The Financial Collapse
 Is it coming?   What should we do?
          Things we can do to prepare
March 25, 2012 (with more recent updates below))
     Many don't see it coming.  To me it is as plain as day.  Why do I see it coming and others don't?  Here are several reasons:  
     #1:  I listen to reliable, well known prophets such as John Paul Jackson and Terry Bennett.  Unfortunately, most churches in the U.S. are not hearing the apostles & prophets.  God has chosen these particular non-denominational prophets in an effort to get the message through to as many people as possible. (The Lord dislikes denominational walls.   1 Cor 1:11-13).  
     #2:  I see it in the Bible.  I see clear Bible patterns of where we are, and where we are going, such as the 2000 year pattern, and the 400 year Egyptian pattern, including where the U.S. is in scripture.  I also see the Biblical, heavenly signs.  The "Economy" page gives a very brief overview on these topics.  
     #3:  I see historical patterns, such as the Roman empire pattern, and typical lengths of world empires.  No nation has every devalued its currency to prosperity.  
     #4:  I have an understanding of the times.  This includes economic and market knowledge and experience, combined with true study of the real news, apart from the mainstream TV media that is controlled by the Powers That Be (PTB).  
     #5:  I have inside information:  This comes from sources such as Pastor Lindsey Williams who has inside info from who he calls 'the Elite', who I call the 'PTB'.   
     All these sources are lining up together with many of the same forecasts.  So, what is coming?
     The "Economy" page gives some prophetic insight.   However, don't just take my word for it.  I suggest you study everything you can find on the prophets John Paul Jackson and Terry Bennett.  Google them and watch every YouTube video and read every web page you can find.   You can also listen to some recent things from Lindsey Williams.  Perry Stone is a good prophetic Bible teacher.  This page, however is going to address financial things only.
     Quit beating around the bush!  What is coming?  
     The PTB (a.k.a. 'the Banking Cabal' or 'the Elite') are not going to let the economy collapse just yet.   They want to keep that 'free money' from the printing press rolling as long as they can, although the dollar will see substantial devaluation at the end of this year (2012).  Their idea is to get the governments, taxpayers, nations and states in as much debt as possible with their freely printed paper money and their computer generated monetary instruments.  Then, when the PTB lets the system collapse, they will pose as our saviours, and attempt to lay claim on all of our physical assets as collateral.  
     For example, the PTB (Powers That Be) created the 'mortgage crises', but it somewhat backfired on them, in that they cannot really prove that they have rightful ownership of the clouded titles & liens,  and people with knowledge know how to defeat them in court.  However, this mortgage crises has aided in their plan of bringing down the economy of the U.S., in that the U.S. is the main freedom fortress that is keeping the NWO from coming into world power.  Also, the PTB still has a plan for obtaining your property:  Their plan is to make the economy get so bad, that the people will not be able to pay their taxes, and then they can raise taxes and scoop up all the property for cents on the devalued dollar.  People have already been moving out of Atlanta, Chicago and Detroit because taxes are too high.  The housing crises will get worse, and the commercial property dominoes are yet to fall.  For info on what to do concerning your house and/or mortgage, I've got a new page in construction on this site.
     How bad will the economy get? 
     The dollar, (which is actually only a Federal Reserve Note) will see substantial devaluation by the end of 2012.  The reason the dollar is holding so well on the foreign exchange is because the Federal Reserve can control all the markets, even the Forex.  They are bringing down all the economies slowly, like boiling a frog in water, attempting to keep them going down in a balanced, unnoticeable fashion, but eventually the Euro will fail, at which point you may only have about 3 weeks to get yourself out of paper assets, because the U.S. will be next.  I believe the Euro will fail, and France and Germany will eventually form a new currency, and other nations will consider participation with them.  There will be turmoil in Europe, for example, Spain which will have some sort of civil war centered around its capitol.  These events will happen before mid 2015.  Anyway, the U.S. will follow the way of the Euro.  
