticed a huge increase in the percentage of people that I prayed for that were healed, which had jumped up to around 90%, which is very high for the United States.  The words of the prophet had come true in my life, just as he said.
Dec 09 Trip to Honduras

  Thanks for reading. Let these testimonies be encouraging to you. 

  I had prayed in the spring, and felt the Holy Spirit’s leading to go to Honduras in August of 2009. However, I had corporations pressing me to do big paint jobs, and neither did I have a prophetically gifted partner to go with me. I did not wany any partner just because he had the money to go, but needed a prophetically gifted person to accent the healing anointing that I walk in. Neither was I excited about paying for someone else’s expenses to merely accompany me. Unfortunately, I did not go in August. For similar reasons I did not go in September or October either. Finally, in December of 2009, after finishing a big job, I booked a plane and was in Honduras within 2 days, going by myself (again), and I stayed with my evangelist friend Jose Tulio Gomez and his family in San Pedro Sula. Within days of arrival, I had found out that a pastor whom I had planned to meet with had died of heart problems in October. I had not seen this pastor since early in 2006, before the anointing for healing had gotten real strong on me. This was a lesson that I had learned before, that obedience is important, because it may be life or death, wether in the spiritual or the natural. To me, it was obvious that this man would have lived had I been there, and he would have received his healing just like almost every other Hondurian down there that has enough faith to receive prayer.  

  I had no schedule set up, and nobody knew I was coming, except for my friend Jose Tulio Sanchez who lived down there, and he had only 2 days notice. I arrived on Monday, December 7, 2009, and my schedule was half way filled up by Tuesday night.  

  Wednesday: I preached at the Honduras National Prison, however, my main contact did not work there anymore, and I was in a smaller service that was for the ‘not so bad’ common citizens who had just made a mistake. There was only about 25 people in there. Over 50% of them answered the call of ‘if you have pain in your body or a physical problem, come on up’. After everybody got healed, I could see the Lord working on some hearts. I turned Jose Tulio and his wife Marta loose making sure everybody in there had received Jesus as Lord, and there were some new conversions, praise God. Jose and Marta told me that they experienced healing in their hearts as well, because their son was murdered a couple years ago by order of gang members that were jailed in that same prison.  

  Thursday: In the evening, I preached at Pastor Israel Sevilla’s church, Rey de Reyos (King of King’s). I was not expecting many to come up for healing, in that I had preached there almost 2 years ago, but the church had grown since I had been there last, and there were many new faces, and some more recent physical conditions. After preaching on healing and speaking on some of the things prophesied from John Paul, about a third came up for healing, about 25 people. Some fell out in the Spirit, and all were healed, with one partial manifestation on a severe crippling case. Let all readers understand that apart from God we can do nothing. When praying, I usually stand at a distance when I ask for the healing anointing to come, and I make sure that the Lord gets all the glory. I’m not trying to brag, but merely trying to tell briefly what happened. I give all glory to Jesus, and we all praised and worshipped the Lord a 2nd time after that the Lord moved with the miracles.  

  Friday: In the morning I went back to the prison to teach a Bible study. I preached types and shadows of Jesus from the Old Testament. There were only about 3 that came up for healing, that were not there on Wednesday. One fellow came up for healing that I had prayed for on Wednesday. On Wednesday, he had pointed to his lungs, and I prayed and assumed that he was healed. This time he said he had a sever sinus headache and sinus problems, but with the love of God upon him, he testified that immediately the problems cleared and all congestion was gone. Everybody was healed, and likewise, this was a good sign for a few unbelievers who had come to the meeting, and they repented and received Christ as Lord. Friday night I did not have any churches scheduled. 

  Saturday: Saturday evening I went to a church in Agua Viva where Alding Lainec pastors. He is the same pastor that got me into the prison. I felt led to preach on healing, and about half of the congregation came up for healing, and all were healed, except for a partial manifestation, where a man that was in a wheelchair stood up out of the chair for the first time in 5 years, but he did not walk, and he sat back down. I prayed for him twice, and he stood up both times. The pastor’s wife had cancer tumors in her breast which shrank and dissolved completely within minutes, if not quicker. All the other problems were the ordinary stomach problems, (probably because of bad water), female problems, arthritis, bad backs, knees, sugar diabetes, respiratory problems, and other common problems, all of which were healed immediately, as usual.

  Sunday: In the morning I preached at one of the Pentecostal churches under Pastor Jaimi Tuseus, the one right in San Pedro Sula. (Pentecostal churches aren’t like the ones up here, but more casual.) I had preached at this church in April of 2009, so there was only about 4 that came up for healing, and two of these were an older couple that had started attending since I had been there last time. Needless to say, all glory to God, all were healed. I had a good interpreter (Jose Tulio’s son, Rafeal), and I was able to get a lot of Word out in a short time, and as the Holy Spirit came on me strongly, I believe I released some postive words over Honduras for the troubled times ahead.

  Sunday evening I went to the small town of El Tablon, about 10 miles from the edge of the city, to a church under pastors Adolfo Bautista and Israel Sevilla. All thanks to God, everybody with pain was healed. There were two girls that were almost completely deaf, and they nodded and smiled, and I assumed that there was improvement in their hearing, although they had not learned to talk very well, being almost completely deaf all of their lives, and I wasn't sure that they had received. If you are reading this and thinking, “What about salvations, isn’t that more important?” Be it known that everybody in the churches was usually already saved, but we would give a chance for people to receive Jesus.  After seeing the miracles, if there were any unsaved ones in the congregation, it was easy to bring them to Christ after the healings. 

  Monday was a day off. One week had passed. It was now Dec 14, 09. 

  Tuesday night we went to La Fortaleza to one of the ‘Jesus is El Senor’ churches under Pastor Victor Anael Montes. The last time I was at this church was in 2006, which was before the Lord gave me this strong increase in the healing anointing. In 2006, his tiny church was up on the hill, and there was only about 8 people in the church. This time, he had a new church at the bottom of the hill, and there was about 75 people. As usual, I boldly proclaimed that the Lord is the same today, and that all would be healed. Of course, it did not take much boldness to proclaim that, because that is ordinary as far as I’m concerned, and I expect that, especially in that I did not see anybody there with a severed spine in a wheelchair, neither did I see anybody with severe crippling Polio. I’ve never seen anybody with severed back nerves get out of a wheelchair, and I have only seen partial manifestations on polio, (although I don’t know why that would be any harder for the Lord). I also ask for people with dental problems to come up, but usually don’t get any. However, there were two people here that were healed of dental problems as well. Many came up for healing, almost 50% of the congregation, which is about normal among people that I have not ministered to before. I had two of the ladies come up and testify, and I got it on film to encourage others.   (On my YouTube page, the video is entitles, "Dental Miracle and Stomach Miracle Testimonies."  One of the ladies that testified had a dental problem. She had a bad infection that was going up even to her nose, but she felt the warm healing anointing come, the pain was immediately gone, and the swelling went down almost immediately as well. The other lady was healed before the service even started, in that it is my nature to automatically pray for people.  As usual, I did not touch anybody that I prayed for, this way the Lord gets all the glory for the healing, although I had to hurry and catch a person or two that fell out in the Spirit. Also, as is usually the case, we worshipped and danced before the Lord with great joy after everybody was healed. I enjoyed myself, and all the kids flocked around me and I loved on them.  

  Wednesday: The scheduling was a little sparse, so I had called Pastor Wilmar and Lesly Moreno from neighboring El Progresso, even tho I had just ministered at their church last April. They were very excited to hear from me, seeing the miracles in the spring, especially since Lesly’s mother had cancer tumors and they wanted to meet with me at the hospital Wednesday morning. Lesly picked me up about 8 AM and took me to the hospital, where her mother was coming out from the doctor. All praise to Jesus for the stripes He took, miracles popped all over the hospital. The first person I prayed for was Lesly’s mother, who’s left arm was numb from a huge cancer tumor in her armpit. The numbness and pain was immediately gone, and the tumor starting shrinking. Within minutes, the tumor was about half the size. Lesly spoke a little English and was able to interpret as I prayed for many in the waiting areas. After about half an hour or so, one of the doctors came out, wondering what was going on, seeing the results of prayer, and he wanted prayer for himself, all glory to Jesus. Many healings were complete and manifested quickly, but with many of the more severe types of problems there was also a lot of partial manifestations, which sometimes take until the 3rd day to complete. 

  Wednesday night: Pastor Wilmar and Lesly took me to their house. In the evening I taught a Bible study on healing at their church called "Goshen"(Gosen). I preached in Spanish without an interpreter, before Lesly was able to make it later and help me out. There was about 20 people in the Bible study, most of whom I’d never met before. About 10 came up for healing. I was able to teach and demonstate the healing at the same time. All were healed, although one elderly lady with severe arthritis took about 15 minutes before her healing manifested 100%. I want to make sure everyone is healed, and will pray a second time if necessary, and try to keep the person soaking in the anointing. One young boy had an old knee injury with some kind of bone knot in it that kept him from bending his leg, but when he felt the anointing come into his knee, he was able to immediately bend his knee without pain for the first time in 2 years. Another young boy had a severe sore throat for two months that was immediately gone. There were other neat little instant miracles as everyone was healed from various things like sugar diabetes to arthritus, old injuries, and stomach and female problems, all praise to God the Father, and the Christ Jesus for the stripes He took. I spent the night with Wilmar and his wife in El Progresso.

  Thursday morning I went back to the hospital again with Lesly and her mom. Her mother was feeling good, and the tumor in her armpit had obviously shrunk even more. They left me at the hospital like a kid in a candy store, as they went to get a special medication for Lesly’s mom. They had trouble finding the right medication, and I was at the hospital by myself for quite some time with no interpreter. This made it a little harder to communicate, and some of the people thought I was a little nuts, but there was still a lot of miracles. One of the cancer patients that was there the morning before was glad to see me, telling me how much better he was. He had cancer in the throat and was unable to talk the day before. I also had prayed for his eye, in that it looked like it had been injured a long time ago, and half of the dark pupil part was white. I remarked how his eye also looked better and that the blue was starting to come in, (yes, this Hondurian had blue eyes). He agreed, saying that he had seen it in the mirror, and that he could see better out of it. I was glad to be able to minister in the hospital on these two mornings, in that recent rules made it hard for visitors to come in, due to gang members coming in and killing certain patients for whatever reason.  

  Thursday night: My friend Jose Tulio got me into a fairly large church called the Church of Living Waters, (Iglesia de Agua Viva), under pastor Jesus Colindres. This was in a dangerous area of San Pedro Sula (Colonia Sabillon, Cruz Chamelecon) that is controlled by gangs, and the police do not even dare to go there. Jose Tulio normally was my interpreter, but once again, his son Rafael was able to come, who is an excellent interpreter. About 50 people came up for healing after sharing the Word.  Back then, I was still praying for people one at a time, so the service took a long time, and I did not get it all recorded, but the video is available here:  (The name of the video is: "Healing Service in San Pedro Sula" on my YouTube page).  Here, as in La Fortaleza, there was a couple of people that came up for dental problems. I mention this because my prophetic friend Keith Thomas had prophesied over me that I would see dental problems healed on this trip, so I made sure that I told the people that dental problems are no different than other bone problems. As far as I know, thanks to the Christ, Jesus, all were healed with maybe only two exceptions. I always do a second alter call to make sure that everyone receives their healing, and pray a second time if necessary. It is very rare that anyone will still have pain on the second healing/alter call. There was a girl there that was almost completely deaf, neither could she speak intelligibly, and she wailed in prayer as I was praying for others. When I came to her, the deaf girl pointed to her right ear. Knowing that the power is stronger in my right hand than in my left, I went behind her to pray, so my right hand would be on her right ear, and I did lay my hands on her. (Now before you get mad at me and say, “God does the healing, what does it have to do with your hands?”, I would like to say that you are right, however, the anointing works in different ways, such as by angels, the Holy Spirit, through the Word, God’s glory presence that overshadows us [Peter’s shadow], the laying on of hands, etc. If God’s right hand is His hand of power, and we are made in His image, then maybe that is why the blind person’s left eye gets healed before his right eye as I stand facing him with my right hand by his left eye. Other confirming scripture says that the Kingdom of God is WITHIN us. Hey, I’m still learning, but I know this right hand thing from experience.) Anyway, I prayed for both of her ears from behind her, with both of my hands. Sure enough, she comes up to me after the service and says (through my interpreter) that she can hear better out of her right ear, but she still cannot hear from her left ear. I prayed for her again from the front, laying on hands, and she went out in the Spirit. She got up later, and when tested, was repeating what Jose Tulio was saying from behind her, and her pronunciation was greatly improved, as she was hearing and smiling real big. Also, there was a very elderly lady with fingers badly bent to the side with arthritis. As she came to say goodbye, I noticed her hands and grabbed them, praying, and she went out also. Often I do not know the results of the prayers until I return at a later date and hear the good reports. I sure would like to see in the Spirit what goes on at these meetings. Anyway, the pastor oversees 55 churches that he has planted, and wants me to speak at a pastors meeting when I come back. This was a good connection, and I’m planning ahead this time for April 2010 lord willing.

  Friday: I left at about 8 AM with Rafael to go to Nueva Ocotepeque, which was about 5 or 6 hours one way on the bus. The bus fare was only 28 dollars American for the both of us one way. About 40 minutes before you get there, there is a lookout over a big valley. An American missionary friend of mine had a vision of the valley many years ago, and the Lord spoke to him in the vision and said, “This is the valley of indecision. There are many souls here in the balance”. My friend never went back to that valley, and I felt led by the Holy Spirit to go there, and I have gone to Nueva Ocotepeque twice before to the La Cosecha church pastored by Jesus Leiva Machado, because I thought that it was in that valley. However, what I did not know, was that Nueva Ocotepeque was actually in a different valley. The “valley of indecision” lookout point was actually part of the Sinsenti valley. There has been other prophetically gifted Hondurians that have said that I am called to the Sinsenti valley, where there used to be a very well-known witch that has since died several years ago. This witch had the power to heal people, and had apparently made a deal dedicating that area to the devil. Needless to say, there is a lot of sickness and disease there, and they need the light of Jesus with the true healing power of God in a big way. This is probably why the moment I arrived in Nueva Ocotepeque (the other valley) there was about 20 people waiting for me who had heard that I was coming. These people had traveled 2 hours to come and receive their healing. They were all from the Sinsenti valley (“valley of indecision”), which is a huge valley covering a big area. Keith Thomas from CLC in Herrin, IL had also prophesied over me in 2008 that I would be spending extended periods of time in a valley, confirming what I already felt. What I did not know, but some prophetic Hondurians did, was that I was spending time in the wrong valley. This is why I need a prophetically gifted partner on these trips. Anyway, when I arrived, at about 2:30pm, Pastor Jesus Machado immediately put me in the pulpit, (his house and church were one building). I did not feel led to preach, although it had nothing to do with the fact that I was tired and shook up from the mountainous bus ride. I spoke about 3 minutes about how Jesus paid for our healing and then prayed short prayers over everybody from a distance and let the power of God heal them in name of the Christ, Jesus. They had all come for healing. They all got complete manifestations, with the exception of one tumor that was not quite completely shrunk, but the severe pain was completely gone. Also there was a blind baby whose eyes were clouded over, but like I’ve already stated, sometimes these kinds of miracles take a little longer. (When I finally did go to Sensenti on a different trip, I found out that the blind baby was indeed healed by the third day).  They all went away very happy after receiving their healings. I recorded a couple of testimonies of two of the men as they were getting ready to leave.  (The video is named: "Two Men Testify of Miracles", on my YouTube page: ) One received clear eyesight from visual problems, and the other was healed of severe pain from an old head injury.  They may have been waiting on me for a long time. I’m not sure how long. I had originally planned to go up there one day earlier, but through prayer had felt the leading to stay in San Pedro one more day.  I hope I didn't miss it.    

  Friday night: The Sinsenti people had left healed and happy, and the regular church crowd was there for the evening service. I had just been here in April of 2009, so there was only about 10 people that came up for healing. Then I gave another call for dental problems, but nobody had any tooth problems. Then I gave a call for eyesight problems or cloudy or unclear vision. Then 5 people came forward, 4 of which had just been healed in the first call, which came up again smiling just as big as could be. I could tell what they were thinking. They were thinking, “Wow, we got rid of our physical problems, and now we are going to get clear eyesight too!” The 4 all received clear eyesight, but the one did not, I don’t know why.   During these earlier years, I was too shy to record most services.

  Saturday: In the afternoon, Pastor Jesus Machado took me to the radio station. He preached for almost 15 minutes, and then German Padilla Oliva from Tugucigalpi preached for almost 15 minutes. Then they handed it over to me and I went for a half hour. I talked fast with long sentences and my excellent interpreter, Rafael, kept up with no problem, and was already familiar with my messages, having checked the Spanish on some of the documents on this website. In the evening, Rafael’s mother, Martha, preached at church. Martha is prophetically anointed and has a very high IQ. She had been in the mountains also, evangelizing the Sinsenti valley, and she had been one of those telling me that I was supposed to evangelize that valley. 

