The Financial Collapse
 Is it coming?   What should we do?
          Things we can do to prepare
Update, March 2019:  We can pray for our president.  The Powers that Be would like to take him down, as should be obvious to everyone, in that serious treason involving the Clinton Foundation has been dismissed only to pursue "trumped-up" charges against Trump, involving the fake dossier paid for by Obomber & the Clintons concerning the Russian collusion.  Please pray for President Trump and vice president Pence and for their families, that they will be protected against false charges and assassination.  Pray for wisdom for Trump to make the right decisions, choose the right people to surround him, etc.  Trump is purging the evil from within our government, an evil that is too evil to mention, that most people would not believe if they were told.  It's true.

What Else Can We Do?  Cryptocurrencies:  Buy Crypocurrencies, however, I suggest you study to know which ones to buy, and don't spend more on them than what you can afford to lose. The bear market is over, 2019 may be a good year to by Crypto.  I personally like THETA, REN, NPXS (Pundi X), SOLVE, and a few others, but my opinion may change in a few weeks.  Eventually blockchain technology (cryptocurrencies) could turn into the mark of the beast, but you can make money before it comes to that if you are wise.  This is just my opinion, and is not financial advice, so you must do your own research, in that I could be wrong.

Gold and Silver:  What else to buy?  Due to new technology that will be coming out in the next few years, I believe silver will be needed in large quantities, because it is the best transmitter of electricity, for one.  It is the only metal with two isotopes.  Also, I believe the price has been suppressed for years, in an effort to make the dollar look strong by comparison.  I believe the price will be set free within the next 2 years, either by demand, derivitive implosion, or both.  This is not investment advice, so do your own research.  I'm not responsible for your losses.  

The TRUMP CARD:  Jill Austin, a prophetess who went on to be with the Lord, saw a vision back around 2003 or so.  She saw the Lord playing cards with the devil.  The devil played a winning hand, and it looked like it was over, but the Lord played a "Trump" card.  Again, the devil played a card that could not be beat, but once again the Lord played a "Trump" card, etc etc.  Kim Klement prophecied about Trump becoming president, & you can google that.  My pastor also had revelation from Heaven that Trump would be president, even before Trump announced he was running.  It seems as if Trump cannot be taken out, in that everything the "powers that be" try to do, they fail.  I believe this will continue, but we still need to pray.  I believe Trump will win again for his second term, and then Pence will win after that.  The previous O'bomber has served his purpose in waking up the sleeping majority to what the evil was preparing for America.  It seems as if we have delayed the plans of the enemy for a few years.    

OLDER UPDATES From 2012 and 2013 are below, and the links might not still work.  They show how the United States was close to collapse, at the hands of evil people and the previous administration.

Older Update, May 5, 2012:  
     This persuading article explains how the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) is preparing for civil war:   The DHS has stocked up with 450 million rounds of hollow point bullets in preparation for the coming economic collapse, which could happen soon.  I would like to remind you that the DHS is part of the FEDERAL government, which means that they are basically run by the banking Cabal.  If you don't believe that the banking Cabal runs our government, then you didn't study this documentary posted on my 'Economy' page: God's people are destroyed for lack of knowledge (Hos 4:6) so watch this documentary instead of the TV.  It's interesting, and you will learn.

Important Update, August 2, 2012:  
     The Lord has given a warning of the financial collapse through Pastor Shane Waren:
     "The Lord said to tell you to buy silver," said pastor Shane Warren to his congregation. "I saw the price of silver go through the roof", said pastor Shane Warren, talking about a dream he had several months ago, "and the reason it went through the roof was because nobody could get their hands on gold." Shane Warren goes on to tell how in his dream he was placed in a secret meeting in the middle east, among leaders of the BRICS nations, that were plotting how to bring down the currency of the United States, and one man said, "I know how to do it. The American dollar is propped up by oil. Change the way oil is bought and use a currency other than the American dollar, and the American currency will fall. We should use gold, because America doesn't have any gold."  (However, I, Karl, believe there is gold we have that they are keeping secret).  
     Shane Warren also had an open vision of a huge economic storm, like a hurricane, but instead it was raining and blowing dollar bills (symbolic of money printing to devalue the currency).
     I, Karl Stein, have been very well aware that the prices of PM's (Precious Metals) might go up quickly, as well as the intentions of the BRICS nations.  However, the Lord is trying to warn His people, even though at this stage of the game, most economists can see it coming without any prophetic revelation.
     Other interesting news includes:  Jim Willie gives a clear explanation of what could transpire from the current LIBOR scandal.  
     The Aurora, Colorado shooting suspect is linked to the LIBOR scandal.  
     Some good news:  There are some bankers being arrested, although most are in other countries, especially Iceland.
Important Updates, August 23, 2012:
    The ten thousand dollar limit on the movement of cash (without reporting) has just been lowered to $ 3,000, as the economical vice is being tightened on the USA.
     More bank news is the same old stuff:  Central Banks and Wall Street insiders are preparing for something big.  It sure looks as if the government and the big banks are preparing for an imminent collapse.  
     Also, more of the same with the Gauss Virus targeting log-in info of banks, which may or may not be a coming threat.  
     Legal precedence has been made for banks to legally steal customer's (your) moneyFormer money manager Ann Barnhardt warned us last year after the collapse of MF Global, and she is now saying 'I told you so', in that legal bank deposit protection is now officially gone, confirmed also by the PFG (Peregrine Financial Group) collapse and the ruling on SMG (Sentinel Management Group).  In the event that your bank goes belly up, there is no recourse to recoup your funds.
     A recent article claims that the Social Security Administration has just purchased 150 million rounds of ammunition.  Are they going to enforce ObomaCare?  The article further states that total government buying of ammo has exceeded one billion rounds.  (Other interesting links can be found below the article.)  As you recall, there was an article in the May 5 update about the DHS buying ammo.  Also, there is an article that states even the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) is buying hollow point bullets.  These type of bullets are meant to kill.  They are not just for shooting squirrels or coyotes.
     Don't be scared, but prepared.  The Lord is trying to warn you, and draw us to repentance.   