     If it is written on paper, it won't be worth the paper it is written on.  Most pension plans, 401k's etc. will not be worth much.  I've been telling people for years to get out of them if possible, by taking the penalty or whatever you have to do, and buy silver & gold.  Eventually, the dollar, (paper asset) will not be worth much either.  Stocks, bonds, investments, and paper certificates of various kinds may loose all or most of their value.  There will be more MF Global's.  (Investment banks that go bust, and "Whoops" your money is gone.)  The clearing houses warn you in the fine print that they can keep your money in the case of a collapse or bankruptcy.  This means that your investments are not safe, as MF Global has set a new precedent confirming this.  Consider keeping your money outside of any banking institution, and preferably in a form other that paper.  Terry Bennett has stated that the DOW could go as low as 500.  In 2008 the DOW hit 5000, so if Terry is right, and I believe he is, the coming slump in 2015 will be worse that the great depression.  What could make the DOW go to 500?  There will be a rush out of the dollar.  There is a strong possibility that a new currency will come in, called the Amero, as prophesied by John Paul to happen before the end of 2018, (but that step may be skipped and go straight to the NWO currency).  The Amero will be the same currency between Canada, Mexico & the U.S.    Whatever happens, there will have to be a failure of the dollar before a new currency will be accepted.   The dollar (which is really just a Federal Reserve Note) has been the international standard of exchange that all countries have had to use.  In the past, all nations have had to convert their currencies to the dollar to buy Middle East oil.   However, this is changing rapidly, and more news articles are coming out how nations are agreeing to trade in other currencies.  This is one of many things that will shoot a hole in the dollar.  The mass printing is another good reason.  The more dollars that are printed, the less the existing dollars are worth, but unfortunately, this newly printed money is going into the hands of the PTB and the big banks, and not the people.
     So what must we do to prepare?  
     Let's get to the point.  I don't want to bore you with prophecies of earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic plume covering half of the U.S., power grid outages, communication problems, high oil prices, terrorist attacks, false flag events, black swans, drought, etc.  You can do your own homework on this, getting some of it from my "Economy" page, or links on that page.  After all, this is supposed to be a financial page.  What should you do to prepare financially?  First of all, do you own due diligence.  I'm not responsible for your finances, or your lack of timing in getting in and out. 
     Paper receipts:  Blackouts and/or computer viruses could wipe out computer generated financial records.  Keep hard copy, written, paper records for all banking and financial matters, both for what you owe somebody and/or what somebody owes you, so that you don't get taken to the cleaners.
     Precious Metals:  Called PM's, you should get some if you can afford it.  Gold and Silver is the way to go.  Industrial metals like platinum may lose more money in an economic downturn.  Silver has industrial uses, but it is also a monetary commodity, and for many reasons not mentioned herein, is a better investment than gold, being more rare than gold.  Eventually, gold & silver will be much higher, but it will be a very bumpy road.  The Fed-operated Exchange Stabilization Fund, working through JP Morgan, HSBC and Goldman Sachs can set the price of gold & silver (or stocks or currencies) wherever they want, so don't be fooled by paper derivative contract prices.   You want to have the metal IN YOUR HANDS.  Don't trust any kind of 'Allocated' account, despite certificates with the serial number of the bar, or whatever.  Often the same bar is sold to different people, and the lawyers win.  News of these court cases fail to reach mainstream TV.  Even the US Treasury gold will be found to be 'gold covered' only.  Preferably, you want gold coins minted in the U.S. before 1933, to have legal tender that cannot be confiscated, and when buying silver, I suggest coins minted in the U.S., the year not being as critical, but I prefer the 90% coins from 1964 and before, that they call 'junk silver'.  This is legal, constitutional money, more so that the FRN's (Federal Reserve Notes) that we have today.  Remember, old silver coins are only 90% silver, and their weight is based on a regular ounce rather than the troy ounce that they use to establish the price of silver, so there is about a 3 gram difference (the regular ounce is 3 grams lighter).  This means that 4 quarters should go for about 73% of what the troy ounce is going for, in that the 4 quarters are 10% cheaper because they are 10% copper, and the 3 gram difference takes off about another 10%.  Add a 3% discount for wear and a little melt down discount, and you should get a face value dollar for about 72 to 75% of the spot silver price.  (Hope you are not confused).   Nobody can predict the future, but God knows.  I suggest to you the possibility that when gold goes to 2000, that it might take a big hit as the PTB tries to scare people out of it, and it may do this two more times.  Just hang on or use it as a buying opportunity, because it will end up going back over 2000 and much higher.  Silver should eventually be well over a hundred and maybe even several hundred.  If you are extremely poor and can't buy PM's, then save some nickels before they quit making them.  They are 75% copper and 25% nickel, and the melt-down value of them now (March 2012) is about six cents.  If a new currency comes, it may be legal to melt them down.  I'm not a financial expert, and this is not to be construed as financial advice.
     Seek God:  Good Christian people say, "God will protect me."  Maybe God is using me to warn you.  Proverbs 22:3 says, "A prudent man forseeth evil and hideth himself, but the simple pass on and are punished."  Seeking God means getting answers from the throne as to what to do.  This is VERY IMPORTANT.  This is not the time for a lackadaisical trust in God, but the REAL THING;  seeking His face and doing His will.  As times get worse, it will be a time for giving to the poor and those in need, as the government cuts programs.  This will also be a time for people to start new businesses.  Seek God for ideas to create jobs & businesses, as His wisdom will be released for this.  Ask Him for dreams & visions.