  Sunday: I had mentioned to Pastor Jesus Machado that I wanted to go to the local prison in Nueva Ocotepeque. I had been there in April, but I was in a small room with about 12 people while another Christian group was giving out food in another area of the prison. I wanted to just go out and talk to the prisoners, but I was forced to do a service in this little bitty room. I felt like God’s mission was not accomplished in April. However, this time it was different, although it started out slow. We went in the morning, and there was another local pastor there with a PA system in the main big block area. The PA was loud enough that every body in the prison could hear. There was about 15 people in the front, sitting in folding chairs that I guess you could call the pews. Everybody else was listening from a distance. The praise music seemed to last a long time, as I was itching to be turned loose, like a fat cat in a room full of mice. Although the singing was out of tune, you could tell that they loved God. When the praise music finally ended, the pastor in charge assured us that the speaker would only go for a half an hour, and then he would hand it over to us. Well, we listened for about an hour or so, as the man gave his long testimony, and then we went over to the woman’s cellblock. There was only about 5 or 6 woman there, but they all needed healing, and a few needed salvation. After everybody was healed from things ranging from a headache to female problems and tumors, the presence of the Lord seemed really thick in there, and the unsaved girls automatically had a spirit of repentance and wanted to get saved. This is what “sozo” (salvation) is all about, the physical and the soul. Then we went back out to the main, big cellblock and listened for another hour or two as the man speaking continued to give his long testimony. One man came up and talked to us and repented and gave his heart to the Lord and then got healed, but it was difficult to talk with the loud PA system. It reminds me of the joke where an elderly man walks in to the church late, while the preacher is preaching, and sits in the back. After about 30 minutes, he keeps looking at his watch, getting kinda fidgety. He asked the woman beside him, “How long has he been preaching?” The woman answered, “About 20 years.” The elderly man replied, “Good, I’ll stay a little longer then. He’s probably about done.” LOL Ha Ha. After almost 4 hours since the time we arrived, the pastor finally shuts the man down that is giving his testimony, but they pack up the PA. Oh well, this gave me the opportunity to do what I wanted to do anyway; mingle around and pray for everybody, not just the pre-saved. Most of the people were already in this main cell block over by the entrance. I went over there and did my little so-called magic tricks (not magic, just tricks) of quoting scripture how our sins are gone as I make the black rag disappear, and then tell them that it is just a trick but the miracles are real. Then I ask if anyone has any pain. I’m talking thru my interpreter, but a man that speaks English says, “I have pain in my back.” To make a long story short, I asked this man THREE times if I could pray for him, preaching a little bit in between requests. I even revealed my trick so they would not think that I was doing magic. Finally, a different man comes forth, and he gets healed instantly. Then the ice starts to break. Two more get healed. Then 3 more. "Can we just praise the Lord and give Him thanks for these miracles?", I ask. Their hearts are softening. Then several more get healed. “OK, look what the Lord has done! You cannot deny that He is real,” I proclaim. “I did not touch any of these people, so who healed them?” I ask. God's presence was strong, and the time was right. Rafael then leads the whole bunch of them through prayer to Jesus. More come forward for healing as the miracles pop one right after another. One of them was the man with the back pain that spoke English, and his back is healed, but he asks a second time for prayer, forgetting about his lung and shoulder. I pray again, and then continue praying for others. Then the English-speaking man comes back to ask a third time, saying that his shoulder was not yet completely manifested. Anyway, the third time he is completely healed, but I remember that I pleaded with him 3 times when I was trying to break the ice, and then he has to ask me 3 times before he is completely healed. Is there something to this? Sometimes if a person says that he has back pain but does not mention his knees, his knees get healed also, even tho I didn’t know anything about his knees. There seems to be other times when people only get what they ask for. I don’t know all the answers. I’m still learning. Anyway, I’m walking around to a couple of other different groups of prisoners, and many of them are starting to follow me around now, and the word is getting out, and they are getting others and bringing them to me. To make a long story short, all the prisoners received a complete healing except for two people that received partial manifestations, and the majority of all the inmates received Jesus as their Lord. The two that received partial manifestations were the two worst cases in the prison. One had gunshots wounds in his legs from the police the previous day. The other was a severe case of polio. These were the first two that I prayed for, in that Pastor Jesus Machado told the prison pastor that I had the gift of healing, so the prison pastor took me to pray for the two worst cases in the prison when we first got there. At least they received partial healings, and I just have to believe the complete manifestation will come. Often, I find out about the miracles when I return again in the future. The one with polio said that the pain was gone and the joints had loosened up. The one with the gunshots said that he felt much better, but was still unable to walk, however, it did seem like the swelling had gone down. Overall, however, this was one of the highlights of the trip. I was allowed to go wherever I wanted in the prison. I think the guards heard about the miracles that happened in April. Also, as we were leaving, all the guards wanted us to pray for them as well. While in the prison, sister Gloria E. Villeda Chinchilla was also praying for prisoners to be saved and healed; and Pastor Jesus Machado had also prayed for the prison pastor and the visiting pastor while inside the prison, and they went out in the Spirit. Pastor Machado has grown strong in the anointing for people to receive the Holy Spirit, for the prophetic, and for healing, and the church there in Nueva Ocotepeque has been growing. Pastor Machado has also shared with me that he has recently felt led by the Holy Spirit to start a second church in the Sinsenti Valley, praise God!

  Sunday night: I preached at the church. Everybody was already saved. Only one man who I’d never seen before needed healing.

  Monday: Rafael and I took the bus at 5:30 AM back to San Pedro Sula, although Pastor Machado had wanted me to stay to be on a television show. I was able to find my airplane confirmation numbers that I had left in San Pedro and confirm my flight. Tuesday I flew back home.  
March 2010 Trip to Honduras
Week 1
This is a story/diary of events from my March/April 2010 Honduras mission trip, in which I acknowledge all glory and praise to God, as I always do, for all the fantastic miracles and healings. If while reading this, you notice that is seems to be too much about me, you are right. I have intentionally put in many of my own thoughts and feelings to help you to learn to walk in the power of God as I have. You are able to see my flawed human nature in parts of this diary. My desire, is that you will learn quickly from my mistakes and wrong thinking, as well as from the things that I have been doing right that please God. Thank God for the blood of Jesus. It is by HIS righteousness, and not by ours. 

Please be informed that when praying for people, I do make sure Jesus gets all the glory and praise. Karl Stein

This trip was special for me, in that at the end of the trip I received an increase in the anointing to where I was able to pray for many people at one time, with a large percentage of the people healed.  Smith Wigglesworth called this "Wholesale Healing".

Monday, March 22, 2010: I arrived in San Pedro by American Airlines, and stayed in a motel near central park, in that my evangelist partner Jose Tulio Gomez was in Costa Rica, or so I thought, but actually he had stayed behind to build a building as general contractor for Pastor Misiel from La Cosecha Ministries. His wife and son had gone on to evangelize in Costa Rica without him, his son interpreting for John Morrow from the states.

Tuesday, March 23: I went to the pastor’s association meeting, and was rather surprised the way they recognized me and asked me to come to the front. I was also disappointed that my schedule was not lined out for me already. There was some kind of communication problem, and my first week was supposed to be booked with different churches every night, but instead, the pastors in charge of this were trying to get me to do a revival every night at their churches. Pastor Sevilla of the Rey de Reyes church had assumed that I would be at his church every night, except for Saturday night which was scheduled with Pastor Victor Anael Montes of La Forteleza (Jesus Es El Senor), and Pastor Adolfo Bautista Cardona in El Tablon on Sunday night, which said churches I had been to before. I teamed up with Evangelist Manuel DeJesus Altomiramo as my interpretor. Tuesday night was open, and we used the night to make phone calls and try to get the schedule filled up. This was when I found out that my last two weeks of the trip were completely open. One pastor had asked me to come in April and do a meeting for his pastors, having 50 pastors under him. I also expected to have him fill in some dates for me with some of these pastors on the third week. Unfortunately, I found out that this pastor was never even contacted, in that the person I put in charge to contact him said that he tried once or twice but was not able to get a hold of him. Basically, here I was in Honduras for 3 weeks, with only 3 pastors who had scheduled me for the first week only. 

Wednesday, March 24: Manuel DeJesus was my interpretor and evangelistic partner on this trip. He loved to be with me and do the things I do, such as evangelize on the street. We did this on many days, such as today. The evening service was with Pastor Israel Sevilla at the Iglesia (church) Rey De Reyes. As far as I know, (like normal) everybody got healed. I would ask them not to sit down, but rather to soak in the anointing until their pain was completely gone. After the healing part of the service, as usual, I would ask again, and make sure that nobody still had any pain in their body. 

Thursday, March 25: I had this night set aside to preach at a church, but the pastor who booked it with me had never confirmed it with the other pastor, whose names I won’t mention. I ended up street preaching a little bit with Manuel, who also liked to street preach, and Pastor Juan Francisco Del Cid was with us also. There was a big empty lot where the mini vans pulled in and ran their bus services, so there was a big ever-changing line of people there waiting for their buses (mini vans). I preached briefly on healing once in a while, and asked for people to receive their healing, in that Manuel and Pastor Juan were preaching good salvation messages, but the people seemed a little cold, even though I felt a strong anointing there. I was surprised that there were not more to come forward for healing. There was only about 5 people in an hour that admitted to having any kind of physical condition that they needed healing for, and they all got healed, which, after a healing, then maybe 1 or 2 would receive Jesus, but it was a tough crowd. Normally, in a church service where I had not ministered before, there would be at least a third of the people that would come up for healing. But here, I was amazed that I had to practically beg to get 5 people to come receive prayer out of about 300. I could not understand the Spanish that my brothers preached, but I sensed that these people were used to hearing hard messages of too much law, and not enough grace, which is normal in Honduras.

Friday, March 26: We went to the Iglesia Rey De Reyes again Friday night. We took a cab to the service as we did Wednesday. There was a different crowd this night. About 10 or so came forth for healing, but they were different ones that had heard of the miracles two nights before, and they came to get their healing. They all got healed, as expected. This was not a real big service, and I felt at home here, so I asked for people to come up and give testimony of their healing, which is entitled: "All Healed at Church in San Pedro Sula".  I hope this encourages people in the U.S. The testimonies are in Spanish, obviously, but all my videos are interpreted. Pastor Sevilla took me to my hotel room and Manuel to his house after the service, as he did on Wednesday.

Saturday, March 27: I was supposed to work with a youth group this morning and afternoon, but I did not have the directions to the church, and I was unable to contact my contact or anybody else who had directions to this church. In Honduras, it is more common for plans to be changed, and for schedules to never be confirmed, for people to forget, or whatever reason. In the evening, Manuel and I took a bus to La Forteleza to one of the Jesus Es El Senor churches, pastored by Victor Anael Montes. I had been to this church in December, and I was not expecting many people to come up for healing. All were healed in December, including a couple dental issues. (One of the dental testimonies I have on video.  See Dec 09 Trip to Honduras). However, there was a much bigger crowd, and the ones that came forward I had not prayed for before, except for two which I remembered, and I asked them, “Didn’t I pray for you in December?” Then I found out that they were healed, but were coming up for a different physical problem, the previous problem being healed completely. I preached a good message on Luke 13, how God is the answer and not the problem, and why bad things sometimes happen, but it is not God’s fault. The message is one of Perry Stone's teachings, however, I had it before I heard Evangelist Stone preach it, although I did glean a little extra from Perry Stone’s version. By the way, I love Perry Stone. For a teaching on Luke 13 please go to the page: Why Bad Things Happen, Luke 13. Anyway, as usual, everybody got healed, all 25 to 30 people that came up. You can ask Pastor Victor yourself if you don’t believe it. I say this to brag on Jesus, who healed all (who weren’t offended at him) and is still the same. Yes, I love it, and I love Jesus more than a fat baby loves milk. So why doesn’t God work this way through you, you might ask? I’m sure He would, if you had the spiritual DNA for it. First, you have to desire it. As we BECOME sons of God, part of our DNA changes. I have been criticized for being too focused on healing only, but it is my observation that the criticizers, complainers and murmurers are less likely to receive, or grow stronger in, the anointing. God gives us the anointing to do what He told us to do (the Great Commission).

Sunday morning, March 28: I called Pastor Jaime Turcios who has given me an open invitation any time that I’m in town to preach at the Sendero De Amor Pentacostal church. I took a cab to the church, and the cab driver received a healing. After preaching at the service, there were not many that came up for healing, in that I was here in December and last April as well. These few all got healed, except for a man that was in a bad traffic accident 6 months ago, and his leg was twisted badly. The man said that his leg felt better, but that was about it.  It might have manifested completely with time. The pastor then made me give a prophetic word to everybody, which stretched me quite a bit. Healing, no problem, but, to prophesy? . . . ?  I told him I could not do it, but he said, “Just say whatever comes to your mind.” Yes, I can usually tell where people are at spiritually, but this is only by the Word of God that I have put in me, and by experience of talking to thousands on the street, and I hardly call this ‘prophecy’. Being uncomfortable with trying to give a prophetic word, often I merely asked, “What would you have the Lord do for you?”, and I was then able to give them scriptural advice, but neither do I call that prophecy. I did the best I could, with God’s help. May the Lord increase my sensitivity in this area.  This has not been a gift that I normally flow in. 

Sunday night, March 28: Pastor Jaime took us to Pastor Sevilla’s house where we ate and fellowshipped, and then Pastor Sevilla took us to El Tablon where Pastor Adolfo Bautista pastors. I was disappointed to find that Pastor Adolfo’s two daughters were still almost completely deaf, and still dumb. Their hearing had only slightly improved, although I had prayed for them in December. I preached on Luke 13 again, and did a healing invitation, after leading all through a salvation prayer and having them confess Jesus as Lord to one another, which I often do at the church services. Everyone was healed of the normal types of things, such as stomach problems from the water, female problems, knees, backs, blood and heart problems, headaches and colds. There was two very elderly people there that were both healed from arthritic pains, and that made me feel good, in that older people are sometimes somewhat less likely to receive. However, I did not see any additional improvement in the pastor’s two dumb girls that were almost completely deaf. I did see a deaf and dumb girl hear and speak before on my 2008 trip, which you can read about on this page.

Week 2
Monday, March 29: This was a day off for me as well as my interpreter/ministering partner, Manuel DeJesus.

Tuesday, March 30: Manuel and I had met a man a few days earlier that had received a minor healing in his thyroid. He was affiliated with the TV station, Jesus Broadcast Network, and invited us to their church service. We did the service as normal, and I preached Luke 13 once again, and did a healing call. It was a small service, and only about a 12 or 15 people (three-fourths of the church) came up for healing. Almost everybody received a complete manifestation with only 2 or 3 exceptions. The pastor’s wife had a facial problem with some dead nerves from a brain problem. She was better, but I have only ran into this type of problem once before, and as in the time before, there was only a partial manifestation. Creative problems with nerves, such as spinal injuries, have not been manifesting quickly, if at all for me. I know there is no difference as far as the Lord is concerned. Also there was another lady there that had some sort of brain problem, and likewise, she only received a partial manifestation. God is the Author AND the Finisher, and I believe these miracles will be completed. There was also a woman there that had an obvious eye problem that was not healed. The good news is that there was a corrective vision miracle. Also the pastor said that he had cavity in his tooth; and after prayer he said the pain was gone, but I did not look inside of his mouth. However, I have seen a few dental miracles. What is the difference between a tooth and any other bone in the body? Anyway, after the service we went to the television building for a live interview on Passover and why the Hondurians should not all go to the beach and party during the week of Passover. I was supposed to teach on live television why people should not use Passover as a time to go to the beach and drink bear and look at the opposite sex, and I was supposed to do it in 5 minutes, through my interpreter. My interpreter has a huge measure of the Holy Spirit, but he really did not understand English all that well, and we had been getting by all this time due to the fact that he would familiarize himself with my messages. Unfortunately, the interviewer asked a few off the wall questions that caught us a little off guard. However, they were pleased overall. I had forgotten to bring my notes on Passover from the states, and I turned it more into a Feast of Unleavened Bread type message, tying it to the Bread of Life and the two main commandments. During this trip to Honduras, I learned that the stores and churches and even most of the buses, etc., all shut down for several days during Passover week, in that the vast majority of people go to the beaches.

Wednesday, March 31: We went to Iglesia Evangelica Missionero, Fuente Real De Vida, pastured by our street preaching evangelist friend Juan Francisco DelCid. This church was located in the worst part of San Pedro Sula, (Colonia Sabillon, Cruz Chamelecon) where the cops don’t even go, although they had gone there just within the last week to make a big arrest, arresting a man that had coincidentally (?) made a death threat on this pastor. Because of Passover week, it was a small service, but everybody got healed with the exception of the pastor; and, his wife only received a partial manifestation. I seem to center on the ones that DO NOT get healed, because to me, healing is normal. When somebody does not receive, that is abnormal. Over the years I have noticed that pastors or ministers and sometimes their family seem to be less likely to receive their healing. Why is this? I have a few ideas, but they are not listed here. I know this pastor is a man of God with a strong anointing. 
     The videos here are posted several years after these diaries were written.  I add them later like I'm adding this one.  I ran across the video, but I'm not sure what day it happened, and it was not written in my diary, but it was probably on this afternoon that a woman on the street got healed.  She thought we looked like angels and stopped us on the street.  She was healed of eye problems, a heart condition and something in her chest.  The video is entitled, "Woman Healed on Street".