Important Update, August 25, 2012:
     This article states that the bullets that were bought in the above articles are actually going into the hands of Russian troops that are on our soil.  I will try to get more info on this, but from what the prophets have been allowed to release, I don't see it happening before June of 2015, if at all.  I do know that there have been Russian troops reported on USA soil, but from the news I google, they are training with U.S. soldiers, possibly preparing for the coming riots.  (Russians would be less likely to hesitate to kill our fellow civilians.)   I also know that Russian leader Putin doesn't like the New World Order, or Obama.  If Obama looses the election, (if we have one), that would be a good thing, for this and many other reasons.
     There are many reports saying that the physical supply of gold, and especially silver, is getting tight.  However, the paper futures prices will have to separate from the physical market, or the derivative paper price manipulation will have to stop, before there is a tremendous explosion in prices.
Important Update, Sept 4, 2012:  
     More good news is that the GOP has decided to stand against Agenda 21.  To learn more about Agenda 21, you can go to Agenda 21 for Dummies, or Google it.  
Important update, December 15, 2012:  Lindsey Williams' latest update gives a list of 10 things that the Banking Elite are planning for the next few years, (not that they will get their way).  Their plans briefly include:  1)  No financial collapse for at least two more years, (but a slow deterioration) until they can get everybody in debt.  2)  They want everybody in debt, including people with mortgages and credit card, student loans, city governments, county, state and national governments and nations in debt.  Then they will let the system crash.  3)  The dollar will slowly deteriorate at about 3 % per month, thanks to Quantitative Easing by the Fed.  4)  The debt limit will be suspended.  5)  The dollar will be phazed out.  6)  Gold will eventually go over 3000 (but I know it will not be straight up).  7)  They are looking for a Devil's Messiah to rule the world, (but I know that this will not happen for at least 10 to 15 more years or so).  It is their plan to get the mortgages of all the big churches, and either kick them out of the building, or control what they preach.   8)  Oboma plans on importing millions of Muslims and giving them all citizenship, with the goal of eliminating the U.S. Constitution and sneaking in Sharia Law, however this is contrary to what the main banking Cabal elite want to do.  The Cabal is concerned that Oboma is a little out of control.  9)  40% of all medical practitioners (doctors) will quit as soon as Obomacare goes into effect.  10)  They want to destroy the moral fabric of the U.S.    Other things Lindsey spoke of concerning the economy:  IRA's and 401k's will be toast.  All paper will be toast.  Social Security will continue, but will be cut back.  The NWO currency will be based on gold & silver.  Big employers like Wal-Mart and Target will cut the hours of their employees down to 29 per week, to avoid paying the insurance/tax penalty of ObombaCare, which will crimp the pocketbooks of many.  Also, he said that the reason oil prices have not gone up yet is because of the delay in dealing with Syria and Assad.   
     Other interesting articles include:  All Americans will receive a microchip implant according to the ObamaCare health bill.  Welfare recipients may be the first to feel the pressure of receiving a fuller version of it dealing with finances as well as health.    
     What used to be prophecy from John Paul in 2008 is now news:  401k's and IRA's are going to be toast.
     This is a good article for learning about HAARP, the weather modification system.   
     All emails are being stored.  Also, even policemen are requesting copies of text messages.  Where is our freedom?  
     We should hold our representatives in congress accountable.  Here is a good place to start:  Fiscal Cliff bill could turn into a Monsanto Protection Act.
     Look for a page coming soon on how to relieve or eliminate your mortgage or foreclosure issue.   
Important Update, April 20, 2013:  It has been about 4 months since my last update.  Some important things have transpired that many may not be aware of.  
     First of all, I'd like to say that this is a time to seek God and to really develop a relationship with Him.  He is our only real hope.
     An additional precedence has been set in Cyprus, called the "bail-in", which allows failing banks to confiscate the 'creditors' money, or rather the 'depositors' money.  The famous trader, Marc Faber says this problem is coming to the U.S.  Financial expert Jim Sinclair ( who helped the Fed in an economic crisis in the 70's ) also says that Cypress is a template for the U.S. and Jim Sinclair reaffirms it even better in this article.
     Recently, the Federal Reserve has orchestrated a major takedown in the price of gold and silver, in an effort to make the dollar look strong.  This could be a signal of a coming economic collapse.  This orchestrated takedown is also confirmed thru a former assistant secretary to the Federal Reserve, Craig Roberts.  However, instead of scaring people out of the silver and gold positions, the people are instead all scrambling to buy more.  Trading expert Andrew Maguire says there is no gold to be had in big quantities of 20 million dollars or more.  The Chinese gold exchange is sold out.    
     As John Paul Jackson prophesied years ago, people are starting to find out that the U.S. Treasury does not have the gold it is supposed to have, as evidenced with this old article dug up from 1981 that says the gold was removed by the truckloads in 1973-74.   John Paul Jackson also prophesied that most pension plans would be worth little, which is now common knowledge as exposed by Jim Rodgers.
     It appears as if the system is about to collapse, however, the PTB plans on trying to keep it all together for a few more years until they can get everybody enslaved in debt, as I stated above.  Based on prophesies by Terry Bennett, I predict the worst economic crisis will hit at the end of 2015, which coincides with the 'Shemitah' as stated on my page, "The Harbinger", (taken from Jonathan Cahn's book).  My page "The Mark of the Beast" is up, which you will find interesting.  Stay tuned for my info page on beating the bank in your mortgage/foreclosure.
Please visit my Youtube channel to see the Lord healing individuals or whole churches and/or testimonies.  Some testimonies are of unusual miracles.  Thanks for reading and watching.
Important Update, June 20, 2013:  Same ole, same old.  The bad news abounds.  The good news is that the people are starting to wake up somewhat.  
     The main thing I wish to inform you is that gold could dip below 1,000 dollars, according to what John Paul Jackson said on the Jim Bakker show at the latter end of April or first part of May.  This means that silver could go down to 18 or lower.  However, John Paul also stated that gold would go back over 2,000.  I want to strongly suggest that you buy some silver and maybe a little gold when gold dips below one thousand, and buy it in the manner as stated above, which basically is physical in your possession.
     If you are already holding PM's (precious metals) in your possession, just sit tight.  You may want to add to your position on the dip.  Demand for physical metals are very strong.  See ten thousand people stand in line to buy gold on June 11 in China.  The paper gold derivative price is merely a smoke & mirrors attempt to make the economy look good.  Remember, the markets are controlled.
     In the October 28 update I warned you to watch for four things.  It is interesting to note that the 3rd thing, the interest rate spikes, are just now starting to rise, and there are some initial cracks in the 4th thing, the derivative market.  Although it seems like a financial crash could come at any time, the PTB will try to hold it together for a couple of years.  Stay tuned.