     I have given you good advice.  Any other advice about other currencies such as the Chinese Yuan, the Vietnamese Dong or the Iraqi Dinar is purely speculative, based on rumors rather that the Word of God.  However the Bible does mention a harlot, (symbolic of false religion) in a basket in Zech 5.  There is a lead cover put on the basket as two angelic creatures with wings of a stork (also symbolic of false religion) fly this harlot to the land of Shinar (Iraq).  Also, Revelation 18 speaks of all the merchants of the earth doing business with Babylon (which is in Iraq).   This means Babylon will be built, and Babylon will be rich.  The antichrist (which is the Muslim christ, or Mahadi) is supposed to come out of Iraq according to Muslim theology.   This gives credence to the rumors that the Iraqi Dinar could possibly revalue at a much higher level.  Something will cause Babylon to get rich, according to Rev 18.  However, the buying of Iraqi Dinars is very speculative, so don't buy with money that you can't live without.  Just because I know others that have bought a little Iraqi Dinar with a small amount of speculative, play USD money does not mean I would advise others to do that .  However, it could pay off big time.  The Yuan or the Dong are likewise very speculative, and maybe even more so.  There are a lots of currencies that will fare better than the American dollar (FRN), but I would recommend real money (PM's) over those:   However, I'm not a financial consultant & I'm not liable for your mistakes.
     I could be wrong.  Do your own reseach:  My advice is free, so take it for what it is worth.  I could be wrong.  Who knows, maybe the church will actually figure out what they need to repent of, and they will let the Holy Spirit move, and they will actually try to let the Holy Spirit do the things that only the Holy Spirit can do, giving Him honor and control.  Who knows, we might actually get a prophetic voice in the government that will turn this nation around, and then this whole article will become null and void.  Maybe the churches will cease to be financial organizations.  Maybe the pastors will stop going for the numbers and start going for God.  Maybe they will start to preach in a manner to please Jesus, rather than to keep the offerings and numbers up.  Maybe the church will start to do what Jesus said, "Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons.  Freely you have received, FREELY give."  Jesus' advice is free to us all, but it is not wrong.   I'm not selling anything, neither am I asking for money.  I'm just putting this out for you to read.
     What else could turn things around?  Besides repentance on the part of the church, there is a small possibility that the arrest of all the chief Cabal members and modern day money changers could help curb the economic turmoil from hitting with full force, providing the politicians use wisdom in providing an alternate currency.  Jesus didn't care much for the money changers, and I believe He still feels the same.   You see, in this instance we don't have 1800 Savings and Loan officers facing stiff penalties.  This time the plan is to let it all go down the tubes. Too big to fail also means too big to prosecute.  This attitude needs to be changed for the U.S. to have hope.  

     Articles that you may find interesting concerning financial things:

​     Here is a fairly recent article about the plans of nations to remove the USD as the world reserve currency:  
     Here is an old article, when the news was new news:  China has also headed up the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, & South Africa), to get off the USD.   

     I could post many articles, but let me post a good FaceBook site, where I find a lot of usefull info: 
     (More updates and articles are listed toward the bottom).

     We voted in the politicians that passed abortion at taxpayer expense, so that there would not be the funds paying into our social security programs.  About 30 million of the 50 million that have been aborted would have been paying in by now.  If you read your most accurate ancient history Book/Bible, you'll find that this is an old trick of the devil/controlling oligarchs:  to kill off innocent children in order to maintain control, such as in the days of (and days just prior to) Moses and Jesus.  (Yes, Jesus is coming back again).  American taxpayers are forced to fund abortions throughout the whole world, yet government programs are implemented at taxpayer expense to save symbolic creatures of darkness such as bats, owls and snakes. 

     We also let them get away with taking prayer out of schools, even changing the history books, and teaching 8-year olds how to put a condom on a cucumber, and all about alternative family structures (homosexuality).  If the young generation does not have the ability to choose Jesus Christ, they will perish.  That means the generations after them would also perish without Godly leaders.  God, not willing that any perish, in His love and mercy is allowing us to receive wake-up calls.  True repentance is the only thing that can change what is coming.  School teachers may be some of the first to go in austerity tightening, if we don't wake up & repent.  I hope you enjoy my poem:
Gay rights will evolve into gay riots.   
The Yuan revaluation will be a Dollar devaluation.  
China will lead the pack on the economic attack.  All the nations will turn their back.  
They won't want to trade for worthless money.  Without foreign oil it won't be funny.  
America might go down even faster, when you throw in some kind of black swan disaster. 
An earthquake or two, a nuclear attack, America is through, flat on its back.