Thursday, April 1, 2010: Pastor Jesus Colindres was out of town, but he had me do the service to fill in for him at his church, Rios de Augua Viva, which was also in the bad area of town, Chamelecon. Even for being Passover week, there was a fair amount of people that were there, and many new faces since I was there in December. I had prayed for a deaf girl here in December, and I know that she received a partial manifestation in December, but she was not here. In December there was an elderly lady that had very arthritic hands to where her fingers were bent sideways real bad. She did not receive her healing, and after the service in December I had prayed for her a second time, laying my hands on her and she went out in the Spirit. I was disappointed to see her come up in the healing line again on this trip, and her fingers were still bent to the side. I do not normally lay my hands on people when I pray, but I took her hands as I prayed this time, but did not see any manifestation in her fingers. There was one or two others there that I had prayed for in December, but they were healed and were coming up for something different this time. I think everybody was healed, about 18 or so, with maybe one exception in addition to the lady with the arthritic hands, I can’t remember. What sticks out in my mind about the service is this: Afterwards, when I’m shaking hands with everybody and saying the goodbye’s, this elderly lady with the arthritic hands comes to me and thanks me for praying for her, and she says that she feels just fine now. I asked her, “What do you mean? Your fingers are still bent.” The elderly lady answers through my interpreter and says, “I had terrible pain in my stomach, and now it is completely gone.” So I then asked her, “What about your hands? Why would God heal your stomach and not heal your hands also?” The elderly woman replied, “God is allowing my hands to be like this to remind my children of how hard I worked for them.” I then told her plainly, “God is not allowing that. That is wrong thinking. Don’t blame that on God.” Then the elderly woman replied once more, saying the same thing, “God has allowed my hands to be like this to teach my children, to show them how hard I worked for them.” I did not say anything further to her, other than blessings and goodbye’s. I did not want to go into a theological debate through an interpretor. I remembered the words of Jesus, spoken many times in different ways, “According to your faith be it unto you." I was sad for her, but in another way I felt relieved, knowing why her hands were not healed. I also remembered that I did not know a thing about her stomach pains, yet she was healed of that. I have people point to where their pain is, and pray for that area of the body, but when I came to her in the line and saw her hands, I automatically grabbed her by the hands and rebuked arthritis, commanding it to leave, and prayed for healing in her hands. Yet it was her stomach that was healed. Once again, I’m reminded of how little I know, and how the Holy Spirit knows everything. Yes, I’m anointed for healing, but I still have a lot to learn, and I learn a little bit more later on this trip. 

Friday, April 2: I was unable to schedule a service for Friday night. However, I had made a connection to get into the Honduras National Prison in San Pedro Sula through John Allard. I needed John Allard, because they had a different prison pastor than the one they had when I was there in 2008 when 2 blind men were healed. John Allard took me in to a service this Friday morning. This was not the great big service, but this was in a smaller room with about 50 to 70 people, yet it was bigger than the room I was in back in December. I recognized a few faces from December. I felt God’s burning compassion for these prisoners. I preached Luke 13 again, but added nuggets of how Jesus undid what the first Adam did. I gave them grace as opposed to law. I talked about the severity of the stripes Jesus took, which is why sickness and pain is NOT ALLOWED, etc. My interpreter was weeping, unable to speak during parts of the message, which was not altogether new. Of course, I had my interpreter lead them through salvation prayer, and confess Jesus to one another. The Holy Spirit likes the way I preach. I give all the glory to Jesus. It is all about what HE did, and not by our own righteousness. This is why I don’t like to lay hands on people. God gets all the glory. There was a lot of people that came up for prayer. Almost all were healed completely. There were a lot that were coughing. I would be at their throat, rebuking the spirit of infirmity, while they would be either coughing on me or trying to tell me what was wrong with them while I’m trying to pray. There must be a lot of tuberculosis, I’m thinking. There was a man that had old gunshot wounds in his legs, and I must have prayed for him 3 times, but my interpreter said that he got healed. Everybody else said they got healed, but there was still a couple of people coughing. One was just coughing a little bit, and I had already prayed for him once. The other was coughing more severely, but he did not come up to get healed. I recognized this young man from December, when I had ministered in the smallest room. I had ministered to him twice in December. The first time I remember that he pointed to his lungs, and I prayed for his lungs, and his lungs cleared up, and he testified about it. All had gotten healed that day. When I came back two days later, everybody else had kept their healing, but he said he still had a stuffy nose and sinuses which immediately cleared with prayer and he also gave testimony to that. Now, in April, he was coughing, but he did not even come up for prayer. After the service I went to him and just started praying for him, as he was coughing in my face and trying to tell me something about his condition, but my understanding of Spanish is poor, although I can speak it somewhat. When we came back to the prison to do the big service 5 days later, I saw this same man, and he told me he was completely healed. He was also one of the newly baptized official converts welcomed into the church at the big service.

Saturday, April 3: I went with my interpreting partner to Nueva Ocotepeque, which was about 6 hours on the bus one way. As soon as we got there, Pastor Jesus Leiva Machado of the La Cosecha churches took us to the radio station where he shared his hour long radio spot with us. We also spoke at a small home group service that night. On the way home from that, I did some of my tricks for a group of about 8 men, like making the black rag disappear as I preach how Jesus took our sins, etc., and the group of young men gave their hearts and lives to Jesus. 

Sunday, April 4: Went to the prison of Nueva Ocotopeque in the morning. We were in a smaller room with about 30 inmates. My interpreter blubbered a lot during the message. There weren’t very many that came up for healing, in that I had just been there in December. Everybody got healed as far as I know, except for a young man with an eye that had somehow been burned when he was born. My faith for eye miracles was a little shaken in that I had learned of a young boy who I thought had been healed in 2008, only to find out from his mother who was a waitress at the Hotel Sula that the lazy eye of her son was not healed. I had only seen two corrective eye miracles on this trip so far. However, as far as I know, everyone else with the normal kind of stuff was completely healed, and I ask at the end of the service to make sure. Yes, I’ve seen a lot of miracles, but at the same time, I have to say, Lord help my unbelief. There are the more severe types of infirmities that I have not had any success with, such as amputations, and severed spines. I have only seen a couple of partial manifestations on polio. One time I saw a young girl with severely twisted legs running across the stage an hour after prayer, although she was not yet 100%. The anointing on me keeps on growing stronger on me, as long as I can stay focused on Jesus, all glory to Jesus, who is transforming me into his image, from glory to glory. Anyway, after I had preached and ministered, I handed the service back over to the prison pastor and went outside in the courtyard to pray for others. Some came to me and received their healing. There were others, and I went to them, but not all of those got healed. Overall, everybody seemed pretty healthy in this prison. I had just been there in December. There was a few new coughing or sore throat or stomach type things, and there was some of the more severe types of things such as gunshot wounds. The percentage of people that received was extremely high, overall. I think that maybe only 4 or 5 did not receive their healing. I think the few that did not receive may have been some that were there in December that may have not received their completed healing then, such as one fellow who had severe gunshot wounds in the legs. He was walking now, but one of his legs suffered from atrophy, and he was limping. Another fellow that was there that I remembered had gunshot wounds in the stomach. After leaving the prison, we led people to the Lord in the park while my friend Ricardo from the church preached from a battery powered Anchor amp from the Gazebo. Ricardo was with Manuel and me everywhere we went, in that Pastor Machado had to take his daughter to La Lima to a school, and was gone Sunday and Monday. Sunday evening I preached at the church, preaching Jesus right out of Leviticus 16. Only 2 people needed to be healed. 

Week 3
Monday, April 5: This was a really cool day in Jesus. Ricardo took Manuel and me to the school. We had permissions to go into all the classrooms and I could do my little coin and rag tricks, preaching Jesus from the tricks. I would show my trick to one of the kids so they would not think it was magic. Then I would share a message and pray for the kids. There was about 30 or 40 kids in a classroom, and they seemed to be about 6 to 9 years of age. Of course, Manuel led all the kids through salvation prayers and had them confess Jesus to one another. I would pray for all the kids to be healed. I was surprised how many of these children had stomach pains. I found out that it was from drinking the water. I would say that about a third of them had stomach problems. Then there would also be a few with headaches or migrains, and then maybe 2 or 3 with some other problem and maybe 2 or 3 with merely a small little scab on their knee or elbow where they had fallen down a couple of days ago. All the kids got healed. Even the little knee scrape pains were gone, although the scab would still be there. “Except ye become converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” The teachers would also want prayer. Some teachers wanted to be the first one to be healed, and others wanted their healing after they saw what the Lord did with the kids. This was a great testimony for these kids with the power of God demonstrated. We had Ricardo with us to work the camera, and we got one of these classrooms on a video entitled: "All Kids Healed in Classroom in Nueva Ccotepeque" on my YouTube Page.  The morning school ended before we could get through all the classrooms, and then we took one of those little 3-wheeled taxis outside of town to the medical clinic. The cab driver was healed from pain in the shoulders. (Matter of fact, 5 or 6 cab drivers were healed of various pains during the course of this trip, glory to God.) When we arrived, there was a woman leaving one building to go into another. She had pain in her kidneys, but was healed and the pain was completely gone. The cab driver thought this was really cool, and he hung around for a while just to watch. I can’t say that everybody in this small clinic was healed, but there were some good miracles. A very elderly lady had a heart problem, and looked like she was getting ready to die. We prayed, and returned after about a half an hour, and she was sitting beside her bed, all smiles, and asked for me to pray for her kidneys also. Her husband was with her and also asked for prayer. They were very appreciative, and this precious lady kissed me on the cheek as I hugged her. There was also a young woman with asthma. She was laying in bed with some kind of breathing apparatus. She was immediately better and took the apparatus from her face, and within about 3 minutes said she felt fine, and left the hospital a half hour later. Also in the same room, there was a woman in very severe pain with diabetic troubles. She had a couple of little tubes feeding something into her skin. She was glad to receive prayer. We came back to the room about a half hour later and she was sitting up in bed without the tubes. Her left kidney was swollen and she still had pain there, although she said she was much better. She asked me to pray for her kidneys. She left the hospital later, leaving right before we did. We waited for a cab to take us back to town, and we went back to the school to pray for a different batch of kids. These kids were a little older than the morning group. These kids were about 10 to 14 years of age. We went into a classroom. I did my so-called (magic) tricks, although it is not magic, just tricks. I used the tricks to preach Biblical truths. As I went into the first classroom, I noticed that this group was more wild than the morning groups. They talked and laughed as we were trying to present the gospel. When it came time to call forward those with pain, nobody wanted to be the first one. They laughed among themselves. I could not understand the words, but I knew they were saying to one another, “I’m not going up there, you go.” Manuel knows that I pray for dental problems and eyesight problems as well. Seeing that nobody came forward with pain, he made a call for dental problems, but they just kept laughing. Then Manuel made a call for eyesight problems, and it is as if they discussed among themselves who to send up there. Snickering, they pointed out a girl. She came forward. I prayed for her. I felt no anointing. I usually feel a confirmation in the Spirit when they receive. I felt nothing. I asked what she felt, whether heat, tingling, improvement in her sight, or whatever. There was no manifestation. I had her look far and near, testing her eyes, as I normally do. Nothing. I was ready to leave. I would have rather warmed up on some basic stomach problems. While debating what to do, another girl came forward with eye problems. I prayed. Same thing, nothing happened. The kids were mocking me. I told Manuel I was leaving, and left the room, while Manuel stayed and talked to the kids. Right outside of the door there was a woman who had heard of the miracles that happened that morning, and she had come for prayer. I prayed for her, but there was only a partial manifestation. All she had was basic arthritis and stomach pains, but there was very little improvement. The superintendant of the school was also there requesting prayer. She took me to her office room where I prayed for her. Again, I felt no anointing, and she felt nothing. There was no improvement. She said that she received by faith. I knew however that there is almost always at least a good partial manifestation to start with, especially with simple arthritis and basic pains and problems. If the anointing had lifted off of me, then I was ready to go home. Manuel had come back to me saying that I should have been in the classroom, that the kids were ready to receive, but he did not know where I was. I told him I was not going back in there, and that I needed to pray for a while. I walked into the courtyard of the school and walked around praying in tongues for about 15 minutes. I then sat down with Manuel and we repented for everything we could think of and not think of. On the way back from the clinic Manuel had gotten a little upset with me because I had asked him why he was having me take so many pictures of him. I was not taking pictures of myself, or filming the services, but yet Manuel wanted picture after picture of himself, and I merely asked him why. The pictures were for his kids, and that was a sore spot for him, in that his wife had left him several years prior, and he was still suffering over this. Manuel and I repented, rebuked the devil, and I decided that I would not do any more tricks, but merely preach the gospel of Jesus Christ strong and pure. The next classroom was different. No tricks. I told how Jesus had suffered, and shed his blood seven different ways, and about the stripes that He took. About 90% of the kids had already seen the movie, “The Passion”. Now the kids came forward for healing and they all got healed in the next three classrooms, every one, including a corrective eyesight problem or two. In one classroom the kids started to get a little rowdy, and I sternly warned them not to offend the Holy Spirit, and things then went well. Upon leaving the school, I thought back over the course of events that day. The Lord is not to be mocked. The only ones that did not receive healings in the Bible were the ones that did not believe that Jesus was the Christ, AND, they were offended at Him. The Gospel is serious business. The Holy Spirit is to be respected and honored with every thought, word and action. The Holy Spirit knows our thoughts. The Holy Spirit is somewhat like a person, but oh, so much more. I do not want to get over-confident, or prideful. I choose to only present the Gospel in a manner that is pleasing to Him. The tricks can be good to break the ice, and sometimes a little humor is good, but if the tricks are not needed, then they are not needed. Pastor Machado returned from La Lima that evening. Pastor Machado and I walked across town to a woman’s house that was a member of his congregation. I had not seen her yet on this trip. She was glad to see me, and her son was one of those who had been healed at school. I can’t remember what he was healed from, but I'm fairly sure it was asthma.