Important Update, July 24, 2013:  All the markets are rigged through the ESF & other Fed agencies, and gold & silver are no exception.  The recent takedown of PM's was supposed to shake out some sellers, but instead buyers turned out in record numbers, causing shortages in the LBMA and Comex, which many say will cause a derivative crash.  The Federal government is out of control, and wants DNA samples from everyone under 65, together with all your financial and criminal history, your profile and records of all phone conversations, emails, etc etc and Jihad is flexing its muscle and growing rampant while Christianity is coming under persecution, and efforts are being made to trash the U.S. Constitution.
     What is the way out?  God is looking for transformation.  God's name is being blasphemed among the nations.  For the sake of His name, He is allowing this, as modern Christianity is a far cry from the book of Acts.  Repentance is not good enough, but God is looking for real transformation, Christ in us, the hope of glory, where He is Lord of our lives, and we only do what He wants us to do.  See the videos at the bottom of this page.
Important Update, October 25. 2013:  As I warned in the main body of this page years ago, your IRA's and 401k's ARE NOT SAFE, and they WILL BE CONFISCATED.  As I stated above, take the penalty, pay the extra taxes, whatever it takes, save your money before it gets stolen by the modern day moneychangers.  This is not prophecy anymore, it is fast becoming a reality.  Do it.  If it is written on paper, it is not worth the paper it is written on.
     Illegal federal confiscation of funds right out of bank accounts has already been going on, even over 4 billion last year alone.  Who is next?  Even safety boxes in banks may be looted (and some have been already).  
     Also, the good guys are being removed from the military, in order to conform with new world agendas for the take over of the land we love.
     Don't forget to SEEK GOD.  Time to pray. 
Update: March 2016:  Sorry about the lack of updates.  I'm not as pessimistic as I used to be.  It seems as if America might have more time.  I still suggest buying silver (or gold) on any dip gold makes below 1000 bucks.  Yes, I do believe that will happen.  Thanks for reading.