Nothing like a little volcanic plume, to complete the cycle of boom gloom and doom.
The insurance sector never paid for Katrina.  They will fall first in the economic arena.
Then the banking sector will be next in the row.  The housing sector w/much further to go.
The medical will be next in line, with the pharmaceuticals not far behind.  
This order of events is hard to understand, not going exactly the way they had planned.
The Dow slops and drops, hitting new lows.  How far will it go?  God only knows.
It's more than a normal economic correction.  Silver and gold will provide some protection.
It's all in the plan, take America down;  can the devil prevail with the Christians around?
If you believe in Biblical interpretation, then you're a terrorist according to recent legislation.
If America is to survive this attack, we must repent, because He's coming back

Important Update, May 5, 2012:  Hey, I know many of my Christian brothers have thought me to be nuts, but I still love them and I still continue to warn them.  
     This persuading article explains how the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) is preparing for civil war:   The DHS has stocked up with 450 million rounds of hollow point bullets in preparation for the coming economic collapse, which could happen soon.  I would like to remind you that the DHS is part of the FEDERAL government, which means that they are basically run by the banking Cabal.  If you don't believe that the banking Cabal runs our government, then you didn't study this documentary posted on my 'Economy' page: God's people are destroyed for lack of knowledge (Hos 4:6) so watch this documentary instead of the TV.  It's interesting, and you will learn.

Important Update, May 20, 2012:  Although there is not much news or media of this, bank runs are starting in Europe and things are getting worse there.  Governments are panicked about a liquidation event, and despite recent manipulated downturn in prices, demand for PM's remains strong.  The prophets stated that the collapse of the U.S. economy would follow Europe by about 3 weeks, and the economists are saying this now also.   Banks in the U.S. have already been notified by the DHS that they have authority to loot bank deposit boxes and personal accounts unannounced and without warrants.  Lindsey Williams' latest release also confirms the huge, looming derivative disaster.  According to prophet Terry Bennett, the coming 2012 collapse will be worse than 2008, and the one in 2015 will be worse than the great depression.  Don't be scared but prepared.  May the Lord give you wisdom concerning these matters, in the name of the Christ, Jesus.  God bless you.
Important Update, May 28, 2012:  Lindsey Williams gave signs to watch for concerning the coming collapse of the dollar.  On his newest release on May 25 he stated that the signs NOT to watch will be the stock market, the EURO, and the price of oil, which are controlled by the Federal Exchange Stabilization Fund, a.k.a. the Plunge Protection Team.  The real things to watch are these:  Look for a crack in the derivative market (futures), and watch for currency wars and trade wars.  The last thing he said to watch for was a rise in interest rates.  He said to secure all your assets by getting out of all paper, get out of debt, & buy gold & silver.  He said that gold & silver is the currency of these rich, controlling Elite.  He said it is the plan of the Elite (PTB) that gold goes to 3,000 and silver to 75, and eventually, gold will go to 7000.  At least buy some land or a roof over your head, or some physical asset that won't deteriorate with the American Dollar (FRN).  
Important Update, June 29, 2012:  Signs of the collapse are all around us.  The economically driven raging contagion is spreading to the U.S. from Europe.   It is clear to see if you can understand this article by financial guru, Jim Willie, entitled: Outline on Collapse End Game.  Also, this article by Rueters shows how the five major Cabal banks in the U.S. are getting ready to fold.  Adding to the glum is some kind of bank virus that is sucking funds out of banks.  Don't be scared, but prepared.   
     Another interesting article: thousands of armed IRS agents have been hired to enforce ObomaCare.  It is time to cry out to God, and for the church to repent of their self-righteous ways, and shutting out the Holy Spirit . . . actually, . . it is too late, but we may be able to soften the blows. 
Important Update, August 2, 2012:  
     The Lord has given a warning of the financial collapse through Pastor Shane Waren:
     "The Lord said to tell you to buy silver," said pastor Shane Warren to his congregation. "I saw the price of silver go through the roof", said pastor Shane Warren, talking about a dream he had several months ago, "and the reason it went through the roof was because nobody could get their hands on gold." Shane Warren goes on to tell how in his dream he was placed in a secret meeting in the middle east, among leaders of the BRICS nations, that were plotting how to bring down the currency of the United States, and one man said, "I know how to do it. The American dollar is propped up by oil. Change the way oil is bought and use a currency other than the American dollar, and the American currency will fall. We should use gold, because America doesn't have any gold."  
     Shane Warren also had an open vision of a huge economic storm, like a hurricane, but instead it was raining and blowing dollar bills (symbolic of money printing to devalue the currency).