Tuesday, April 6: This was another cool day in Jesus. Pastor Machado and Manuel and I took a bus early in the morning and went to Sensenti, which was almost 2 hours one way on the bus. First of all, let me explain that when I came to Nueva Ocotepeque in December to visit Pastor Machado, there was about a dozen people that had traveled from Sensenti to meet me in Nueva Ocotopeque, because they needed healing and had heard that I was coming. They all received complete manifestations of there healings, with the exception of two. One was a man that had a tumor. The tumor shrunk to less than half the size, and the pain was gone. The other was a baby of about 4 to 6 months old that was blind. The eyes of the baby were clouded over and looked kind of milky. I did not see any manifestation at all on the baby, but I felt a confirmation in the Spirit that the baby was healed, and I told the mother that her child would be healed by the third day. After arriving in Sensenti, I eventually found out that the baby was indeed healed completely. I was glad to hear about that miracle, because I had found out the week before that another youngster whose eyes I thought were healed on an earlier trip had not been healed. Anyway, several prophetic people had been trying to get me to go to Sensenti, including Jose Tulio Gomez and his wife Martha, and another preacher. Also, I knew that a famous witch had lived in Sensenti. This witch had the power to heal people. (Please see the page: Witchcraft (in the church?). I later found out that presidents from the surrounding nations would consult with her, presidents from Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Equador and Guatamala. This witch had been warned twice before by prophets to repent.  Finally, a prophet of God told her that she had 30 days to repent, or she would die, and on 30th day she died, as the story was told to me, and that was in 2007. Jose Tulio had told me that the percentage of sick people there was very high because this witch had given the area over to the devil. Also, many people in this area thought that the power of the devil was stronger that the power of God. An anointed man of God named Wayne Sanders in 2001 had received a vision from God of a valley near this area. The Lord spoke to Wayne about this area saying, “This is the Valley of Indecision. There are many souls in the balance here.” I had gone to Nueva Ocotepeque on several occasions because it was near the valley that Wayne saw in the vision. However, others told me that technically, the valley of Wayne’s vision is the Sensenti Valley. Anyway, I prayed, and felt confirmation to go to Sensenti, but I had no connections there, and there was no motel or bank there, and I did not know what to do when I got there. The bus dropped us off along the main highway, and the 3 of us hitchhiked a ride about 5 miles to the edge of town. Manuel and I had luggage with us in that were were planning on going on to San Pedro Sula to make the big meeting at the prison on Wednesday evening. We walked from the edge of town, pulling our luggage, and came to the municipal building. We rested there for a few minutes, and I pulled out my tricks, making the black rag disappear explaining how Jesus took our sicknesses and pains. There were about 4 people outside of the building there, two of which needed healing and received. Later, a man came outside that worked in the building. I did my trick for him, and he got healed of back pain, along with another lady of a neck thing or something. This man was impressed, and got his car and gave us a ride to a house where there were some people that needed healing. I think that maybe Pastor Machado had known somebody at this house, and communicated this to the man. Upon arriving at the house, there were many there that needed healing, and all got healed as far as I know. The neighbors came for their healing, and more neighbors brought over more neighbors as the word got out. Many people came, young and old, a couple of nurses, mothers with their kids, elderly, etc. I normally pray short prayers, no more than 30 seconds a person, and I prayed non stop for about an hour, only stopping to give praise and love to God once in a while, and Manuel would occasional lead the people through prayer to Jesus. After about an hour, I took time to eat some kind of tortilla patti with some kind of native vegetable and cheese filling that the next door neighbors had cooked for us. I ate two of them. They tasted great. They gave us Coka Cola to drink also. We kept praying for more people until things slowed down. Eventually we walked with Olga and Damian over to Olga’s house. Olga was about 60 years old or so. They made plans for Manuel and me to stay the night there. After we got situated, Pastor Machado went back to Nueva Ocotepeque. Then Manuel and I decided to walk around the town, looking for people that needed healing. We came to the park where there was a huge tree in the middle, even much bigger than the one at the Gospel Singer’s camp where the NGL group goes in Louisiana. There was also an old Catholic church next to the park that was built in 1535. Yes, 1535. I came to find out that this town was the very first judicial seat for all of Central America, and much injustice was done in the way the natives and Africans were treated. There were Africans in the land because of slave ships that had wrecked off of the coast. As we walked near the park, I prayed whether or not the Lord wanted me to return to this town. I sort of knew the answer would be yes, but I prayed about it anyway. I did not feel any confirmation one way or the other when I prayed. There was a small Pulperia (food mart) on the corner of the park square. We went inside, and the lady of the store got healed of stomach pains and arthritis in the knees. Manuel had introduced us, and she then asked us how long we were staying in town. We told her that we were scheduled to be in San Pedro the following evening. The lady then spoke like the oracles of God to me. She said, “You did not come here on your own, but God brought you here.” Tears welled up in my eyes as she continued, “There is a great need for you here. Other missionaries have passed this place by, but God has brought you here.” As we were leaving, I felt the confirmation very strongly with uncontrollable tears as the lady continued speaking, “I really hope that you come back again soon.” God had answered my simple prayer. We ministered with great compassion as the lady’s words echoed in my mind. When we saw a house with an open front door, and we could hear voices inside, we would walk up to the door and merely ask if anybody needed a healing. Manuel would introduce me as a missionary from the United States, and everybody was open to us. Almost everybody had some sort of physical problem. People were receiving their healings and then Manuel would lead them to Jesus through prayer. We went to several houses. One man on the street was literally amazed that he was healed. At one house we met a man that was in the Full Gospel Business Man’s Association. He said that there was a prayer meeting that night, and had asked us to come if he could get confirmation. We exchanged phone numbers, and we walked on down the street to the Iglesia Canaan, Asombleas De Dios. (Assemblies of God). There were a couple of girls sweeping & mopping the floors. One young lady had stomach pains or female problems, I can’t remember for sure. She got healed, and this was her testimony: She said that when I began praying for her in English, she also heard another voice which was the voice of God speaking into her spirit. She could not understand what God’s voice was saying, in that it was also a foreign language, but she knew that God was speaking something into her soul or spirit. She could feel the warmth of the anointing in her stomach, and her pain was gone. She gave good testimony to the pastor who was in the back of the building. The pastor gave us an invitation to come and minister some night, but we needed to give him a little bit of notice. We helped the young ladies set up the chairs for the evening service, and then one of them took us to her house to feed us. We ate a Hondurian favorite of tortillas with red beans and eggs and homemade butter. I drank an unusual tea made from a native fruit. The husband of one of the young ladies took us to some different houses to pray for different people. We came back and made arrangements to go to the Businessmen’s Association prayer meeting. Some men picked us up promptly, and we rode in the back of a pickup outside of the city. Then Manuel and I with two men hiked up this path to the top of a big hill (or small mountain). The sun had gone down and there was just barely enough light to see where we were going. I wondered what kind of a prayer meeting this was. Where was the building, and where were the other people? Would I live to see the United States again? I paid no attention to these thoughts, for I had judged these men to be righteous. We arrived to the top, where the grass was worn away from previous meetings. After a short time, there were 3 more men that came up. We all prayed on top of this small mountain. You could see the surrounding villages as well as San Marcos. After praying, I prayed for healing for a couple of the men. They were excited about the healings. One man had eye problems and was concerned about starting to go blind. He could tell that there was immediately more light and he could see fine. Another man had basic back or shoulder pains, I can’t remember, but was instantly healed. The men then prayed for me. They echoed the words of the woman at the Pulperia earlier that afternoon. They said, “We’ve been praying for a missionary from outside to come here. You are an answer to prayer. You did not come on your own, but God brought you. Other missionaries have passed us by, but you have come.” They asked me when I was leaving, and when I would return again. We walked back down the mountain. Two of the men had flashlights. We prayed for some of their family members. Then they took us back over to Olga’s house. Manuel and I spent the night at Olga’s house, and yes, Olga is a woman. Before you start to criticize us for this, I would like to share with you the correct interpretation of to ‘Abstain from all appearance of evil’, from Th 5:22. This means that when evil appears, you avoid it. It does not mean to avoid doing something that ‘appears’ to be evil but is not. If that were the case, than Jesus would not have done miracles on the Sabbath, neither would He have talked with the Samaritan woman at the well, ate with publicans and sinners, etc., and neither would Paul have stayed at Lydia’s house in Acts 16:15.  

Wednesday, April 7: The next morning we met with some people who wanted us to pray for this person and that person. We were being pulled in different directions. We prayed for as many as we could before we had to catch the bus to San Pedro Sula. I knew that the work there in Sensenti was far from finished. The bus ride was more than 4 hours to San Pedro, and the driver drove in a very herky, jerky, swervy fashion. I was glad to get off the bus, and glad that I did not eat breakfast before I got on. We ate at the Hotel Sula and just barely made it to the prison for our appointment at 4:40. They were giving us the big, main service, with hundreds of people present. The prison pastor is actually an inmate, and he was there and remembered all the miracles that happened in 2008 when I was there, such as 2 blind men who had their vision restored, and we had an open door there and no longer had to go through John Allard. We got inside and sat down with the prison pastor, Angel Gonzales. We had left Sensenti, scrambled to get back in time, and here we were sitting with the pastor. The prison pastor told us, “I’m sorry, I forgot to schedule it on my calendar, I have another speaker lined up.” This was an opportunity for me to get mad or frustrated, and I could have said, ‘we traveled 4 hours on the bus to get here, and you wasted a day of our time,’ but those thoughts did not even enter my mind. Also, Manuel, filled full of the Holy Ghost, was calm and collected as we answered, “That’s alright, don’t worry about it. Those things sometimes happen.” The pastor then interviewed us a little bit, asking where we had been, and where we had come from, and Manuel told him about Nueva Ocotopeque and Sensenti, and how God had moved, and how we had just arrived in town. The pastor then told us that the service started at 5:00, and the worship would end around 5:35, at which time we would have about an hour or maybe longer to preach and pray for the people after the worship. I realized that the pastor had tested us with the wisdom of Solomon, that he had us written on his schedule the whole time, and that if we had exhibited bad fruit, he would not have let us in, protecting the flock. The worship was good. I felt the love of God so strongly for the prisoners, that I spent the time in groaning and travail. They welcomed the newly baptized converts into the church, and then turned the service over to us. I preached on Luke 13 again, adding nuggets of how Jesus reversed the curse from Adam. I boldly claimed that all with pain would be healed, as usual, and asked all to come forward that had pain, first, and then I would pray for other problems where pain was not involved. The room was packed all the way. Every seat was filled. I don’t know how many people were there, I didn’t count, but maybe 400 to 800. When I came in 2008, the room was only two-thirds filled, but the healing lines were 3 lines deep. This time the church was 100% filled, but the healing line was only 1 line deep. People had been healed in the smaller services also, and were keeping their healings. Even though the line was only 1 deep, there was still a lot of people to pray for, and I was accustomed to praying one at a time. One woman had diabetes that had affected her eyes, and her eyesight was rapidly improving. Another man with painful ear infection and hearing problems was pain free and his hearing was improving. All other manifestations were completed. I made the second call for people that did not have pain, but had other problems, be it blood problems, eyes, or whatever. It was during this call that I lost my interpretor, as Manuel prayed a long salvation prayer for a hungry sinner that was giving his life to God for the first time. I found another interpretor and continued praying. Then Manuel and I hugged on the new convert and embraced him with God’s love and tears. I barely had time to pray for everybody, and the service was over. It was a good service. Still, I was a little concerned during the prayer time, in that it took so long to pray for the people. The congregation would watch while I ministered. The people in the prayer line were instructed to put their hand where the pain was, so most of the time I did not need an interpretor, but still I would spend at least 15 or 20 seconds per person. Yes, thank God for the miracles, but yet I wondered, what if 4 times as many people had come up for healing? What would I have done then? God was taking me through a process, and I was still learning. 

Thursday, April 8: This date was originally scheduled in La Ceiba, but when we called to confirm before boarding the bus, the pastor wanted us to change it to Friday, because he had forgotten about his schedule when we booked the date a week before. I agreed to Friday, and Manuel and I used this Thursday as a day of rest. I called my friend Oswaldo to tell him not to schedule Friday at the church in Porta Cortez, but it was too late. My friend had scheduled us and I now had to tell him to cancel. I had picked up a slight nose cold in Sensenti, and thoughts passed through my mind such as, ‘I picked up tuberculosis in the prison’, or the devil is counter-attacking me from Sensenti. However, I remembered the word of the Lord through my prophetic brother Keith Thomas in 2009, that the Lord would keep me healthy on my mission trips, as well as the word of the Lord through the prophet Ricardo of San Jorge in 2006, “because you have remained in His Word, and obeyed His Word automatically, the Lord has kept you healthy and blessed your finances, and is now giving you a healing anointing . . . . “ The cold ran it’s course in 3 days from the nose to the throat to the lungs and was now practically gone. The symptoms were never bad enough for others to notice. Since getting back from Sensenti, I was staying at Jose Tulio’s house. His wife, Marta, and his son, Rafael were back from Costa Rica, ministering there with man of God John Morrow, and Rafael (John’s interpretor) had a severe cough. I was feeling a slight nose tingling starting all over again, so I called my wife and asked her to call my friend and pastor Donnie Colson to pray for me. Donnie is one of the most anointed men for healings and miracles in Southern Illinois, whom I sat under for 8 years. Likewise, this cold ran its course in similar fashion in 3 days, and praise to God, the symptoms were never even hardly noticeable. My praise goes to the Lord for keeping me healthy. I have not had to take penicillin for anything since receiving the Holy Spirit back in 1992. Rafael’s cough also healed up quickly after prayer. Also, I never had any intestinal problems on recent trips, but I have merely learned to eat the right amount of fruits, not too much or too little. I blessed every meal and drink, speaking death to every bacteria, worm, virus or germ that might harm me. The Holy Ghost fire that surrounds me and that comes from my hands kills those harmful bugs, but I cannot prove it scientifically.  

Friday, April 9: We took the bus to La Ceiba in the morning. I felt a desire to see the pastor and his wife, more than I wanted to preach in his church. I had not seen them since my trip in the spring of 2006. I was prophesied over by Ricardo from San Jorge, that the Lord was giving me a healing anointing. However, I do not think that the gift actually kicked in until I had visited this church in La Ceiba, on the last night of my 2006 trip. This was a church that prayed and fasted, and I believe that their prayers for me moved God. (You can read about the 2006 trip on this same page.) Our hotel room was taken care of when we arrived. We went out to eat, and I went to look up a contact that I had not seen since about 2002. I went to a hotel where this contact used to work and I got her telephone number. She was an excellent interpreter, and had contacts for many of the churches and schools and organizations in the La Ceiba area. By divine appointment, I personally ran into this contact uptown where we were eating at a fast food place near the park. She was with my good friend and respected anointed brother Tom Lingelfelter, from St. Louis, who was ministering in La Ceiba, and she was interpreting for him and setting up his meetings. Tom has a ministry of laying hands on everybody, or sometimes just blowing on them a little bit, and the people fall out in the Spirit, sometimes even 8 or 10 at a time, as they get zapped by the the Lord God, Jehovah, the Lord that zappeth thee. (Ha) It is not unusual for 90% of the people to fall out in the Spirit when Tom ministers, all glory to God, who loves Tom, and loves Tom’s pure and simple message of love and grace, as opposed to works and rules, as Tom points out a clear path to Jesus. Tom and I get along good. Neither one of us enjoys talking of anything but the things of God. Both of us are God seekers. Both of us have been criticized by religious people who look for devils under every stone. Tom is a man that has spent major portions of his time in the presence of the Lord. Like me, has been continually in His Word, listening to it over and over again as he travels. Anyway, after a brief fellowship, we both had to leave for our respective meetings. When we arrived at the church, I was surprised to see how it had grown. We talked with the pastor in his office. He had the night scheduled for communion, ending a week fast. However, he gave us about 40 minutes to minister. I did not have time to preach much, in that I wanted to pray for everyone to be healed. The church was huge. I did a calling first for all women with female problems or stomach pains. This way I would not have to take the time of asking where the pain was. The line of people was 3 deep. I normally take about 20 seconds a person. First, I get up close and tell the spirit of infirmity to leave, and importantly, not to come back, speaking to the area where the pain is, in the name of the Christ, Jesus. Then I quote a scripture, maybe two, such as ‘by His stripes you are healed’ commanding healing. I stand back and let the Lord heal them at this point. I feel a confirmation in the Spirit when it is complete. This process takes me about 20 seconds. I felt pressured. I was trying to do in 10 seconds what normally takes me 20. I know that some of you may be thinking, ‘Why don’t you just pray for them all at one time? Is God limited?” Well, you are right, however, it is easier said then done. What kind of results have you had doing that? Have you seen whole churches healed like I have? I’ve tried that before, and it did not work for me. In the spring of 2009 I tried that at the Sendero De Amor church under Pastor Jaime Turcios and nobody got healed. Then, when I prayed one at a time, then they all got healed. When I pray, I want to make sure they get healed, and I ask, having them check for the pain, move their back, feel for their tumors, or whatever. I also tried it at the Jesus Es El Senor church in La Forteleza under pastor Victor Anael Montes in December of 2009, and nobody got healed, because I asked. Nobody! However, when I went back one at a time, they were all healed, every one, including dental miracles and eye miracles. Many gave passionate testimony of feeling the warm heat of the healing anointing, electricity, or sometimes they felt nothing but the pain leave, but they were all healed, every one. Why is this? I think it may be because of God’s glory presence around me. For example, one man from the Christian organization of NGL was healed from arthritis in half of his body as he sat next to me on the bus. I did not even know it. Peter’s shadow is a reality to me. However, I did not have the faith to pray for everybody at one time, and this night I felt pressured by so many people that came up for prayer. So I spoke the words quickly, not waiting for the confirmation by the Spirit, so I could not tell for sure that the prayers were working until I asked them, which took more time. To make matters worse, the worship band was playing in the background, but it was a little too loud to where they could not hear me trying to communicate with them. Many were lost in the glory presence, as if asleep on their feet, and unable to respond anyway. I told my interpreter twice, “Tell them to check for their pain. If their pain is completely gone, tell them to sit down.” Finally, the third time, I said, “Please, I need to know for myself if you are healed so I can quit praying. Check your body. Feel your stomach. If you are healed, please sit down.” It was as if they woke up. About 85% of them sat down. I did a call for back pains, but only 2 people came forward. I thought to myself, “There must be more than that,” so I asked the ladies that had come up before that knew that they had pain when they came up, but now they knew that their pain was completely gone, to raise their left hand and let everyone know that they were healed, as a testimony for the others. I was relieved that a huge bunch of ladies raised their hands, and then more people came up for prayer, knowing that the prayer was working. I decided to go back to the 20 second deal on this bunch, and my peace started to return, and the miracles seemed to flow a little easier for me. I kept on praying, stopping only once in a while to give God love and praise. The pastor once in a while made some comments about me. I could not catch all the Spanish, but it was good. The 2nd group got healed, and I called a third group up and prayed for them, and then my time was up. The pastor preached a short communion message, and we all took communion, and then I went to stand at the back of the church, to make sure that others could come to me for prayer if they wanted. As I was standing at the back of the church, a young man prophesied over me. The pastor also prophesied over me. Part of what he said was, “The Lord says that your dreams from 13 years ago are fulfilled. The Lord says that your dreams are His dreams, your desires are His desires, and your life is His life.” I thought back to these dreams. It was about 13 years ago (according to the Jewish way of counting years), when I had the same dream three times. The dreams were like this: I would be praying for someone to be healed, and I was either in a church or on the street, and I was either in Mexico or in the United States, but I would sit up in bed as I woke up screaming, “By His stripes you are healed!!!” This is the scripture I still pray today, however, I do not scream, in that my anger for the devil is not obvious.  Anyway, the service ended, and many came to me for prayer and were all healed. Members of the congregation had written prayer requests for people outside of the church, and they gave me a stack of these requests, maybe 20 or 30. We went out to eat after church with the people that owned the hotel where we were staying, who also attended the church.