     I, Karl Stein, have been very well aware of what the prices of PM's (Precious Metals) will do, as well as the intentions of the BRICS nations, why our economy will fail, and etc., having a very good understanding of economics and financial markets. However, the Lord is trying to warn His people, even though at this stage of the game, most economists can clearly see it coming without any prophetic revelation.
     Other interesting news includes:  Jim Willie gives a clear explanation of what could transpire from the current LIBOR scandal.  
     The Aurora, Colorado shooting suspect is linked to the LIBOR scandal.  
     Some good news:  There are some bankers being arrested, although most are in other countries, especially Iceland.
Important Updates, August 23, 2012:
     After a normal 15 month consolidation, silver & gold look like they will take off.  This could be the last chance to obtain silver below the 30 spot price.  
     Also, the ten thousand dollar limit on the movement of cash (without reporting) has just been lowered to $ 3,000, as the economical vice is being tightened on the USA.
     More bank news is the same old stuff:  Central Banks and Wall Street insiders are preparing for something big.  It sure looks as if the government and the big banks are preparing for an imminent collapse.  
     Also, more of the same with the Gauss Virus targeting log-in info of banks, which may or may not be a coming threat.  
     Legal precedence has been made for banks to legally steal customer's (your) moneyFormer money manager Ann Barnhardt warned us last year after the collapse of MF Global, and she is now saying 'I told you so', in that legal bank deposit protection is now officially gone, confirmed also by the PFG (Peregrine Financial Group) collapse and the ruling on SMG (Sentinel Management Group).  In the event that your bank goes belly up, there is no recourse to recoup your funds.
     A recent article claims that the Social Security Administration has just purchased 150 million rounds of ammunition.  Are they going to enforce ObomaCare?  The article further states that total government buying of ammo has exceeded one billion rounds.  (Other interesting links can be found below the article.)  As you recall, there was an article in the May 5 update about the DHS buying ammo.  Also, there is an article that states even the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) is buying hollow point bullets.  These type of bullets are meant to kill.  They are not just for shooting squirrels or coyotes.
     Don't be scared, but prepared.  The Lord is trying to warn you, and draw us to repentance.   

Important Update, August 25, 2012:
     This article states that the bullets that were bought in the above articles are actually going into the hands of Russian troops that are on our soil.  I will try to get more info on this, but from what the prophets have been allowed to release, I don't see it happening before June of 2015, if at all.  I do know that there have been Russian troops reported on USA soil, but from the news I google, they are training with U.S. soldiers, possibly preparing for the coming riots.  (Russians would be less likely to hesitate to kill our fellow civilians.)   I also know that Russian leader Putin doesn't like the New World Order, or Obama.  If Obama looses the election, (if we have one), that would be a good thing, for this and many other reasons.
     There are many reports saying that the physical supply of gold, and especially silver, is getting tight.  However, the paper futures prices will have to separate from the physical market, or the derivative paper price manipulation will have to stop, before there is a tremendous explosion in prices.
Important Update, August 29, 2012:
     In Lindsey Williams' latest interview he states that a woman that works at Raytheon happened to be in the right place at the right time to receive a security clearance message from the U.S. Government, saying to make immediate preparation for the closedown of the U.S. Government financially.  Lindsey also stated that the Fed has stopped printing new paper currency to replace the old (wrinkled, torn) currency that is taken out of circulation.  Lindsey also re-iterated on other issues, such as Syria, oil, gold & silver, dollar devaluation, etc.  
     Another article yet again gives wind of a possible staged event to keep Oboma in office after the election.  
     Throw in some news about the coming bankruptcy of Morgan Stanley & you have a recipe for severe economic changes.  Nothing new here, Morgan Stanley has had bankruptcy rumors for years, but the timing may be crucially planned.  One of Jim Willie's earlier articles mentioned that Morgan Stanley has as many as 200 to 300 thousand brokerage accounts, and these customers will have no recourse to recoup their money, (if you've read my earlier updates).  Yet I remind you that the worst won't be until 2015.  Have you bought your silver yet?  
Important Update, Sept 4, 2012:  
     I was at a prophetic conference this last weekend, where the speakers were Larry Randolph, John Paul Jackson, and Terry Bennett.  One of the speakers mentioned that Bank of America was prophetically symbolic of America's economy, and if it did not go bankrupt by the end of the conference (which ended Sept 1) then we had bought some time before the coming economic downturn.  The speaker also said that the coming election would be a "landslide".  (Update:  we missed this one, unless "landslide refers to another "mortgage crises").  This proven, reliable, prophetic speaker also said that gold would not go straight up, but there would be two more big dips.  (I'm not sure, but I think he said that these dips would occur from around the $ 2,000 level on gold.) 