Saturday, April 10: Pastor Julio was going to San Pedro Sula to pick up his son, who was flying in from Bolivia, so he had offered us a ride. I had a tentative church date Saturday night, so I wanted to get back earlier than when the pastor wanted to leave, but we waited on the pastor because I desired to see him and fellowship with him. While waiting, I videoed my interpreter's testimony of the trip: (Entitled, "Interpreter Manuel DeJesus's Testimony".  This was Manuel's first time interpreting, and even he had a hard time believing all the miracles.) The pastor was running late, and I decided to leave on the bus. I called him as I was leaving, but the pastor said to wait because he was on the way. I had almost missed my blessing. I felt a little bit like Saul who did not wait on Samuel. Pastor Julio was very charismatic, and more so than anyone else I can think of. He was full of life, energy, and the prophetic word of God, as he reminded me of the prophecy from the night before, and added more to it. He told me that the criticism and the persecution against me were like rocks put in my path, but I would step on the rocks as stepping stones and stairs to go further and higher in the Lord. He also prophesied over Manuel, my interpreter. When we arrived at the airport, I met his son, and I felt like I had made a connection for Bolivia. Pastor Julio also told me not to minister Saturday night, but to stay at the house and rest, in that the Lord had something for me Sunday, and I should be rested up for it. I was obedient to what he told me, and I stayed at what I call home at Jose Tulio’s. I fellowshipped with Jose Tulio Gomez, who was able to answer many of my questions about demons, devils and witches. I had experienced things that the vast majority of Christians in America know nothing about. I was starting to learn what Jesus meant by first binding the strong man of the house. I had learned things in Sensenti, an area that had been dedicated to the devil, and controlled by a famous witch that had the power to heal people. Things were just a small tad tougher there in some respects, and I’m not allowed to talk about it unless I bring glory to the devil. However, all powers are subject to the name and authority of the Lord, our Christ, Jesus. I have a question for my brothers back in the states: If a witch can have the power to heal people, how much more should the Christians be doing it? It is time to put behind us our double-minded attitudes of ‘God sometimes allows sickness’. This doctrine does nothing but grieve the Holy Spirit and diminish the work of His stripes at the whipping post. I have never seen a pastor that teaches this doctrine receive a complete manifestation of healing; not that it hasn’t happened, just that I have never seen it. Also, I have had to re-teach many Americans that believe this before they can receive their healing. If they try to argue with me about it, they will never get healed, no, not even from a simple arthritic pain. (Please see the page “Healing Teaching”, which exposes many false doctrines concerning scriptures that pastors have twisted in an effort to explain why God may not heal.) Jesus is the answer, not the problem. However, America is in a bad way. America has passed laws that are causing His hand of protection to start to lift. It is our neighbors to the south that are rich in commodities, and rich in God, where Christian music can still be heard in public malls without being sued by the ACLU. I believe that there will be some equalization coming financially, between the U.S. and our neighbors to the south.

Sunday, April 11: Manuel stayed at his house and rested. My good friend Oswaldo Gutierrez came with missionary friend John Allard and picked me up to go to church with them. We went to the large Evangelical Reformada Iglesia near downtown San Pedro Sula. I shook hands with the pastor, and mentioned that I would like to pray for people to be healed. He said OK, and I did not know if he was going to call me up or not, but he did. I was not scheduled to speak, but this was totally impromptu. I preached for about 5 minutes with Oswaldo interpreting for me, and people came forward to be healed. I started to pray for them one at a time, but there was a lot of them, and the pastor wanted me to pray for them all at one time. Again, I felt pressured, and tried to pray for them quickly, one at a time, and having a different interpreter that was not used to me added to the pressure. However, I’m sure that many got healed, but nobody knew it. They were all standing there enjoying the presence of God. Then the pastor asked everybody to sit down. He had a message to preach, and often his messages are broadcast over the radio over San Pedro. Also, the worship group was extremely talented, and I had sat in with them before back in 2001 and 2002. I did not have much time, and I did not want to interrupt their agenda. I was OK with everything, except that I felt somewhat humiliated, in that nobody knew that people actually got healed. Also, after the service, I stood there in the middle of the church, but nobody came to me to ask for prayer as usual, or not even to shake my hand. Neither did I see the pastor’s face. This added to my humiliation. We walked uptown and ate at Wendy’s. Later, I met with Manual, and we took the bus to El Progresso. I was scheduled to preach at Iglesia Gosen, under Pastor Wilmar Moreno, at 4:00 pm. We went early, and arrived at the park in El Progresso at around 3 pm, and a couple of people got saved before Pastor Wilmar came to pick us up there. This church was small, and I had ministered here a couple of times before, and I was among friends that loved me. Thoughts were going through my mind such as: “I’m just a little one-on-one healing dude. I’ll never make it in the big mega churches. I can’t pray fast enough.” I thought about my friend Wayne Sanders, from Common Ground, and how he was anointed to pull down strongholds over whole regions, by hearing specific directions from the Lord on how to do it, such as when he drove around La Ceiba 7 times at the very same time the police were making a huge drug bust of a magnitude of gaining international attention. Yes, my dreams from 13 years ago were fulfilled, but I just had not dreamt big enough. As the worship started in the church, I went outside to walk in the yard and pray in tongues. I felt the Lord’s presence come upon me. When this happens, I cannot pray at all, in that all I can do is cry and say over and over again, “I love You, Jesus, I love You, Jesus!” This time I prayed, “Help me, Jesus. Help me, Jesus!” The Lord knows my thoughts. He knew what was on my mind. He knew that I wanted to try one more time to pray for all the people at once. I went inside the church. I could feel His presence strongly, and I could tell that the others felt His presence also. I preached. We confessed Jesus as Lord to one another. Then I explained to them, how I felt at home in this church, and I wanted to try something knew. They knew about the healing anointing that the Lord has blessed me with. I explained how I wanted to pray for them all at one time. We were just going to try it. It was an experiment, I told them. I did not tell them that I had tried it twice before and failed. I called everyone up with pain. There was only about 10 or 12 people that came up to the front. “The Kingdom of Heaven is here!” I proclaimed. I told them all to put their hand where the pain was, or over the area that needed healing. I prayed for all of them over the microphone as if I was praying for a single person, “I command every spirit of infirmity to pack your bags and go, in the name of the Christ, Jesus, and don’t come back, for it is written, by His stripes we were healed.” I continued, “Thank you, Father, for the anointing.” I said. “Let the anointing come, and bring healing, in the name of the Christ, Jesus. Thank you, Father.” Now I just waited to see what happened. One woman started shaking and then fell out in the Spirit. I waited about a minute as everybody looked as if they were basking under the anointing. I did not want to interrupt what was happening, but I also wanted to make sure that everybody got healed. Maybe I felt like I just had to do something, as some sort of religious activity. I walked by each one and put my hands on either side of their body where their hand was on top of the area of their body that needed healing and rebuked the spirit of infirmity again, which probably did nothing at this point. The glory presence shadow from my body probably added nothing at this point. I wish I could see in the Spirit, like a real seer. Anyway, I told them all to sit down when they knew that their pain was gone. When they had all sat down, then I asked them, “How many of you know that you were healed at the beginning, before I went by and prayed for you one at a time? If you know you got healed when I prayed for you all at the same time, please raise your hand.” I was glad to see almost everybody raise their hand. Then I asked how many of them were healed when I went by and prayed over them personally, and only one person raised her hand. There was only one man that did not raise his hand at all on either call, and he was about 65 years old, and I believe that he had a prostrate problem, judging by the area where he was holding his hand. This did not bother me in that people don’t know when they get healed of prostrate problems until the next time they go to urinate. If they are not prophetically inclined or sensitive to spiritual things, they will not feel any warmth or tingling while they are getting healed. As far as I was concerned, everybody got healed. It worked. The group prayer worked. Going to visit Pastor Julio on Friday worked, in that I knew that he was probably praying for this very thing to happen. I was obedient to the word from Pastor Julio. His prayers for me worked. As in 2006, I received an increase on the last day of my Honduras trip partly because of prayers from Pastor Julio and his church. Also, I had memorized the word from God that missionary John Allard had heard: “Get in position. Take aim. Keep shooting until you hit the mark.” I had kept shooting. I was eager to get back down here in Honduras again so I could pray for more people in more churches. I had not even left Honduras yet, and I was planning my next trip. I did not want to leave.  I knew that the anointing was different upon me now, in that I could pray for many people at one time like Smith Wigglesworth used to do.  Smith Wigglesworth called this "Wholesale Healing".  

Monday, April 12: Sometimes I cry at the airport as I'm leaving the country, and this was one of those moments. Manuel DeJesus stayed with me till the last moment when I had to go thru the detectors, and then I broke. I was returning to Illinois to work hard as a paint contractor. I remembered some more of the prophetic word from Pastor Julio that he spoke over me Saturday, saying, "You will make many trips out of your country, and your family will not understand, saying, 'What? You are going again? You just got back! And they won't understand." It was as if Pastor Julio had heard the exact words of my wife when I booked my flight for the last trip.  
Why There are Less Miracles in the USA

The main Biblical reason is "unbelief".  Briefly, Jesus not only died for our sin, and rose again, but He also took the stripes for our healing per Isaiah 53 and 1 Pet 2:24.  Consider the man that was sick of the palsy, and Jesus told him his sins were forgiven in Mark 2:5.  The pharisees thought this was blasphemy, because only God could forgive sins, but they believed Jesus could heal.  The church today believes that Jesus forgives sins, but many don't believe for healing, having this backwarads.  Jesus does both.  First, let's consider some of the scriptures that contain healing and salvation in the very same verse or proximity:  Talking about "the Word", Proverbs 4:22 says,  For they are life unto those that find them, and health to all their flesh.  (Life implies "salvation", and health implies "healing".)  Jesus is the Word, per John 1:1 & 14, Heb 4:12,  and Rev 19:13.  Also consider Psa 107:20  He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.  ("delivered from destructions" can signify "salvation" or deliverance from hell.) Isa 53:4 says,  Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: ("Griefs" interprets as sicknesses, and "sorrows" interprets pains.) Isaiah goes on to say that Jesus was wounded for our transgressions and pierced for our iniquities, .(sins and propensity to sin) . . and by whose stripes we are healed (physical healing).  Isasiah 53:4-5 is confirmed in Matthew 8:16 & 17, and also 1 Pet 2:24.  Psalms 103 verse 3 says, "Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases;"  (Both sin AND sickness are atoned for.)  Jesus said in John 3:14  "And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up:"  What happened when Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness in Numbers chapter 21?  The people were FORGIVEN for murmuring and complaining, AND they were HEALED of the snakebite, being delivered from a sentence of death into life.  This is what Jesus did for us.  Even the word for "salvation" includes "healing", and the words in the Bible often interchange.  

This is why "unbelief" is prevalent in the church, because even many pastors teach that it is not always God's will to heal.  I would differ, in that it is always God's will to heal, as it is to save.  It is the same . . the same word even . ."salvation" (sozo).

Many pastors teach that sometimes God allows sickness.  This is sort of like blasphemy.  Let me explain:  Blasphemy is when God casts out an evil spirit (or healed somebody, in that evil spirits cause physical problems) and the pharisees said that Jesus did this by Beelzebub, the prince of the devils.  In other words, Jesus healed and they say the devil healed.  Now think about this:  If the devil causes sickness (which he does), and then we say that God allowed it . . . this is the flip side of blaspheming.  Do you see that?  If we say that God allowed the sickness, it is like saying God put the sickness on the person, because He could have stopped it but didn't.  It is like blasphemy, because, in both instances, the Lord gets blamed for the devil's work.  This is the pit of  "unbelief".  This is why people don't get healed.  They are rejecting what Jesus has done for us, which is a form of unbelief.  The "God allows sickness" teaching is offensive to the Holy Spirit.  Do you see that?

Another simple reason people don't get healed: Lack of honor for the Holy Spirit, although the main reason is "unbelief".

We don't want to try and find reasons why people won't get healed.  That is wrong.  However, some attitudes that people have can make it harder for them to receive their healing, but if the anointing is strong enough, it will heal them anyway.  Having said that, read on, with a mindset that the anointing can cut thru all this garbage.  It is the goodness of God that draws people to repentance, not vice a versa.  Some people think that if they repent first, they will draw God's goodness.  It is by what Jesus has already done, and not by our own acts of righteousness.  Amen?

Many of the Pharisees dishonered Jesus, and Jesus did not do hardly any miracles for them. What is a Modern-Day Pharisee?

First of all, let me reveal a few things about the Pharisees in the days of Jesus. Then we can see why miracles are not flowing in the United States like they are in some other countries. Notice the following scripture, especially Luke 7:30: 
Luk 7:28 For I say unto you, Among those that are born of women there is not a greater prophet than John the Baptist: but he that is least in the kingdom of God is greater than he.

Luk 7:29 And all the people that heard him, and the publicans, justified God, being baptized with the baptism of John.

Luk 7:30 But the Pharisees and lawyers rejected the counsel of God against themselves, being not baptized of him.

Please notice that the Pharisees and lawyers were not baptized by John. Why? John was in the lineage for the high priesthood, being son of Zacharias, however, John was not in the temple wearing the fancy priestly garb, and doing the normal priestly duties in the temple. Instead, he was in the wilderness, dressed in camel hair and a leather belt. John did not fit the normal mode. Also, he was telling them that they needed to be baptized. There was nothing in the law concerning baptism for the Israelites, but baptism was only for the foreigners that wanted to become Jewish. The fact that John was teaching baptism was an insult to the Pharisees, being undoctinal.

Luk 7:33 For John the Baptist came neither eating bread nor drinking wine; and ye say, He hath a devil.

Luk 7:34 The Son of man is come eating and drinking; and ye say, Behold a gluttonous man, and a winebibber, a friend of publicans and sinners!

Basically, Jesus is saying here that the people of that generation had a critical spirit, finding opposite faults in John and Jesus. Consider the following scriptures, where John called the Pharisees and Sadducees "vipers" in Matthew, and called the multitudes "vipers" in Luke:
Mat 3:7 But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees come to his baptism, he said unto them, O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come?

Luk 3:7 Then said he to the multitude that came forth to be baptized of him, O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come?

What? Notice that John called them "vipers". If this had happened in America, what would we think of John? Would we have been baptized by him? I would say probably not. How much more in that he was baptizing, which was something new that was not in the law? These things were considered insulting, and baptizing Israelites was contrary to the law. The following scriptures confirm that John was questioned on the baptizing issue:
Joh 1:19 And this is the record of John, when the Jews sent priests and Levites from Jerusalem to ask him, Who art thou?

Joh 1:20 And he confessed, and denied not; but confessed, I am not the Christ.

Joh 1:21 And they asked him, What then? Art thou Elias? And he saith, I am not. Art thou that prophet? And he answered, No.

Joh 1:22 Then said they unto him, Who art thou? that we may give an answer to them that sent us. What sayest thou of thyself?

Joh 1:23 He said, I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness, Make straight the way of the Lord, as said the prophet Esaias.

Joh 1:24 And they which were sent were of the Pharisees.

Joh 1:25 And they asked him, and said unto him, Why baptizest thou then, if thou be not that Christ, nor Elias, neither that prophet?

Joh 1:26 John answered them, saying, I baptize with water: but there standeth one among you, whom ye know not;

Joh 1:27 He it is, who coming after me is preferred before me, whose shoe's latchet I am not worthy to unloose.

Joh 1:28 These things were done in Bethabara beyond Jordan, where John was baptizing.

Would we in America receive ministry from what we considered to be an insulting prophet whose doctrine seemed to us as unscriptural? I think not. We would have missed out on the new move of God.

Jesus had a similar ministry of offense. In John 6, Jesus had a huge crowd that followed Him, from Jerusalem to Tiberias, to Capernaum. He fed this multitude supernaturally in Tiberias. Now, they followed Him to Capernaum. Most preachers would have preached a nice rosy little sermon on the mount type thing and taken up an offering. But instead, Jesus preached, "unless you eat of my flesh, and drink of my blood . ." 
Joh 6:60 Many therefore of his disciples, when they had heard this, said, This is an hard saying; who can hear it?

Joh 6:66 From that time many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him.

Joh 6:67 Then said Jesus unto the twelve, Will ye also go away?

Joh 6:68 Then Simon Peter answered him, Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life.

Joh 6:69 And we believe and are sure that thou art that Christ, the Son of the living God.

This critical spirit had to be delt with even in the twelve disciples: Mar 9:38 And John answered him, saying, Master, we saw one casting out devils in thy name, and he followeth not us: and we forbad him, because he followeth not us.

Mar 9:39 But Jesus said, Forbid him not: for there is no man which shall do a miracle in my name, that can lightly speak evil of me.

Mar 9:40 For he that is not against us is on our part.

When the Samaritans did not receive Jesus because He was en route to Jerusalem, James and John wanted to call down fire on them. John was supposed to be the disciple of love.
Luk 9:52 And sent messengers before his face: and they went, and entered into a village of the Samaritans, to make ready for him.

Luk 9:53 And they did not receive him, because his face was as though he would go to Jerusalem.

Luk 9:54 And when his disciples James and John saw this, they said, Lord, wilt thou that we command fire to come down from heaven, and consume them, even as Elias did?

Luk 9:55 But he turned, and rebuked them, and said, Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of.

Luk 9:56 For the Son of man is not come to destroy men's lives, but to save them. And they went to another village.

When we speak evil of a brother, especially a Holy Spirit filled brother, we are in a wrong spirit. This can sometimes be a spirit of jealosy, which is linked to the spirit of murder. We may not actually kill the man, but we may be operating in a similar spirit when we speak against others. Notice below that the devil is referred to as "the accuser of our brethren"
Rev 12:10 And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.

God has given us a ministry of restoration, rather than condemnation. Too often we are ready to write somebody off that is found in sin. Consider what Jesus said to the woman that was caught in the very act of adultery:
Joh 8:11 . . . . . . , Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more.

If we had lived in the time of John the Baptist, would we have received his testimony/preaching? 
Mat 5:20 For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Words are important. Words reveal what is in our heart. From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.
Mat 5:21 Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not kill; and whosoever shall kill shall be in danger of the judgment:

Mat 5:22 But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.

Mat 18:7 Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh! 

Mat 5:23 Therefore if thou bring thy gift to the altar, and there rememberest that thy brother hath ought against thee;

Mat 5:24 Leave there thy gift before the altar, and go thy way; first be reconciled to thy brother, and then come and offer thy gift.

Notice that Michael the archangel does not even directly rebuke the devil:
 Jud 1:9 Yet Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke thee.

Jud 1:10 But these speak evil of those things which they know not: but what they know naturally, as brute beasts, in those things they corrupt themselves.

Jud 1:11 Woe unto them! for they have gone in the way of Cain, and ran greedily after the error of Balaam for reward, and perished in the gainsaying of Core.

Let’s delve into the above scripture a little deeper and talk of Cain, Balaam and Korah:

The Way of Cain

Gen 4:8 And Cain talked with Abel his brother: and it came to pass, when they were in the field, that Cain rose up against Abel his brother, and slew him.

Cain was guilty of not recognizing the blood sacrifice. Cain and Abel both worshiped God, but Cain did it his own way. How does this relate to Christians today?

I could pick on many denominations, but lets start with the obvious: Pentecostals tend to depend on self righteousness, i.e. shaving facial hair, dress codes, long hair on women, etc., but yet there is usually a little higher level of certain sins such as fornication and gossip and slander than in some other denominations, killing their brother with the tongue. Likewise, other denominational people have a form of godliness, and rely on their own good works of witnessing or just going to church or whatever, and often times slander the Benny Hinns, wether for jealousy, unbelief, or whatever. Sometimes they put down other Christians that may not be living right, or who believe different than what they do. These people are like Cain, who depend on their own righteousness, not fully recognizing the blood sacrifice of Jesus. These people would kill their brother, striking with their tongue, falling under the influence of the ‘Accuser of the Brethren’ who lieth at their door. The main thing is recognizing what Jesus did for us as He took the stripes for our healing, and died for our sins. Failing to recognize the power of the Blood of Jesus can hinder God’s love and the anointing from working in and through us. Acknowledging the power in the blood keeps us out of the law and in the love and grace of God. Law hinders grace from working.

The Error of Balaam

The story of Balaam starts at Numbers, chapters 22 through 24. The text tells us that Balaam had his eye on money. Balaam could have been the first major gentile prophet. Words are important. God sent an angel to kill him, rather than to have him speak against the children of Israel. Balaam seemed to repent, but his heart was not right. Later in the text, (Num. 31:16, 2 Pet. 2:15 and Rev. 2:14), we find out that Balaam later taught the Midianite women to seduce Israel into sin. Modern day Christians sometimes walk a little bit toward this line. Let me give examples:

There are evangelists that will only go to a meeting if they are guaranteed a certain amount of money. Jesus said that whoever shall be greatest among you shall be servant of all, however, many pastors seem to get this turned around, beating the congregation into giving all their tithes, and being careful to maintain their own position of authority. Ministry can become a circle of raising money for more ministry, to raise money for more ministry. Others prostitute their gifts, wether it be of music or whatever, and turn the foyer into a store with books and CD’s and the like. Likewise, the money changers in the temple probably rationalized and said, "But we are providing a service! They need to buy doves to sacrifice, and to change their money!" Although the Bible tells us that the workman is worthy of his wages, the danger comes when they speak against others that might get in ‘their territory’. Also, there is a danger when they water down the word so as not to offend, in order to maintain their income. Many preachers will cater to the people, rather than let the Holy Spirit move, looking at the offering plate, trying to merely keep the numbers up. Some preachers will avoid letting others minister, out of concern for their job, in that somebody else could do it better and take their position. Where would these brothers be if not for the manifold grace and patience of God and the blood of Jesus to cover their iniquities? Unfortunately, however, the anointing is hindered, and the Holy Spirit cannot work freely.

The Gainsaying of Core (Korah)

The word ‘gainsaying’ from Jude 11 (KJV) is interpreted as ‘contradiction’, ‘gainsaying’, ‘strife’, and the derivitive of the word means ‘dispute’, ‘disobedience’. Looking at scripture, Korah’s rebellion once again seems to be a self-exultation against authority. The ground swallowed him up and he and all his were no more. My desire it to be separate from anyone with this attitude, that I don’t get sucked down with the rest of them.

Chapter 16 in Numbers shows us that Korah took other men with him, and told Moses, 
Num 16:3 And they gathered themselves together against Moses and against Aaron, and said unto them, Ye take too much upon you, seeing all the congregation are holy, every one of them, and the LORD is among them: wherefore then lift ye up yourselves above the congregation of the LORD? 

The scripture goes on to say that they challenged Moses’ authority, and sought the priesthood also.
 Num 16:15 And Moses was very wroth, and said unto the LORD, Respect not thou their offering: I have not taken one ass from them, neither have I hurt one of them.

Korah gathered the congregation against Moses, but we know what the end was. Likewise, there are some today who wag their tongues against an anointed man of God, in an effort to exalt themselves or promote their own ministry, or sometimes in plain unbelief.

Please notice that Korah’s rebellion was NOT that he called fish down from heaven to feed a hungry tribe, or that he did some miracle. No, throughout the whole Bible, the sin is challenging the authority of a man of God, (or God Himself, or the Holy Spirit). It was the wish of Moses that ALL would prophesy. When two men were prophesying in the camp, that had not come to the tabernacle with the seventy, Joshua said in Num 11:28 . . . My lord Moses, forbid them. Num 11:29 And Moses said unto him, Enviest thou for my sake? would God that all the LORD'S people were prophets, and that the LORD would put his spirit upon them! 
I can’t find anywhere in the Bible that doing a miracle through the name (authority) of Jesus is wrong. However, challenging the authority of a man of God always has bad consequences, and this type of sin is a hinderance to the anointing working in and through your life.

Let me repeat these scriptures from Jude: Let them sink in:

Jude 9-11 Yet Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke thee.

10 But these speak evil of those things which they know not: but what they know naturally, as brute beasts, in those things they corrupt themselves.

11 Woe unto them! for they have gone in the way of Cain, and ran greedily after the error of Balaam for reward, and perished in the gainsaying of Core.

The Error of Joab

Joab was the commander of David’s army, although he was not listed as one of the thirty mighty men, no, not in 2 Sam 23 or in 1 Chron 11. His younger brother Asahel was listed, as well as Joab’s armourbearer, as well as Uriah the Hittite. What kept Joab from being written down as one of the thirty? This ties in with Cain, Balaam, and Korah, in that being jealous for position, money and authority, he slew two men more righteous than him, (Abner the son of Ner and Amasa). Joab also disobeyed the King’s orders. Likewise, many Christians today speak ‘raca’ and are in danger of hellfire, murdering with their tongue, when somebody else seems to be more gifted than they are, (or, conversely, not at far along as they are). Quoting Fred Bishop, "If he don’t love Jesus as much as me he needs to get saved. If he love Jesus more than me, he’s a fanatic." LOL

Words are important. Ellymus the Sorcerer did not ask to be blind for a season, neither did Ananias and Saphira ask to die, or the kids that taunted Elisha, or the two captains with their 50's when Elijah called down fire, etc.. etc.

If you want a serious anointing, you must learn to control your tongue. Words can hurt, and even kill. Consider what Paul wrote:

2Co 13:10 Therefore I write these things being absent, lest being present I should use sharpness, according to the power which the Lord hath given me to edification, and not to destruction.

Miriam and Aaron

Miriam and Aaron had spoken against Moses because of the Ethiopian woman that he had married. 
Num 12:2 And they said, Hath the LORD indeed spoken only by Moses? hath he not spoken also by us? And the LORD heard it. 
Miriam was shut off from the camp for 7 days with leprosy, because of her sin of speaking against Moses. This reminds me of when somebody was offended that I prayed for people that he had already prayed for. He said, "I have the gift of healing too." If he had the gift of healing, there would not have been a need for me to pray the second time. (People can see occasional healings by the power of the Holy Spirit, the power of prayer and the power in the Word of God and the name of Jesus, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they have the ‘gift’ of healing.) Uh oh! Do you see what I just did? I just cut down the man of God that cut me down, falling into the same condemnation, fulfilling Rom 2:1 Therefore thou art inexcusable, O man, whosoever thou art that judgest: for wherein thou judgest another, thou condemnest thyself; for thou that judgest doest the same things.

Space does not permit to speak of ‘Uzziah’ or ‘Joseph’s brothers’, or many other examples. Briefly, King Saul was one that was jealous for position and authority. He was more concerned about what the people thought about him, and wanted Samual to honor him before the people. Likewise, some are more worried about pleasing the pastors or the people so that they make sure that they can come back to minister again.

The sin of offence

First of all: the people from Jesus’ home town were the same ones that were offended. They knew Him before He was baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost. They failed to recognize the anointing, and more importantly, the Deity in Him, and were offended. 
Mat 13:55 Is not this the carpenter's son? is not his mother called Mary? and his brethren, James, and Joses, and Simon, and Judas?

Mat 13:56 And his sisters, are they not all with us? Whence then hath this man all these things?

Mat 13:57  And they were offended in him. But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, save in his own country, and in his own house.  

The ones that were offended were the ones that did not receive their healing. And so it is today, the few that complain saying, "Who does this guy think he is?" are the same ones that do not get healed. The scripture goes on to say,
Mat 13:58 And he did not many mighty works there because of their unbelief.

Notice the word "unbelief". They did not recognize Jesus as the Christ. This in itself is not so bad if they are open to the truth. However, notice verse 57 says, "And they were offended in him."

I wonder: Is this where America is today, having taken prayer out of the schools, having let the ACLU dictate their agendas, having legalized abortions and same-sex marriages? Is America offended at Jesus? Most healing evangelists will agree that there is a definate difference in the amount of miracles in the United States as opposed to many other nations.

Consider Honduras, where you can walk into any crowded mall and often hear Christian music playing on the public speakers. In America this might be considered ‘politically incorrect’. Even many of the most dangerous gang members in Honduras will not rob a man of God or a missionary, and, the only way you can leave the gang is if you truly become a Christian.

Why There Are Less Miracles in the USA:

The reason is simple: Lack of honor for the Holy Spirit is one of the reasons, which ties in to "unbelief".  Bad doctrine concerning Job, the lame man at Gate Beautiful, Paul’s thorn, the pool of Bethesda, Lazarus, and other scriptures have also hindered faith somewhat.  (See the link: 'Healing Teaching' on the "Healing" page). How is the church in America dishonoring the Holy Spirit?  Let's look at scripture starting  with the two main commandments:
Mat 22:37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

Mat 22:38 This is the first and great commandment.

Mat 22:39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

Mat 22:40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets. 
This sums it all up. This is what separates law from grace. If we do, say and think all the right things because we LOVE GOD and DO NOT WANT to OFFEND GOD, then we are on the right track, otherwise, it is legalism.

Conversely, what is the worst thing that we can do? Blaspheming the Holy Spirit.
Mat 12:31 Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men.

Mat 12:32 And whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come. 
The parallel text in Mark goes on to say: 
Mar 3:30 Because they said, He hath an unclean spirit. 
Jesus said this because the Pharisees had said, "This fellow doth not cast out devils, but by Beelzebub the prince of the devils." (Matt 12:24) The parallel scripture is found in Mark 3:28-29, and 3:22.

Please notice that Jesus did few miracles for the Pharisees. Jesus healed all. Jesus healed all the multitudes. Jesus healed all that asked sincerely. Jesus even healed some that did not ask. Jesus even healed some that did not even know who He was. However, He did not do a miracle for the Pharisees just to prove that He was who He said He was. The Pharisees questioned His authority. The Pharisees were offended at Him. The Pharisees plotted to kill Him. Jesus did not do any miracles for the Pharisees, (except the ones that happened to be present when he worked miracles for those that really asked in faith).

Unfortunately, when a Christian falls into the ‘accuser of the brethren’ spirit, and calls his brother ‘raca’, it is possible that he may fall away, or it may inhibit growth in God. The man may continue to operate in the anointing that the Lord gave him, but future growth is impeded, or at least diminished somewhat. I hope I never fall into this category.

Notice how King Saul treats young David, and vice a versa. The anointing is to be respected. The anointing is the Holy Spirit.

The Pharisees and the people in Jesus’s home town area represent two different people groups that were both offended. However, the Pharisees went a step further to plot to kill Jesus. Notice that Jesus did no miracles for the Pharisees, but there were some miracles done among the people of His home town. I believe that America falls just a little bit into the latter category, in that miracles do happen, but not to the same extent that we see in some other countries.

Often pastors will cater to the ones that are offended at the anointing, and I think that this is often a mistake. Other pastors could care less about miracles, or soverign works of the Holy Spirit. Everybody in one church can get healed, but the church down the road does not care. Some pastors are too busy looking for devils. The Bible plainly tells us how to test the spirits, (1 John 2:22, 4:2 & 5:1).

In many churches, the power gifts are not honored, but helps and adiministration gifts are, which sometimes leaves the Holy Spirit outside the church door, knocking. In some churches, the title 'healing evangelist' carries a dirty connotation. In other churches, the man of God may not be welcomed because he has facial hair; and as stupid as this may sound, I have actually encountered this. Rules often restrict the man of God from ministering, unless he is 'ordained' through their particular denomination, etc. Please read the teachings under the page "Pastors" for more on this subject.

Consider Matt 10:40.
40 He that receiveth you receiveth me, and he that receiveth me receiveth him that sent me.
A man with normal deductive reasoning might interpret the foregoing scripture to say that "If he doesn't receive you, he's not receiving me." Of course, not receiving Jesus is a sin unto death that would send a person to Hell.

The people that think I’m nuts sometimes will not get healed. They don’t have to say it. All they have to do is think it, because the Lord knows our thoughts. Jesus summed it up in this scripture: Mat 11:5 The blind receive their sight, and the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear, the dead are raised up, and the poor have the gospel preached to them.

Mat 11:6 And blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me.

Let’s look briefly at some of the different ones that were offended at or disrespected Jesus, or God, or the man of God, and let’s see what happened to them in the New Testament:

The Pharisees and Jews: Some got saved, but the gospel went out to the gentiles and the eyes of the Jews were spiritually blinded (Ro 11:25).

King Herod: Killed James with the sword and jailed Peter. He was ate up with worms and died, not giving God glory (Acts 12).

Annanias and Saphira: They were not even saved, and were using the church to sell their land. How do I know this? The book of Acts describes who people were, or what background they were from. If a person is a disciple or a believer, the book of Acts will tell you in some fashion or form. Usually, the book of Acts tells you up front, ‘there was a disciple named . . . .’ However Annanias and Saphira were not named as any such disciples, believers, Christians or whatever. They died (Acts 5).

Elymus the sorcerer: Withstood the faith and tried to keep the Deputy from getting saved. He was struck with blindness for a season (Acts 13:5-11).

Lets go to the Old Testament:

We already discussed Cain, Balaam, Korah, Joab and Miriam and Aaron.

The first two captains with their fifties were burned up with fire. The third captain humbled himself before Elijah, the man of God (2 Ki 1:14).

Two bears came out of the woods to maul the kids that taunted Elisha, the man of God (2 Ki 2:23-24).

The man that was trampled in the gate disrespected Isaisas, the man of God, and the word that he spoke (2 Ki 7:19-20).

The children of Israel murmured and complained, failed to believe God’s word, and had to wander in the desert for 40 years (Numbers 14).

Judgement on the men of Anathoth that sought Jeremiah’s life (Jer 11:22)

Ahab, Jezebel, and kings and false prophets who withstood the word of God spoken through the prophets either came to early deaths or had sicknesses immediately come upon them.

This list could go on and on. I know that we are under grace and have a mediator that we did not have in the Old Testament and in the days of Job. However there is a different attitude of honor and respect for God and the man of God that is often not found in the USA.