     More good news is that the GOP has decided to stand against Agenda 21.  To learn more about Agenda 21, you can go to Agenda 21 for Dummies, or Google it.  
     Alex Jones had some startling info about all the ammunition that is being supplied to the Russian troops in the U.S.  I suggest you watch his live recorded program from 2012-08-29.  I realize that a lot of people don't like Mr. Jones, but those that follow him realize how right on he is.
Important Update September 24, 2012:
     The Fed launched the third round of Quantitative Easing (QE3) on Sept. 13, 2012.  News reports state that they will purchase 40 billion dollars of Mortgage Backed Securities every month, indefinitely.  Lindsey Williams had a lengthy update on 9/21/12 stating that his inside source said that the Fed was attempting to buy all mortgages in the U.S. so that they could confiscate the land and the property after the economic collapse that they were causing.  (Remember when the prophets warned us ten and twelve years ago to get out of debt?)  Economist Brother John F explains this shocking reality starting at about minute 15, but you might want to actually start at minute 9.  It seems as if the Fed will turn the MBS's into mortgage derivatives which will be sold to all the central banks to crash the world market in order to bring in their new one world currency.   This article also explains some simple scenarios of how this could come about.  This could be a disaster for 90% of all people with mortgages, in that a big Fed bank could foreclose on you, even after you've paid your mortgage off to another bank who had sold your original wet signature loan note thru the MERS system, in that the Fed doesn't play fair.  (I hope to have a new page on this site soon to help people with their mortgages and/or foreclosures, and now it is here as of January 2014).  
     If you don't believe that there are concentration camps already built in the U.S. then you haven't paid attention to many warnings such as this one.  Don't be scared but prepared, and pray for our leaders to make righteous decisions independent of Cabal bribery.
     Also, don't forget to pray for Israel, as things are heating up there  
Important Update, October 28, 2012: 
     Lindsey Williams had another update with the same info as the last update, although he added some other things, some new, some old.  Please read previous updates.  There's too much info to repeat myself.  Lindsey's update includes reasons why the Cabal is upset with Oboma, enforcing my view that he will lose the election.  Lindsey also says there will be food on the shelf, but most won't be able to afford it, although he says there will be no big collapse soon, in that they want to increase the debts first, so they can snap up real estate as collateral.  However, the dollar (FRN) will continue to lose value.  Lindsey gave the correct order of the events to watch for preceding the economic crash: 1)  Currency wars,  2) Trade wars.  3)  Interest rate spikes,  4)  Derivative market implosion as the last stage.  We have already been in some currency skirmishes with China & Japan, but most currency wars are directed against the U.S. Dollar (FRN),  which will cause the economic crash as the Dollar is removed as the world reserve currency to buy oil.  The Dollar is basically already dead, but it will take 6 to 8 months before the other nations send their dollars back across the pond, cashing in their T bills, causing further economic woes and rises in interest rates on those monetary instruments.  
     The plume clouds to cover the U.S. as prophesied by J. P. Jackson are possibly   just now starting.  Other prophesies of his being fulfilled are too numerous to mention. Google them yourself:  North pole shifting toward Russia, Cracks in the  earth's magnetic shield are moving the earth off of its axis causing the earth to wobble a little, etc.  
     Germany requested possession of 150 tons of its gold being held by the Federal Reserve in Fort Knox, and will find out that there is no gold in Fort Knox, because it is only "gold covered" according to John Paul's prophecy on Sid Roth in Dec. of 2010.  Now many other nations are wondering what happened to their gold that was supposedly held by London, Ottawa, or the U.S. Fed.   What happened to all the gold beneath the World Trade towers?  Do you think that your TV news is not censored radically?  Then what happened to this CNBC executive's children only one day after releasing this story about a 43 Trillion dollar lawsuit against the banking cabal?
Important update, December 15, 2012:  Lindsey Williams' latest update gives a list of 10 things that the Banking Elite are planning for the next few years, (not that they will get their way).  Their plans briefly include:  1)  No financial collapse for at least two more years, (but a slow deterioration) until they can get everybody in debt.  2)  They want everybody in debt, including people with mortgages and credit card, student loans, city governments, county, state and national governments and nations in debt.  Then they will let the system crash.  3)  The dollar will slowly deteriorate at about 3 % per month, thanks to Quantitative Easing by the Fed.  4)  The debt limit will be suspended.  5)  The dollar will be phazed out.  6)  Gold will eventually go over 3000 (but I know it will not be straight up).  7)  They are looking for a Devil's Messiah to rule the world, (but I know that this will not happen for at least 10 to 15 more years or so).  It is their plan to get the mortgages of all the big churches, and either kick them out of the building, or control what they preach.   8)  Oboma plans on importing millions of Muslims and giving them all citizenship, with the goal of eliminating the U.S. Constitution and sneaking in Sharia Law, however this is contrary to what the main banking Cabal elite want to do.  The Cabal is concerned that Oboma is a little out of control.  9)  40% of all medical practitioners (doctors) will quit as soon as Obomacare goes into effect.  10)  They want to destroy the moral fabric of the U.S.    Other things Lindsey spoke of concerning the economy:  IRA's and 401k's will be toast.  All paper will be toast.  Social Security will continue, but will be cut back.  The NWO currency will be based on gold & silver.  Big employers like Wal-Mart and Target will cut the hours of their employees down to 29 per week, to avoid paying the insurance/tax penalty of ObombaCare, which will crimp the pocketbooks of many.  Also, he said that the reason oil prices have not gone up yet is because of the delay in dealing with Syria and Assad.   
     Other interesting articles include:  All Americans will receive a microchip implant according to the ObamaCare health bill.  Welfare recipients may be the first to feel the pressure of receiving a fuller version of it dealing with finances as well as health.    
     What used to be prophecy from John Paul in 2008 is now news:  401k's and IRA's are going to be toast.
     This is a good article for learning about HAARP, the weather modification system.   
     All emails are being stored.  Also, even policemen are requesting copies of text messages.  Where is our freedom?  
     We should hold our representatives in congress accountable.  Here is a good place to start:  Fiscal Cliff bill could turn into a Monsanto Protection Act.
     Look for a page coming soon on how to relieve or eliminate your mortgage or foreclosure issue.   
Important Update, April 20, 2013:  It has been about 4 months since my last update.  Some important things have transpired that many may not be aware of.  
     First of all, I'd like to say that this is a time to seek God and to really develop a relationship with Him.  He is our only real hope.
     An additional precedence has been set in Cyprus, called the "bail-in", which allows failing banks to confiscate the 'creditors' money, or rather the 'depositors' money.  The famous trader, Marc Faber says this problem is coming to the U.S.  Financial expert Jim Sinclair ( who helped the Fed in an economic crisis in the 70's ) also says that Cypress is a template for the U.S. and Jim Sinclair reaffirms it even better in this article.
     Recently, the Federal Reserve has orchestrated a major takedown in the price of gold and silver, in an effort to make the dollar look strong.  This could be a signal of a coming economic collapse.  This orchestrated takedown is also confirmed thru a former assistant secretary to the Federal Reserve, Craig Roberts.  However, instead of scaring people out of the silver and gold positions, the people are instead all scrambling to buy more.  Trading expert Andrew Maguire says there is no gold to be had in big quantities of 20 million dollars or more.  The Chinese gold exchange is sold out.    
     As John Paul Jackson prophesied years ago, people are starting to find out that the U.S. Treasury does not have the gold it is supposed to have, as evidenced with this old article dug up from 1981 that says the gold was removed by the truckloads in 1973-74.   John Paul Jackson also prophesied that most pension plans would be worth little, which is now common knowledge as exposed by Jim Rodgers.
     It appears as if the system is about to collapse, however, the PTB plans on trying to keep it all together for a few more years until they can get everybody enslaved in debt, as I stated above.  Based on prophesies by Terry Bennett, I predict the worst economic crisis will hit at the end of 2015, which coincides with the 'Shemitah' as stated on my page, "The Harbinger", (taken from Jonathan Cahn's book).  My page "The Mark of the Beast" is up, which you will find interesting.  Stay tuned for my info page on beating the bank in your mortgage/foreclosure.
Please visit my Youtube channel to see the Lord healing individuals or whole churches and/or testimonies.  Some testimonies are of unusual miracles.  Thanks for reading and watching.
Important Update, June 20, 2013:  Same ole, same old.  The bad news abounds.  The good news is that the people are starting to wake up somewhat.  
     The main thing I wish to inform you is that gold could dip below 1,000 dollars, according to what John Paul Jackson said on the Jim Bakker show at the latter end of April or first part of May.  This means that silver could go down to 18 or lower.  However, John Paul also stated that gold would go back over 2,000.  I want to strongly suggest that you buy some silver and maybe a little gold when gold dips below one thousand, and buy it in the manner as stated above, which basically is physical in your possession.
     If you are already holding PM's (precious metals) in your possession, just sit tight.  You may want to add to your position on the dip.  Demand for physical metals are very strong.  See ten thousand people stand in line to buy gold on June 11 in China.  The paper gold derivative price is merely a smoke & mirrors attempt to make the economy look good.  Remember, the markets are controlled.