There is a critical attitude that many Christian Americans today have toward others that can be summed up like this with a quote from our beloved Fred Bishop of NGL: "If he don’t love God as much as me, he needs to get saved. If he loves God more than me he’s a fanatic." Haw! LOL. You must realize, that I myself am guilty also. In judging others of having a pharisitical or critical spirit, I myself have fallen into the same condemnation, for Romans 2:1 says that those that judge others are guilty of the same things. In doing this, I myself am guilty of unbelief, attempting to disqualify those in America of being worthy to receive healings and miracles, and I myself am failing to recognize the power in the blood of Jesus to cover our sins and iniquities, falling into the error of Cain. God help us all. The people from Jesus's home town area tried to throw Jesus over a cliff in Luke 4:30. The vast majority of America has not gotten that bad yet. There is still hope for America.  As the enemy comes in, the Lord will raise up a standard against him.

John Bevere has written a book on this subject entitled "Honor’s Reward", and I highly recommend it to anybody who wants to see this basic principle more clearly. John brings out many wonderful points about people that received their miracles, such as the Syrophonecian woman (Mark 7:26) who was called a dog but yet humbled herself before Jesus, or Hannah who was accused of being drunk by Eli, (1 Sam 1) but yet she maintained her spirit of humility. Had these examples happened in America, these women would probably have been offended, and gone away speaking bad about the man of God, missing out on their miracles. In America, they might have said, "What kind of prophet is he, calling me a drunk, (or a dog). He’s no man of God."

How does Jesus feel about people who are in bondage to sickness or disease? One answer is found in Luke:

Luke 13:16 And ought not this woman, being a daughter of Abraham, whom Satan hath bound, lo, these eighteen years, be loosed from this bond on the sabbath day? 
Notice that this woman had been bound for a long time, and the Pharisees never did heal her, but because Jesus healed her on the sabath . . . .

Jesus healed for many reasons, one being his compassion for the people.

Is there people in your church that need healing? Let God move. I’m eager to come and pray. I guarantee that there will be instant healings.

It is the Lord’s desire to heal everybody!!! Does this seem undoctrinal to you? Is this offensive to you? I can show you a dozen scriptures where Jesus healed ALL. (See the articles under the page "Healing".) Let us all just turn away from our pharisitical mindsets and just believe. We have what the Pharisees did not have; a belief in Jesus Christ as Lord. Let’s be open for what the Holy Spirit might be trying to do, and let’s not miss out on the next big move of God, Amen? 
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A Daily Journal of the March 2010 Honduras Trip 
Central Park in San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Nicaragua 2010 Mission Trip
Everybody I prayed for was healed, and healed almost instantly, unless otherwise noted in this journal, all praise to the Lord Jesus, for taking the stripes for our healing, and for the huge increases in the anointing that He gave me in 2006 and 2008. After someone was healed, I am always quick to give all praise to Jesus, and to do it in a way that doesn't exhibit FALSE humility.  Often people are very thankful that you prayed for them, and you don't want to condemn them in a pharisetical manner for not giving the thanks to Jesus.  Often, with a big smile on my face,  I would say something like, “I never touched you”, or "I just said a few words," and I would point upward and tell them that Jesus loves them.  I very seldom touched people when I prayed for their healing.  When in churches, I would stop once in a while and say something like, “Let’s give God praise for all the miracles!” If you are reading this journal and think that I did not give God the glory, you are wrong. I leave a lot of the details out, otherwise it would be too lengthy.
Sunday, Nov. 28, 2010: I arrived in Managua, Nicaragua, via American Airlines. I had no schedule and no contacts except Mike Havlin who I had found on the internet and talked to on the phone. Mike was out of town at a conference and was unable to help me. I checked in at the Best Western across from the airport, early in the afternoon. Other than seeing a couple of the doormen at the motel get healed from minor things, I was extremely bored. Very few Nicaraguans could speak any English at all. There were not many Americans there. Missionaries were few, and the few I met were from Canada doing doctor stuff. I met a Christian taxi driver (Miguel Angel Lopez) who took me to a couple of different churches Sunday nite, to see if they would turn me loose preaching or praying for the sick. We met a pastor who happened to be at the church named the Casa de Dios, (Asembles de Dios) who agreed to let me come on Tuesday night to minister. Then we went to Nazarene church which was also in the neighborhood and went inside during a service. After the preaching the pastor did not allow me to pray for healing, nor did he want me to minister there. I prayed for several people to be healed in the neighborhood outside the church, and one of them was a church member there, and I told her to report to the pastor how she was healed. Everyone I prayed for was healed, and healed instantly, unless otherwise noted in this journal.  
Monday, Nov 29, 2010:  I met some Americans that I assumed were Christians, and I had a good feeling about them. They agreed to take me to a cheaper place, in that I did not want to pay 70 dollars a night where I was at. During the taxi ride, I found out that they were not really Christians, but had more of a world religion type of view, and I became skeptical of what kind of place they were taking me to. They took me to the Pasada de Ruth, which was a house that rented rooms in a bad neighborhood. My first instinct when the taxi driver approached the place was to tell him to keep driving. I went in and prayed for Ruth, but she only received a partial manifestation on a simple headache and pain the arm, (although she asked me to pray for her headache again the next day, which was healed completely). The American spoke to Ruth in Spanish, and I think he told her to take good care of me, and not to let them cut off the ends of my fingers. Ruth’s family seemed like nice people, but I perceived that they were not Christian. However, I paid rent for a week at 10 dollars a night. I did not know where else to go. The Americans left quickly, and I felt alone. I went for a walk, and Ruth told me which direction to go, in that the neighborhood was very dangerous. I walked to a restaurant called ‘Papusi’ and ate, and a waitress got healed. Then I went to the PlazaInter, a big mall. I took a cab and the cab driver got healed. I did some tricks, preaching to some small girls at the internet café. I prayed for their mom to be healed from a bad back injury, and she spoke English and she interpreted for me until I later found Donald. Her name was Sharon, and we went around the mall and I was able to pray for more people with an interpreter, and several got healed.  
 Tuesday, Nov 30, 2010:  Sharon had things to do that day, and it was another boring day. I ate lunch at the PlazaInter, and the cab driver got healed that took me there. Also, I saw two people with casts on their hand/arm, and their pain was immediately gone as they let me pray for them. Sharon helped me interpret for the evening service at the Casa de Dios(Assembes De Dios with Pastor Armando Jose Obando Senteno. The pastor talked with Sharon for a while, making sure that we weren't having sex and that I wasn't just trying to fleece the flock for an offering. Then he let me preach and pray for the sick. However, there were only four that came up for healing, and I sensed that there were many others that had pain that did not come forward. Three of the four were totally healed within a couple of minutes, and one of these healed could hardly even walk for the severe back pain, but he was bending all around and touching his toes and running in place, praising God and testifying. One man did not receive any obvious manifestation, and he seemed to have some sort of mental problem. (Often, even though there is no manifestation of healing, sometimes the healing still happens over a period of time, even days). The pastor told us about a Pastor’s meeting the next morning, and how to get there. (I also had known of the Pastor’s meeting through Mike Havlin, my original American contact.) The cab driver that took us home from the church was also healed from pain in his arm.  
 Wednesday, Dec 1, 2010:  The Pastor’s meeting was from 8:30 to 11:00 am, and Sharon showed up to get me at 8:15 in a cab. By the time we found the place it was 9:00 already. I got out of the cab and prayed for the cab drivers ankle and he was immediately healed. I paid the cab driver and gave him a little extra, but he refused to take a tip, and I did not have the right change, so we waited for him to find change. I was in a hurry to get to the meeting, but we were the first ones there. I walked around in the building praying for about 20 minutes before the next person showed up. Some of the first ones to come were healed as I asked if they had any pain in their bodies. One elderly man had a cane, and had had a hip replacement a long time ago, but never healed up right. After prayer he said that his pain was gone and he did not use the cane any more.  He was one of the main speakers, officiating the meeting. Praise and worship stated with about 15 people, and more kept drifting in. One pastor talked for a while and he mentioned how well he was received in Latin America, and the big churches he had preached in, but when he went to America, he was treated like a farm boy. My interpreter then spoke about me, and how she was healed in the back and the miracles we had seen, and then I spoke a little about how I was just one man sent by God, paying my own way, with no ministry to support me. I also agreed with the prior speaker, that I was treated like a king in Honduras, and almost 100% were healed in all the churches where I went, but in the United States, I felt more like the suffering servant. Then I spoke about how the United States was turning from God, and some of the events that would happen in the United States. I also said that the government is often run by the rich people, and the rich people that control things are to blame, and that there should be healing between the people of the United States and Nicaragua, and that the United States would suffer some of the same things that the third world nations have suffered at the hand of the controlling rich. Then the next speaker came up and preached one of the best sermons I’ve ever heard. He started out by saying, “God is trying to show us something.” He then went on to explain how it is not about trying to get a “ministry”, or trying to make money through ministry; but rather humility, and sacrificial obedience, and letting God exalt you. I cried through the whole sermon. By the time it was over there was about 30 pastors there. Sharon, my interpreter had to go to immigration at the end of the meeting, and I had no one to help me book meetings. Many of the pastors left before Donald felt led of the Lord to talk to me. Donald could speak fairly good English and could understand English very well. Some pastors came over to talk with me, as they saw I had an interpreter once again, and we got some church services lined up to minister at. Then we took a bus to talk to Donald’s pastor, Ernesto Rourke, who also booked me for a service. Then we went to the Pupusi restaurant, and we led the waitress to the Lord who had gotten healed on Monday.
 Thursday, Dec 2, 2010:  Day by day the pace was gradually picking up.  Donald showed up early (9:30 am) and took me by bus to meet Pastor Rafael Molina Santos and his wife. His wife had already seen us 5 weeks earlier in a vision, sitting as we were in the living room, and she knew that I was coming. She prophesied over me and we wept. She echoed some of the words that were spoken over me in Sensenti, Honduras, saying “You did not come here on your own, but the Lord sent you.” Likewise, Pastor Rafael prophesied over me and nailed it, saying things that only God knew. He said, “The Lord says don’t forget about Guatamala.” Pastor Rafael prophesied about my bus ride to Guatamala, and that the Lord had put it in my heart to go there, and how I would remember this prophesy when I see the pine trees during my bus ride. (Generally, pine trees are only seen in the mountains.) I told Pastor Rafael how the Lord had put it in my heart to go to Guatamala, and how I had planned to go in September of 2009, and I never went. I had an invitation from a pastor, and I prayed about it, and told the pastor that I had confirmation, and if I didn’t go, I was disobedient; however, it turned out that I did not go. Pastor Rafael continued to prophesy over me and said that I would preach at CLC, (my home church in Illinois), and that I should journal the trip. He said that I was in love with Jesus and in love with ministry. One of the phrases Rafael spoke over me sounded like part of what the apostle from La Ceiba, Honduras had spoken over me, that my thoughts were the Lord’s thoughts, and this is how the Lord communicated with me, by putting thoughts in my head. Also, he echoed the words spoken over me in Sensenti, Honduras, in saying that I did not come to Nicaragua on my own, but the Lord had sent me, and that the Lord had many people here (in Nicaragua). He also said that I would be speaking to pastors, and that the Lord would bless my wife while I was gone, and that my wife and I would grow closer, and he spoke of the Lord’s provision for me, and that He was with me in the ups and the downs. He also said that he saw “a golden door opening for me”.  
Thursday night we went to the Iglesia De Dios (Church of God) in the area of Las Piedracdas in Managua, pastored by Francisco Tinoco. I thought that I was going to preach, but there was another young missionary man there from California who had brought him a nice guitar, and he preached. I asked the pastor if I could at least pray for the people to be healed, and he said no, not tonight. I felt that the Holy Spirit was a little bit offended at this, but nonetheless, the pastor did let me say a few words and pray for the sick and hurting to be healed. There was only about 5 people that came up for healing, and they were healed, however 2 of them had not received complete manifestations. The pastor had somebody take us home, and a man in the front seat was healed from a severe cough.
 Friday, December 3, 2010:  My interpreter, Donald, was late showing up this morning. Had he been on time he would have missed a divine appointment. As Donald was coming to meet me, Pastora Maria Adilia Guadamuz from Guatamala called to him, recognizing who he was, even though she had not seen him for 20 some years. It turned out that she was head of the Gauatamala Evangelica Pastors, and was excited to set me up with meetings in Guatamala. She was from a valley among mountains, with pine trees. So Rafael’s prophecy from the day before was already coming to pass, exactly as he had spoken. Donald and I ministered that afternoon in a place called ‘Shantitown’ where the poorest people built houses of sticks and tree limbs in the park where there was a couple of faucets with running tap water available. The roofs of the small one-room houses were made of branches or tarps, but some had tin. We went house to house and prayed for about 15 people to be healed. It seems like almost everybody received a complete manifestation, with maybe two people that did not receive any noticeable manifestation of healing. One of these was a lady that did not do what I told her to do. I asked her to stand there with her hands at her sides, but she told me to come into her house. Again I told her to stand with her hands at her sides, but she picked up her son and held him in her arms. I told her to be calm and not to pray but to just receive, but she prayed out loud while I was praying. She was a Christian woman, but did not recognize authority. Her husband needed healing, and he did exactly what I said, and he just stood there calmly with his hands at his sides and was healed instantly. Go figure. That night we went to a church service north of the airport in the Tipitapa area at the Iglesia Christiana with Pastor Louis Gutieres. He had another preacher lined up, and apologized, but let me preach a 10 minute message and pray for all to be healed at the end of the service. It was a big outdoor service and there were a lot of people that came up for healing, probably about two-thirds of all the people. There were only 3 people that did not receive any noticeable manifestation, and one of these was a deformed, retarded woman. Another was a man with pain in the arm and shoulder, and I don’t know why he did not receive. The third person came for more prayer after the service and with much prayer finally received, and all she had was a headache. There was about 25 or 30 people healed that night. The pastor wanted me to come to a different church the next Friday. I told him yes, but later had to cancel because of a double scheduling error.  
 Saturday, December 4, 2010:  Went to Sharon’s house to pray for her mother and sister. They were healed and so was the cab driver who took me there. Sharon’s sister had cancer, and her pain was immediately gone.  My personal experience in praying for people dictates that cancer is not any harder than any other basic type of disease. Sharon also took me around to the neighbors which got healed also. A couple of the neighbors got zapped in the Spirit, including one young man who was a thief that was afterward playing Christian music on the radio and singing along and crying. Later I met up with Donald and he introduced me to the pastor of a Church of God (Iglesia De Dios), which was near where I was staying. His name was Thomas Guzman and he was head of all the Church of God pastors in the area. Then we went to our scheduled service at a church pastored by Zona Franka which was in Tipitapa just 3 blocks from where we were the night before. I played guitar with the worship band and then preached and prayed for a bunch of people to be healed. Everyone received their healing except 3 people, and two of those were the same ones that did not receive the night before, and the third appeared to have cerebral palsy. There was a total of about 15 or 20 that came up for prayer. Then the pastor rushed us out in a hurry so we could catch the end of another service. It was a youth group, and there was only one person there that needed a physical healing, and she was healed of a sciatic nerve problem in the back. The pastor wanted me to pray over all of them and give a word over them. I did the best I could, however, I’m more comfortable praying for physical healing. The church was a Pentecostal church named Iglesia Fuenta de Agua Viva that was pastored by the cab driver who had taken us home the night before, whose name was Rufino Joya Gonzalez.  The pastor then took us out to eat and we ate beef.  The meat was tough, and the jovial, good-natured pastor attempted to convince me that we were eating horse.
 Sunday, December 5, 2010:  There was some confusion to the time of the meeting. I had 6:30 pm on my schedule written, but the pastor said it was at 10 am and I missed it, neither did Donald show up in time anyway. Donald took me to Derick’s house to find me another place to stay. Everybody told me to move, because I was in a very dangerous neighborhood. Derick’s eyes were very bloodshot, and I thought at first that he was a drinker or drug user, but his nature and actions seemed very Christian. I prayed for his wife to be healed, and after a while asked him about his eyes. He said he was very short-sighted, and had lost his glasses while riding his motorcycle, and his eyes were constantly very irritated without glasses. I prayed for his eyes, and his vision was restored to normal and he could see very clearly, both near and far. Derick took us to a very nice Christian motel with a very affordable rate of only 30 dollars American per night, and paid for my first night there. The husband and wife that run the motel were healed. The wife had back pain, and the husband had high blood sugar. I found out later that the next time he checked his sugar level it was normal. Donald called to confirm the Sunday night meeting, and found out that we had missed it and it was supposed to be in the morning, so we went to the Iglesia De Dios near the TicaBus where Thomas Guzman pastored, whom I had met the day before. Pastor Thomas was glad that I could come, and had tried to schedule me before, but I didn’t have any open days, so I thought. I (with Donald interpreting) preached on healing as we did most of the time, and prayed for the people to be healed. It was a decent sized congregation.  About 2/3 of the church members came forward for healing. Everybody was healed instantly, with the exception of one elderly lady whose left eye looked cloudy like it had been injured. After the service, though, her eye looked a lot better and she was smiling, and pointing to her ears. I was not sure if it was pain or a hearing problem, but I think it was a hearing problem, and after prayer I asked her, “Se fue?”, (It’s gone?) and she nodded yes. I also clicked my fingers near her ear and asked if she could hear, and she nodded yes. Whatever it was, she was all smiles and was healed whatever it was. Pastor Thomas was very pleased and offered to take us wherever we needed to go while I was in Nicaragua.  
Monday, December 6, 2010: We left for Pueble Nuevo which is a good hour or so north of Esteli, near the Hondurian border. However we did not get there in time to make the pastor’s meeting where I was supposed to preach. There was about 30 pastors at that meeting. We were also supposed to preach at a radio station, but the transmission equipment had been stolen the night before. The pastor who owned the radio station (Pastor Aristidez) was needing prayer after suffering this huge financial loss, which was equal to about 5 thousand dollars american. We ended up going to the pastor’s house that night. I did some tricks for the neighborhood kids and played the guitar as well, and several of the kids had little injuries that were healed, as I preached Jesus to them and prayed for all that had any type of pain. The pastor gave us his own bedroom to sleep in, which was very humbling. I ate what was put in front of me.
 Tuesday, December 7, 2010:  Pastor Jaime Uriel Romero Rodriguez took us to his house and fed us and we preached at the country church where he pastored. The service started at 3 pm and the churchhouse was packed. People had walked to the church for miles around to get healed. The worship lasted an hour and then they turned me loose preaching at 4:15. Almost everybody in the church came up for healing, and all were healed, including a boy with a broken arm, whose arm was immediately pain free, although there still was some swelling. It was starting to get dark by 5:30, and many of the people had to walk a long way to get back home. After supper, we went to some of the neighbors and I did some of my so-called magic tricks, although it is not magic, just tricks, as I preached the gospel through the tricks. There were a couple more healings and a salvation that night at a neighbors’s house. This pastor and his wife also gave up their bedroom for us to sleep in, and you seldom see that kind of sacrificial giving in America. They did not have much. There was not much to cover with, and it was a little chilly at night there in the mountains, and they did not have much food, but what they had they gave to us. Again, it was very humbling. The well water was colder than normal, and even my interpreter was not used to it and did not take a full shower the next morning.  
Wednesday, December 8, 2010: In the morning we ate a small amount of food and then walked all over the countryside, going house to house and praying for all those that needed healing, and leading some through salvation prayers when necessary. In the middle of nowhere, we caught a bus that took us to Esteli. I felt comfortable on the bus. It was not crowded, and the country folks were not dangerous like some of those in Managua. I did some tricks, preaching as I did them, and revealed the tricks so they did not think it was magic, which I often do, and then asked if any need healing. After the first lady got healed, then there was about 4 more that got healed right there on the bus. We took the bus to Esteli, and then took another bus to Managua. Then we called Pastor/taxi driver Justo Rufino Joya who met us and took us out to eat and a man at the restaurant was healed in his leg immediately. Then he took us to his church, Iglesia Fuenta de Agua Viva in the area of Unidad de Proposito, where we had briefly ministered to the youth on Saturday night. There was a prayer meeting going on with his regular church members, (not just the youth like on Saturday), and he turned me loose preaching and praying for the sick. Everybody came up for healing, (so I thought, but really many just wanted a touch from the Lord). There was only about 9 or 10 that actually needed a healing. There was also an elderly drunken man that had a left blind eye that looked like it had been injured, in that it was clouded over. Everybody received their healing except for the man with the blind eye, so I thought, although he testified that he had back pain that was immediately healed, and I did not know anything about that when I prayed for his eye. Sometimes the injured eye miracles like this take a while to manifest, and I don’t learn about them until the next time I return to the area. When I got back to the motel, there was a very nice young man working there. I really liked him and I was concerned that he was not saved. I entertained him with my tricks. Then I demonstrated a miracle for him by praying for a man with asthma who was working at the other motel across the street. There were two men there, and I figured that they were old enough that maybe one of them would need a healing, and I was right. All symptoms of the man’s asthma were gone. Then I came back to talk to the young man at my motel, telling him that this proves that God is real. At this point, the young man mentioned a pain from an injury that he had in his back. I prayed for him, but he did not receive his miracle, and I don’t know why. I liked the young man, and I really wanted him to get saved, and prayed for him later. However, several days later, the young man was working again, and my interpreter Donald happened to be with me. I prayed for his back again, and Donald was praying also, and Donald told him to raise his hands and praise God for the healing. The young man stood there for a several minutes, with his eyes closed, and praised God, and then he checked his back and all his symptoms were gone. It was as if he could not believe it. He kept bending all around and up and down, and sitting down and standing up, making sure that he was healed. Donald led him through a simple salvation prayer.  
 Thursday, December 9, 2010:  In the morning I met a man named Brad from Denver who had a ministry in Managua with the children at the huge, city trash dump. His contact, named Bismark, took me to some friends and relatives, and I prayed for them to be healed. For some reason, most of these people seemed to receive partial manifestations only. However, God is not a halfway god, He is the Beginning and the End, and if He starts the miracle, my experience is that He usually finishes it. Later in the day I met with Donald and we went back to the church where we were the week before on Thursday, (with pastor Martinez Tinerro), although my schedule said different. There was only 4 church members that showed up, besides the pastor and me & Donald. I gave a short word, and prayed over all of them and the pastor, and then they rushed me to the bus stop, and Donald took me to a much larger church service at the Iglesia De Dios in the Laspiedrecitas area, where he knew the pastor (Francisco Tinoco). The service was in progress and Donald talked to the pastor, who brought us to the front and later turned me loose preaching and praying for the sick and hurting. The church really enjoyed the preaching as usual, but only 4 came up for healing. They had a good church and a good pastor and the people were already praying for people to be healed when we arrived, so there just was not many there that needed to get healed. All 4 that came up got healed. After the service I also prayed for a girl that appeared to have cerebral palsy, but there did not seem to be any immediate manifestation. 
 Friday, December 10, 2010:  I was disappointed about not being able to get into the prison without prior authorization, which can only be obtained on Mondays. Donald and I went to a radio station with my Spanish music CD, but were not very well received. Then we went to the hospital, and Donald asked permission from three nurses behind the desk if we could minister there. The three nurses asked us to pray general blessings over them. Then 2 of the 3 admitted to having physical problems and they were healed. They both had knee problems and one of the two had a headache as well, but they were immediately set free from their pain. Then we went about the hospital praying for people and saw some cool results. Many with pain were painfree within seconds. We did not have much time there, because we went to a church meeting with Pastor Ernesto Rourke. Pastor Rourke gave me an hour to minister between 7 and 8:00 pm, and I decided to pray for healing first, and then give the message, which is backwards from the normal order of church service. Almost everyone in the church needed a healing, and all were healed quickly and easily, all praise to Jesus Christ for the stripes he took, and to the Lord, apart from whom we can do nothing. Whenever I pray for people, I’m always careful to give the Lord all the glory. Neither do I touch people when I pray, which allows me to give the Lord the glory, in that I did not do the healing. Afterwards, I preached a prophetic message and spoke on the signs of the times, the return of the Lord, and things to come. The pastor gave me a 20 dollar American offering, which was huge for down there and a bit unusual. He also did the normal courtesy of paying for our cab fare home. Donald and I went out to eat a big meal of fahitas with rice and beans for 1 dollar apiece, American.  
 Saturday, December 11, 2010:  Donald came to the motel early, and we waited for a pastor that we had met the night before who was a friend of Pastor Rourke. This pastor ministered to the widows and the fatherless in a very poor section of Managua near a polluted river. We took a long bus ride to that area where the congregation was gathered, waiting for us. I preached healing and prayed for all to be healed. All the widows were amazingly healed, all glory to God, including one lady with severe bone arthritis, whom the doctors said would not be able to walk again. Also, two elderly ladies had hearing loss that was restored. Then of course, there was the normal aches and pains such as headaches, arthritis, back pains, diabetes, stomach and female problems, etc., and these were all healed as normal. Then we took a long bus ride to the evening service with Pastor William Molina, who was Rafael Molina’s brother, at the Iglsesia De Dios in a very bad section of town. We were able to get within 6 or 7 blocks of the church, but the cab drivers would not even take us into this area, as was the case with maybe a third of the churches where I preached, in that the cab drivers would not go to these areas after dark. This was a very good sized church, and lots of people came. They really enjoyed the preaching, and a large percentage of the people came up for healing. As usual, after praying for the first few people, I usually have them give quick testimonies, so the rest of the people can know what to expect as well. Miracles include the young lady that led worship, in that her vision was very poor and her vision close up was extremely bad, and she was starting to loose her vision altogether in her left eye, which was seeing things very darkly. As she was healed, the first thing she saw was my smiling face, and she then passed out in the Spirit. She later gave a wonderful, emotional testimony before the church. There was also another good corrective eye miracle that night, and I believe that everyone was healed, in that I always check at the end of the service, asking those to raise their hands that know that they had a pain or problem and that their pain or problem is now gone. I also ask as well if anybody still has pain in their body, and if they do, to please let me pray for them a second time, but as is usually the case, everybody is healed. The pastor was pleased and gave me an offering of 500 Cordobas, which is about 19 dollars American, which was huge, and they gave us and several others a ride home in the back of a pickup truck. 
 Sunday, December 12, 2010:  We went to the Igesia Isaias, pastored by Rafael Molina Santos, for the morning service at 10 am. This was the same pastor that prophesied over me on Thursday, December 2. It was a small service and I preached a very short healing message and there was only about 5 or 6 people that came up to be healed. One of the miracles includes an elderly lady that had a lens implant surgically put in her eye. I had noticed that she was wearing glasses earlier, and I had given the call to include eye and dental problems. She had asked for healing in a different area of her body which I prayed for, but I noticed that she was holding her glasses in her hand, so I also prayed for her eyes as well, and her vision was restored perfectly and she did not need her glasses any more. After everybody was healed, I preached a prophetic message, in that this was a prophetic church. We then went with the pastor and his family to eat a church lunch at his brothers church where we had been the night before. Then we went to the airport to attempt to get my travel arrangements set for Monday morning, and then we were late arriving at the evening service at a church called the Iglesia Bautista, Alfa y Omega, with pastor Miguel Angel Mena Murillo. The pastor had already started the message when we arrived, and he was doing an excellent job of preaching on Luke 10, about how we should evangelize to the world. After that, I was allowed to preach a very short message, and then pray for all the people. There were a lot of people there, and the greatest majority of them came forward. I was used to praying one at a time, and after I was about halfway done praying for them, my interpreter, Donald, informed me that the pastor wanted me to pray quicker, in that many of them had to catch a bus, and the service needed to end. After hearing this, I prayed much quicker, walking among them and commanding every spirit of infirmity to leave and commanded their bodies to be healed, all in the name of the Christ, Jesus, of course. Then I walked by them again, telling them to check their body and move around, to check for the pain. As they did so, they were all smiles, as they nodded yes when I asked them if the pain was gone completely. (Se fue, su dolor completamente?) As far as I know, they were all healed, even an elderly lady that was extremely short-sighted, who came up to me at the end saying that she could see fine without her glasses. Pastor Miguel was happy, and he took us to eat supper and to the motel. Pastor Miguel as well as Pastor Rafael had offered me their house to live in when I return. Also, I had met some pastors that wanted to set up big meetings for me in advance, wanting to know when I would return. For my first time in Nicaragua, it was a fairly decent trip. I felt I was forging new territory, where there had not been any Americans go before, at least not in the area of miraculous healings and demonstrations of God’s power, that I knew of. I had felt that what God wanted to do there was bigger than what I could do, nonetheless, I felt a calling to bring change to that nation. I could see that God could open a big door for me there, in an area where many northern Americans feared to tread. Pastor Miguel had preached in several areas of the United States, and I sensed that God could use him to open doors for me even in my homeland.
     This evening at the motel I videoed Donald's Testimony, entitled "Donald Molina, Interpreter, Testifies. Dec 2010".   I had not videoed anything else on this trip because as usual, there was nobody to work the camera.  Also, I felt uncomfortable in Nicaragua, my first time there, whipping out an expensive camera.  Nicaragua seemed very dangerous and unfriendly on the streets and buses, however, I noticed the nation changing rapidly as I made the next five trips in 14 months, (not counting two additional trips to Guatemala). 
 Monday, December 13, 2010:  I went to the airport a couple of hours early, and I did my little so-called magic tricks and prayed for several of the airport workers to be healed of things like back or neck pains and a headache. I caught my plane and returned home. A devout, Catholic lady next to me on the plane got healed in her back, her pain was completely gone, and she also was healed of cancer, although she did not have any pain associated with the cancer, and could not verify that she was healed of that as well. Upon arriving in St. Louis, the driver for Bart’s transportation was healed from pain in the knees, although I had to pray a second time before the pain was completely 100% gone in his right knee. Bart’s transportation was also picking up some other people. There was a young man from France that watched as I prayed for the driver’s knee the second time, after which point he admitted having a muscular problem in his leg from an old injury. The young man from France received a very good partial manifestation of his healing instantly, and by the time we arrived in Carbondale, his leg was completely healed. This young man from France was not fully persuaded as to whether Jesus was the Christ or not, neither did he wish to receive salvation, but I believe that will change, in that he knows that his leg was healed, and that I did not even touch him, and that it was done in the name of the Christ, Jesus.
I give the Lord Jesus all the glory and praise for all the great miracles and healings. The bottom line is that Jesus took the stripes for our healing. Apart from Him we can do nothing. But through Him we can do all things.  