     In the October 28 update I warned you to watch for four things.  It is interesting to note that the 3rd thing, the interest rate spikes, are just now starting to rise, and there are some initial cracks in the 4th thing, the derivative market.  Although it seems like a financial crash could come at any time, the PTB will try to hold it together for a couple of years.  Stay tuned.

Important Update, July 24, 2013:  All the markets are rigged through the ESF & other Fed agencies, and gold & silver are no exception.  The recent takedown of PM's was supposed to shake out some sellers, but instead buyers turned out in record numbers, causing shortages in the LBMA and Comex, which many say will cause a derivative crash.  The Federal government is out of control, and wants DNA samples from everyone under 65, together with all your financial and criminal history, your profile and records of all phone conversations, emails, etc etc and Jihad is flexing its muscle and growing rampant while Christianity is coming under persecution, and efforts are being made to trash the U.S. Constitution.
     What is the way out?  God is looking for transformation.  God's name is being blasphemed among the nations.  For the sake of His name, He is allowing this, as modern Christianity is a far cry from the book of Acts.  Repentance is not good enough, but God is looking for real transformation, Christ in us, the hope of glory, where He is Lord of our lives, and we only do what He wants us to do.  See the videos at the bottom of this page.
Important Update, October 19, 2013:  The government shutdown should have been no surprise to you if you have studied the prophetic headlines from prophets John Paul Jackson and Terry Bennet.  I also warned of it in my Update from August 29, 2012.  I suggest you study the prophetic headlines that can be found here for J.P. Jackson, and here for Terry Bennet, in order that you have your own 'heads up' as to what is going to happen.  I also stress again how important it is for true repentance, for the true respect and reverence for the Holy Spirit to be returned to the church, where He is released to do only the miracles that He can do.  Until then, Christianity in the U.S. is just another religion with a bent on making money. However, one praying man like Daniel in true travail for 21 days could break this thing, as Terry Bennet says in some of his messages.  
     J.P.Morgan, the bank that controls the COMEX (main metals derivative market), has sold gold from their vaults (from both custodial and customer accounts) bringing the prices down, and has basically overturned its huge illegal short position, and is now attempting to build a long position in gold, as this huge bank positions itself for the rise in prices.  As I stated above, buy silver & maybe some gold as gold dips below 1,000.
     I also highly recommend that you hear this video that teaches how money is created, & who is creating it, & why the system is going to collapse.
Important Update, October 25. 2013:  As I warned in the main body of this page years ago, your IRA's and 401k's ARE NOT SAFE, and they WILL BE CONFISCATED.  As I stated above, take the penalty, pay the extra taxes, whatever it takes, save your money before it gets stolen by the modern day moneychangers.  This is not prophecy anymore, it is fast becoming a reality.  Do it.  If it is written on paper, it is not worth the paper it is written on.
     Illegal federal confiscation of funds right out of bank accounts has already been going on, even over 4 billion last year alone.  Who is next?  Even safety boxes in banks may be looted (and some have been already).  
     Also, the good guys are being removed from the military, in order to conform with new world agendas for the take over of the land we love.
     Don't forget to SEEK GOD.  Time to pray. 
Important Update, January 7, 2014:  Lindsey Williams had a recent update from his 'elite' friend.  Lindsey mentions in December of 2013 that there is a "global reset" coming, and the U.S. dollar will be devalued by about 30%, and a different currency will be chosen as the leading currency, or new petro-dollar.  Mr. Williams also says that the elite are planning this by March of 2014.  Although Mr. Williams gets things right, his timing is often wrong, in that the elite don't always get their way when they want it.  Jim Willie, who I consider to be one of the leading economists in the world, also confirms the global currency reset.  Here is an long article from him, and I like it.   
     According to  my update on Sept. 24, 2012, the Fed owns your mortgage, and could confiscate your land.  Recently on a mainstream TV talk/news channel, I heard another rumor of government takeover of land in order to protect the people from evil landlords.  TV is used by the elite to indoctrinate the sheeple.  My brand new site is finally up, which is designed to help people with distressed mortgage/foreclosure situations. 
     Terry Bennett released a prophetic word from the Lord on 11/21/13, also speaking of a global monetary reset, among many other important things you really need to hear.  He and John Paul Jackson have both been very accurate in the past. 
     It is a well kept secret what the main new currency will be.  Just guessing, I would think that it would be either the Chines Yuan, the Iraq Dinar, or the new BRICS Nation's currency.  To be continued.  Don't be stressed, be blessed.
Update: March 2016:  Sorry about the lack of updates.  I'm not as pessimistic as I used to be.  It seems as if America might have more time.  I still suggest buying silver (or gold) on any dip gold makes below 1000 bucks.  Yes, I do believe that will happen.  Thanks for reading.