A Daily Journal of the Dec. 2010 Nicaragua Trip
God Shows Himself Strong in Guatemala, 2011 
As printed in the Good News newspaper, February 2011 (However, the YouTube links of services & testimonies have been added at the end)
     It was another great trip, and my first time in Guatemala. I flew in on Saturday, Jan 29 to Guatemala City and was met by my good friend/interpreter/preacher/evangelist Donald Molina who came up all the way from Nicaragua, and Pastora/National Coordinator Maria Adilia Guadumuz Nozaldy from Guatamala, and a local pastor at whose church I preached shortly after arrival. Maria had lined up 17 services in 16 days, together with 4 interviews/messages at 3 different radio stations.
     God showed Himself strong in that almost all were healed of every physical problem that they had. There were many churches where all, (100%) were healed. Cancers were healed just as easily as the common types of physical problems such as stomach and female problems, diabetes and arthritis. Deaf ears popped open immediately, and there were a couple of good dental miracles, and one man was completely healed of a hernia who had been scheduled for surgery, all glory to God. Maria videoed some of the testimonies, such as a dental miracle, the hernia, and an eye that was infected for 8 years, and a few others, as well as some of the services. I plan to make DVD’s available for free for any pastors that are interested.
     We were in Guatemala City for 4 days, and we also went to indigenous (native Indian) villages in the state of Solola where Spanish was not the main language, but they spoke languages such as Quiche or Katchikel (Aztec decendants), or Sutujil, or Man (Mayan decendants). It was a little more difficult to minister in these areas, in that the people were accustomed to weeping and wailing very loudly with their eyes shut during prayer time, and communication was difficult. It was like trying to pour into a glass that is in the process of pouring out. God still showed Himself strong, but the process took longer. It is much easier when the people are quiet and just simply receive that which has already been paid for.
     We also went just across the northwest border into southern Mexico to the areas around Cuauhtemoc and Frontera Comalapa in the state of Chiapas. The pastors did not want any American missionaries but they changed their minds when they heard how the Lord had moved with miracles and instant healings, and we spent a whole week there. Most pastors had never even seen an American missionary before. I heard stories of how other American missionaries were killed and eaten by a strange sect that prays to God and Satan at the same time, bowing down to a skull idol, and this was only 170 kilometers away from where I was staying; and I did preach at a church on the fringe of this area where God healed all, and the news quickly spread in the village and more and more people kept coming in to receive healing before the service could finally be closed.
God healed miraculously over the air waves from the radio stations and phone lines as well, and in even greater and quicker manifestations than in the churches.
Everyone was trying to bless me. I had need of nothing. Almost all my expenses were paid, with the exception of my airfare and some miscellaneous bus tickets and gas money, although I blessed some of the pastors.  
I came back home on February 14. My contacts there will be scheduling much bigger meetings for my next visit. I thank God for opening all the doors.  

I encourage others to believe God’s Word. Jesus said “The works that I do shall you do also, and greater works than these, because I go to the Father.” This includes multiplying food, translation, and walking on water. Jesus healed all that asked sincerely. Some of us need a fresh revelation of the stripes on the back of Jesus, and how He almost died at the whipping post. The only ones that did not receive their healing in the Bible were the ones that: 1: Did not believe that Jesus was the Christ, and, 2: Were also offended at Him, which includes the people in Jesus’ home town. Few people meet both of these conditions. We should have this Biblical mindset in order to see the huge percentages of people get healed.  
God is also looking for obedience, which includes the Great Commission. There are many pastors that do not even witness here at home. Acts 1:8 says, “But ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me . . .” Jesus not only taught, but demonstrated how to do it. Jesus said to go and declare that the Kingdom of heaven is at hand. He said, “Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons.” He would not tell us to do something if it was impossible. God will give the increase as you step out. God’s increase is less likely to come to the doubters and criticizers. A true disciple remains in the Word, obeys the Word, has fruit that remains, loves his brothers, and is willing to forsake all to fulfill the Great Commission. Honor and respect for the Holy Spirit, as well as for other people, is very important.  
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